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True Erotic Story By Anonymous

This is a true story about an exciting time that my wife and I had on a recent trip to the city.

My wife, Margaret, and I have been married for decades and we still have a pretty good sex life although it has become routine much of the time and we seem to have trouble finding new ways to spice it up. We have sex toys and sexy clothing and occasionally watch some porn to get the mood going, but after a while even these ideas become stale. Does that sound familiar to anyone else?

We are about an hour from a large city and decided to head there one weekend about six months ago for a change in routine. We booked a nice hotel that we had not been to before, and decided to stay for a couple of nights. We arrived on Friday afternoon to check into our hotel and found a smaller upscale hotel with a well-appointed lobby, restaurant, and bar on the main floor. We checked in and headed up to our room which was also nicely appointed.

Erotic Story

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We relaxed with a drink and discussed what we would do with our free time. Margaret changed into a nice sundress which clung to all her sexy curves and large breasts and looked great on her. I suggested we hit the sheets for a little sexy time but my wife turned me down saying, "If we are in the city, let's enjoy the city."

My wife is still a beautiful woman, even at her mid fifty age, and even with my complaints about our increasingly boring sex life, I still find her alluring. I was about to insist a little harder that we have sex before we head out on the town when my phone rang. It was one of my employees (I own my own business) with a problem I needed to deal with. It turned out to be a fairly big problem and Margaret was tapping her foot impatiently as I worked through the issues, and knowing she was eager to get going wasn't making solving the problem any easier, so I told my employee to wait on the phone and then suggested to Margaret that she go down to the bar and get a glass of wine and I would join her when I was finished.

She thought that sounded like a good idea and headed downstairs. I finally got my work problems solved, about forty-five minutes later, changed my clothes and headed downstairs to meet Margaret. The lobby was much busier now with more people checking in. Business hours were over so the bar was half full with people stopping by to have a drink at the end of the work week. I spotted Margaret sitting at the bar with her glass of wine, although I'm sure it was not her first after all this time.

There were guys sitting on both sides of her with their chairs turned slightly towards her and they appeared to be engaged in some kind of conversation. I was about to head over when one of the men laughed at something Margaret said and as he did he reached out and gently rubbed her shoulder, in a friendly "I'm trying to pick you up" kind of way. The guy on the other side laughed as well and reached over and touched her forearm in the same way.

Interesting, I thought, Margaret is not a big flirt, but she certainly knows how, and I am not the jealous type as we both trust each other, so I paused and moved to a table away from the bar to see what happens next. As I watched and enjoyed a beer over the next half hour or so, the three had another round of drinks and the smiles got bigger and the touches lingered longer. Margaret would drop her hand onto the knee of one of her friends as she made a point about something or as she smiled and laughed about one of their remarks. The men touched her arms and shoulders longer and patted her thigh as they talked.

At one point one of the men dropped his hand onto her thigh and left it there as they talked. He seemed to be rubbing up and down her thigh a little. Margaret did not move the guys hand off of her thigh and continued the animated conversation with both gentlemen. The conversation continued for a while longer until Margaret suddenly stiffened and rubbed the guys arm on her right, said something to him and then finished her wine and grabbed her phone and sent me a text, "where r u"?

I quickly finished my beer and headed for the door as I sent a text back "I will meet you in the lobby."

I headed out the door and was waiting outside the bar when Margaret came out with a flushed face and slightly glassy eyes. "Having fun I asked?"

"What do you mean?"

"With your new friends; they seemed to enjoy getting to know you."

She looked at me with a questioning look. "I came downstairs a while ago but you looked like you were having fun so I just sat at a table and watched."

Margaret's face flushed with embarrassment "It wasn't what you think." She said as she looked at me.

"It was absolutely what I think it was" I replied. "It was two guys trying to pick up a beautiful woman in a bar. And that woman was enjoying the attention she was getting."

We were outside on the sidewalk by now and I pulled her to me and kissed her cheek so she would know that I was only kidding her. "You were enjoying the attention weren't you?"

"It's nice to know that men are still attracted to me I guess."

"They were more than attracted to you."

We continued to talk as we walked down the street. I reached over and ran my hand down my wife's back and over her lovely firm butt. Her dress was made from some thin material and I could feel the top of the G-string she was wearing. "Nice," I said.

"Do you think the guys back at the bar knew that the smoking hot women they were talking to was wearing nothing but a G-string under her dress. They would have been even more hands on if they had known that." Margaret just slapped my shoulder playfully and gave me a dirty look but the smile on her face told me she enjoyed the attention very much. I had to reach down and adjust my pants because I was getting pretty aroused myself and I did not want my hard dick to be too obvious.

