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Wet Surfboard
Erotic Story By Lexie

Wet. That's all I kept thinking… how good it felt to be so hot and wet. The water enveloped the softest parts of skin on my body and when the wind blew I could feel tightness come over my breasts and an erotic tingle crawling down my spine and around my waist. I lied back on that hard wood board and let my legs lay open one on each side letting the water lap at my bikini bottom in just the right way to have it kiss my labia gently.

I looked around to see if anyone else was out this far or could see but it felt so good I almost didn't care if they saw or not. I pulled my bikini bottom to the side to let more water splash forcefully against me. It started to catch my breath and make my eyes flutter trying to keep them open to look for anyone who might be swimming by out this far.

I let a finger slip over and slide in feeling how wet I was as far as my finger could reach. I leaned back on the board allowing for more pressure and openness and kept my finger following the motion of the waves.

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A moan slipped out as I felt my whole body succumbing to this sweet feeling and as I began to feel myself preparing to climax I missed seeing a wave approaching me knocking me off my board so abruptly that my hand jerking up to catch myself ripped my bottoms off and I was unable to finish that amazing feeling that was approaching just moments ago.

As I began to go toward shore I saw another surfer paddling out to see if I was okay. He was very cute and I felt myself getting all tingly in places that needed satisfaction. As he climbed off his board and swam towards me I explained to this blue eyed angel that I had lost my bottoms and was not sure where they went or how I would get on shore without a public spectacle. He mischievously smiled and suggested we stay in the water a bit longer so we could determine a plan.

We flirtatiously spoke for a while and it became quite clear through our sexually playful banter that we were quite attracted to one another. He finally admitted to seeing me play with myself earlier and told me he had found it very arousing. His knowing made me even more wet and I enjoyed that of all the people that might have known it was him as he was simply stunning, funny and charming. I wanted him more with each moment that passed.

After a short while, he approached my board and I didn't move. I wanted him close and to see how close he would come to me if I wished hard enough. He put one arm on each side of me and around my board allowing me to lean against it with him keeping me trapped, a willing prisoner in his gaze. He moved in and I felt his lips brush my neck and tongue lick the salt away from my lips. His hands fumbled with his shorts as he stroked himself to get hard and then I took over.

I wanted to taste him, I used my hands to guide myself under the water and my mouth onto him sucking in as hard as I could and letting the waves guide my head this time until I knew he had to have me. I brought my head back above water and helped him find his way into me. His cock was so hard and I felt him throbbing as he entered inside my wet pussy. I let out a moan of feeling overwhelmed by how good he felt as he slid inside me. His dazzling blue eyes shut and I knew I had him in my clutches.

He bit my nipples hard and licked all around my breasts. I wrapped my legs so tightly around him there was no way he could go deeper and I began rocking and moving pushing him to the edge. He began to squeeze tighter onto the board trying to control his desire to release but he knew it was worth waiting as long as he could.

I reached down and stroked him as he went in and out of me harder and faster my hand helping guide his way every time. Allowing him to play with both holes and go back and forth as he pleased. He went into me as deep as he could and used one hand to squeeze my ass as hard as he could then gently guide one then two fingers into me.

His double penetrating me and causing my to squeal and move faster begging him to help me reach that point where I would squirt all over his hard cock and make him cum so hard. I wanted to make sure he would never forget me or this sexual adventure we were on out in the middle of the ocean with people along shore having no idea the ecstasy we were about to reach together as I knew I wouldn't.

As the tingles rose back up in me, I heard myself moaning and I quickly lost control of my legs which began to convulse against him as he began moaning too. I could feel his cock thrust one last time hard into my ass as he came so hard that he began to shake. We both let out sighs of relief and holding each other so tight for a few more intimate moments.

He pulled back and looked in my eyes and said "You have had a pretty rough day, I think you deserve something special," and he went under the water. As his lips traced down my body he found that one spot with his tongue that made me scream out and dig my nails not only into him but my board. In one rush, I felt this explosion of pleasure throughout my body.

With a kiss on the lips he said he would meet me on shore and began to swim away back towards the shore. My legs and body were exhausted but I made the trip back toward the shore and when I got there found my incredible stranger walking out to bring me a towel. When he got there he kissed my cheek and said "Maybe next time you don't have to start all by yourself, if you just let somebody know," and with that he gave me a smile that made me blush and walked away with me smiling back.


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