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Welcome Home
Erotic Story By- Anonymous

It had been almost been a year since her husband had deployed to Afghanistan for a year long deployment. She had gotten a little something for him before he came home as a welcome home present and she couldn't wait to put it on for him. The day before he was to arrive, she picked out a black lace teddy with garters complete with fish net stockings and a pair of knee high boots.

It hugged her every curve in all the right places and pushed her large breasts up to show off her cleavage. She had even taken the time that night to trim her pubic hair nice and short the way he loved it. She had the night planned to give him his welcome home present right after dinner and drinks. The next day he arrived home and she gave him a big long hug and kiss then said welcome home baby, I have something special for you later. He smiled with anticipation.

After they got home they both showered and went out to dinner to celebrate his home coming, then to a local bar for a few drinks after they had finished eating. Several hours had gone by as they spent time catching up and after several drinks decided to head home for the night.

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When they got returned she suggested he take a shower and let him know she would join him in a few minutes. As soon as she knew he was in the shower she went to the bedroom and lit some candles to set the mood, set out the massage oil and went to the closet to get the outfit out she had purchased for him. She quietly put it in the towel cabinet so he wouldn't see it she joined him in the shower.

They took turns washing each other's backs while touching and teasing one another. As he was done washing she told him she had to shave her legs and she would be in the room in a few minutes. After he left the bathroom she locked the door and pulled out the outfit and began to put it on for him. She was getting all wet and turned on as she put on the stockings, thong and garters. She was so worked up that she had to pleasure herself a bit as she dressed for him so she fingered herself and brought herself to an orgasm within only a minute. Finally all dressed up, she made her way in to the bedroom. The dim lighting from the candles with sensuous music playing was the perfect entrance for her.

He was sitting on the bed in just his briefs as the note she left on the bed said for him to do. She walked slowly like a cat on the prowl. She had thigh stiletto boots on with thigh high fishnet stockings, garters and a black satin and lace teddy that pushed her rounded, soft breasts out the top and a pair of satin gloves onto top off the outfit. Her hair was pulled back and she had on the scent of the perfume that drove him wild.

As my husband's gaze turned toward me slowly walking into the room, he was in total shock. He went to stand up and put his arms around her, but she told him that he was to just sit there and that he may look but not touch. Not yet. She instructed him to sit on his hands as she began to start a erotic strip tease for him slowly to the music that was playing in the room. By the time she had gotten the outfit off it was obvious he liked what he had seen based on the rock hard cock trying to escape his briefs.

To make it worse she began to play with herself and made him watch as she got herself all wet playing with her own pussy while asking him how bad he missed it and wanted her. She teasingly asked him what he was going do to her pussy while making him beg for it. She then went to the bedside drawer and pulled out one of her favorite dildos and told him to come fuck her with it until she came.

He began to suck her clit and slowly filled her hot, wet pussy with the thick dildo and then picked up speed until he had made her cum several times. As she climaxed she screamed out for him to put her hot, throbbing member into her. He quickly obliged and fucked her long and hard making her scream and moan as she ran her nails up his back. His cock was pounding her pussy so hard she was gasping for air with each stroke.

He flipped her over on her knees and gave it to her doggy style as he grabbed her hips and began to thrust harder than before. Her pussy was so swollen and engorged with his full cock sliding in and out of her as her juices flowed down her legs. The sensation of his hands on her breasts squeezing her tightly as he fucked her drove her wild and until she felt that she could take it no longer He was like a sex machine with a nonstop pace fucking her senseless with his big thick cock and after awhile she pleaded with him to fuck her in her ass. His cock still dripping with her pussy juice, he took his throbbing, hard cock and pushed into her little rosebud.

Moaning with ecstasy she thrust back as he thrust forward making him drive deeply into her ass. She grabbed her dildo and fed her hungry pussy with it thrusting it in and out of her as he thrust his cock filling her completely.

Soon he was about to explode and she could tell that he was close. She turned over and begged him to come all over her breasts. He leaned forward and thrust in-between them as she held them together making a tight entrance. Cum bust out of him with sheer force like it had never done before and he came all over her face and breasts.

As they lay there smiling. Both worn out from sexual bliss, he her when she started liking up the ass. She told him that she had played with her dildo while he had been gone and found that as she explored her sexuality more she actually enjoyed it. He smiled and told her how much he loved all of it and her. As they drift off to sleep, she smiled and whispered "Welcome home baby, welcome home."


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