We were passing a restaurant which looked quiet and elegant. My wife asked if I would like to stop there for a drink and some dinner and I agreed. The matre de' escorted us to a U-shaped booth in the corner of the restaurant and Margaret and I slid into the back of the booth so we could sit side by side. The waiter showed up immediately and took our drink order; "A rum for me and another white wine for my wife."

As we looked over the dinner menu my wife asked me what I wanted to eat and I told her that what I wanted to eat was sitting right beside me. She gave me the same dirty look and a smack with the menu for my comment but smiled just the same. We continued to scan the menu and I kept up my commentary on all the dirty things I was going to do to her later that night.

"My my," she said. "It seems my conversation with those two men turned you on as much as it did them."

"Of course it did. More even, because I know what you're like in bed."

"And you're not jealous?"

"Should I be?"

"Well, they were being pretty friendly."

"They certainly were. Particularly the guy who was rubbing the inside of your thigh."

"You saw that?" Her face dropped like she was a school girl caught doing something wrong.

"That was when I decided it was time to find you. He was pretty close to touching my pussy." She was flushed again and her breathing had become a little shorter and quicker. She looked at me for reassurance.

"Look, you had a little sexy fun with a couple of guys that made you feel good. At our age, what the hell have all the fun you want? I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it and they certainly enjoyed it, so relax and we'll have some fun with it."

I turned slightly toward her and leaned over to give her a kiss and as I did I put my hand on her thigh and rubbed slowly and gently up her leg toward her pussy. "You know, the table cloth on this table is so long that no one can see what I am doing."

My wife just nodded as I moved my hand higher up her leg and almost touched her pussy just as the waiter showed up to take our food order. I kept my hand where it was as we placed our order. I ordered something, but I can't remember what, as I was too busy thinking about fondling my wife under the table. My wife ordered and the waiter left to help other customers. I reached further down her leg and grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly slid my hand up her leg, only now I was touching bare skin and my cock get even harder. "Your friend must have enjoyed this," I said.

"I enjoyed it!" She said, without thinking.

"His name was Gary and the other guy was Alex."It was only Gary who was rubbing my leg." I continued to rub my wife's leg, slowly, gently, my fingers barely touching her hot skin. Margaret had leaned back and rested her head on the back of the booth with her eyes closed as I continued to tease her.

"Touch me," she said.

"I am."

"No, touch me there."


"My cunt, dammit, touch my cunt." I did not realize how turned on my wife was. She rarely talks like that and she had spread her legs slightly to allow me access to her steaming crotch. I slid my hand further up her leg until I touched the material of her G-string.

"It's pretty hard to touch you when you have that on."

"You have always been able to find your way around it before" Just then the waiter showed up at our table and asked if we needed another drink. He did not seem to notice what we were up to under the table so I left my hand on my wife's thigh as we ordered another drink and the waiter left. I returned to my wife and moved my hand slowly back up her thigh until I touched the material of her thong. I gently rubbed her clit through the material and Margaret leaned back against the booth with her eyes closed again, her legs parting even more. I gently massaged her quickly dampening thong as she moved her hips ever so slightly to increase the sensation.

"Do you wish Gary had done this to you?"

"Fuck yes." I pulled my hand away and her eyes shot open.

"He would have had a hard time making you cum with that thong in the way," I said with a smile as I leaned back and reached for my drink.

"Bastard" Margaret said as she looked at me.

"I was almost there. Do that again or I'll finish it myself."

My cock got even harder at that point, as I imagined my gorgeous wife fingering herself under the tablecloth in a restaurant. The waiter arrived just then with our food and I turned toward the table. Our sexy fun over for now. We thanked the waiter for the food as he set it down and we ordered another drink. My wife had finished her wine rather quickly and I still had some of mine left because I had been busy with other things. As we started eating, I noticed that my wife's chest had a crimson color to it. A definite sign of arousal and she was not particularly interested in her food.

"Having trouble keeping your mind off your two friends."

"Well, it was kind of exciting. Gary was rubbing my leg just like you were there. He just didn't get that close to my pussy though." She looked at me.

"And that still doesn't bother you?"

"I already told you, I was probably more excited that he was."

"Well, it seems weird that you like it."

"Not really, we've been together for a long time, we aren't planning on splitting up are we?"

"No of course not." Margaret replied.

"Well, then it's just the two of use having some laughs, sharing some fun times together. What's the harm in that?"

"It has been fun hasn't it?"

"Not as much fun as it's going to be." I said. We continued to talk about how we felt about her being fondled by a strange man as we finished our food. The waiter was making his way across the floor with our drinks. As he set them down he asked us if we wanted desert. We both declined although I certainly had plans for some very hot and sweet desert. As he left the table I turned back to my wife and moved my hand back to her still hot, bare thigh.

"Now where were we?"

"Not this again." Margaret said, but she was spreading her legs open as she said it.

"You better not leave me hanging again." I moved my hand up her thigh as I had done before. I could feel the heat from her pussy and as I touched her thong I gave her a look of disappointment and said: "I guess I will have to find a way around this."

My wife suddenly leaned forward and slowly reached down to stop my hand. I looked at her and she nodded toward the waiter who was slowly making his way back to our table. "What does he want this time?" My wife said impatiently.

She suddenly moved around the booth to get up and said. "You can deal with him I need to go to the restroom."

The waiter stopped at the table then and inquired if our drinks were ok. He glanced as my wife left the table and seemed to appreciate what he saw. As he turned back to me he realized I had watched him checking out my wife and he just seemed to smile with his eyes as if he was saying "Oh well you caught me."

I told him we were just going to finish our drinks and that was all so he dropped the check on the table and I gave him my credit card so he could wrap up the transaction and leave us alone for a while. He was just finishing when my wife returned and he checked her out again as she was sitting down. "Thanks and enjoy your night." He said with the slightest of smiles.

Although I did not tell Margaret, I am guessing he had figured out what we were up to. No doubt we were not the first couple to get frisky in his restaurant. "Is he going to leave us alone for a while now?" Margaret asked.

"I think so, the check is paid and I told him we don't want any more drinks"

"Good, you can hang onto this then." Margaret said. She moved her hand under the table and handed me something soft and damp. I looked down and saw her thong balled up in her hand, took it from her and put it in my pocket. I wanted to smell it in the worst way but thought this was not the place.

"No more complaints about things in your way ok?"

My cock went from rock hard to bursting instantly. I turned toward my wife again and put my hand back on her thigh. She had already moved her dress hem up so her thigh was bare and she spread her legs again, wider this time.

"No complaints from me." I said as I moved my hand higher, barely touching her skin. As I got closer to her pussy her thighs were wet and the heat coming from her flaming cunt was noticeable. I moved my hand close to her wet pussy and then away again teasing her. Each time I got close to her pussy her legs would involuntarily move a little farther apart.

"Touch me dammit."

"In a hurry are you?" I asked. Margaret had leaned back against the wall of the booth again and had her eyes closed as I continued to tease her.

"I need to cum really bad."

"Is this what Gary was doing to you?"

"Yes but he never touched me there either." I moved my fingers to her pussy and found her clit just as she said that. I slowly circled around her clit with my finger as I talked to her. "But you wanted him to didn't you?"

Margaret's breath was coming in short silent gasps now. "Fuck yes", I wish he had made me cum right on that stool"

"Right on the stool?" I pulled my hand away again like I was shocked. Margaret's eyes shot open and she gave me a pleading look.

"Damn you," she said quietly so no one would overhear us.

"I told you if you did that again I would finish myself." Margaret slid her hand under the table and into her lap. I was shocked to see her fingering her clit right at the table. This was definitely not the way she would normally act, but boy was I enjoying it.

"Do you think that young couple over there knows that this beautiful, sophisticated lady sitting at this table is fingering her pussy in the middle of this restaurant." I asked. "Or that group of businessmen over there, I guarantee they would love to have you spread-eagled on their table rubbing your wet cunt for them while they pulled theirs cocks out and jerked off for you."

"Oh, Jesus yes" Margaret mouthed silently. Her free hand reached over to grab my hand and squeezed it hard as her hips began to rock back and forth just a little. "I would cum all over them."

"Oh oh", I said, "waiters coming again."

"For fuck sake's." Margaret said and released her grip on my hand and moved her elbow to the top of the table so she could lean slightly forward and put her chin in her hand and smile sweetly at the waiter as he stopped to check on us. Her other hand was still in her lap moving slowly and steadily now.

"Everything good here," he asked? Still smiling my wife looked at him and said "I'm just going to finish up and then we're leaving. Thank your for a wonderful meal."

"Well, enjoy your evening," he said again as he turned to leave. I'm sure he did not know what was going on under the table but he was certainly interested in my wife.

"Would you like me to finish that for you?" I asked?

"You had your chance, you can just sit there and watch, and get ready for when we get back to the hotel. And you better not plan on playing any teasing games there" she warned as her fingers picked up speed. She reached out and picked up her drink and as nonchalantly as possible sipped her drink as she frigged herself under the table. Her hand gripped the glass and her knuckles whitened as she squeezed hard to keep focused on what she was doing to her wet pussy. Her eyes were open but they were glassed over and her mouth dropped open as her hand worked hard in her lap.

"You better take a sip of that drink unless you want people to know what you are doing," I said. My voice jerked her back to reality and apparently broke her concentration. "If you would just be quiet I could finish and we could get out of here." She said. Margaret took a sip of her drink and looked around. No one seemed to be particularly interested in what she was doing, although I sure as hell was. My cock was leaking pre-cum and I was sure I would have a wet spot on my pants from watching this very sexy show going on right in front of me. Margaret's hips were moving again as she continued to hold her drink and watch the other patrons of the restaurant to see if anyone was watching her. Everyone was involved in their own conversations and seemed oblivious to Margaret's erotic show.

Everyone except the waiter that is. He was removing dishes from tables and generally cleaning up but was having trouble as he was constantly looking over at Margaret and watching her as she neared orgasm. "Oh yeah, yeah that's it, I'm there. Shit yeah shit shit ahhhhhhh." Margaret moaned silently as her orgasm hit. She held rigid for a moment and then slowly relaxed into the back of the booth. "God that was good."

"No kidding. I almost came just watching you."

Margaret took a deep breath and let it out slowly then looked around the restaurant and drained the rest of her drink.

"I think you better get me out of here before I get arrested, or before I am ready for round two."

We gathered our things and headed out of the restaurant. It's a good thing Margaret's dress was a dark color because I am sure there must have been a huge wet spot on it. As we neared the door the waiter emerged from out of nowhere and asked if we "had fun tonight." He smiled knowingly as he held the door for us. Without batting an eye Margaret said. "We sure did. And I plan to come again." We left the waiter with his mouth hanging open as we stepped out into the street.

"Smartass." My wife said.

We walked back towards the hotel. "I should have left him your thong as a tip. He was pretty interested in your show." Margaret just shook her head and grabbed my arm and pulled it to her breast as we walked. "Anything else you want to do tonight before we head to the room?" I asked.

"Absolutely not. We are going back to the room and I am going to feed you dessert, and you better be hungry."

As we walked I ran my hand over my wife's back and down over her lovely round ass knowing that the thong she was wearing earlier was in my pocket.

"You must have juices running down your legs after that?" I asked.

"I can actually feel it running down to my knees, I have never came like that before. I think I squirted a little."

My cock got harder again if that was possible. We arrived back at the hotel and walked through the lobby to the elevators. As we passed the bar Margaret looked in, to see if her friends were still there. I assumed. "Did you want to stop in and see if Gary is around for a repeat performance."

"Don't be an ass." She said. But I noticed that her nipples had hardened as we entered the hotel and were noticeably sticking through the material of her dress. We pushed the button to call an elevator and, while we were waiting, another couple walked up to wait as well. My wife and I entered the elevator first and moved to the back as the other couple as well as two more arrivals pushed into the cramped space with us. I leaned against the back wall as Margaret moved in front of me to make room for the other people.

As the car started to move I felt her hand reach around and grab at my hard cock through my pants. She was insatiable tonight and I liked it. I thought she would just tease me a little but she quickly found my zipper and slowly and quietly pulled it down. She was making small talk with one of the other couples in the elevator as her hand reached into my pants and found my engorged cock. I thought she was going to pull it our for all to see but she just left her hand wrapped around my cock pulling gently as we bounced to a stop on the ninth floor.

One of the couples got off and the doors closed as we started up again but abruptly stopped on the eleventh floor. Margaret said goodnight to the last couple as they exited the elevator. I nodded politely, I think, as Margaret still had her hand jacking off my cock. When the door closed she quickly turned to me, kissed me and pulled my cock out of my pants. She pulled hard and fast on my cock and I thought I was going to cum but the elevator rocked to stop on our floor. Margaret turned away so I could put my cock back in my pants. I was pulling up my zipper just as the doors opened and an older couple, waiting for the elevator, looked in. I just smiled sheepishly and moved past them into the hall and toward our room.

"You are a nasty girl tonight aren't you?"

"Just wait." She said.

She had her key ready when we reached our door and she pushed it open. I had barely stepped in the door when she grabbed me, kissed me hard and pushed me toward the bed. She turned my back toward the bed, when we reached it, and roughly pushed me backward onto the bed. I had hardly hit the sheets when she jumped on top of me and, pulling her dress out of the way, crawled up my body until her dripping wet snatch was directly over my face.

"Dessert." She said. "Now eat." And eat I did. Her pussy was literally dripping with her juices. I lapped at her lips and sucked up her moisture then moved up until I flicked her clit with my tongue.

"Oh, yeah." She gasped. I continued to lick her pussy and alternately suck on her engorged clit until she grabbed my head, squeezed her legs together and ground her pubic mound into my face.

"Yes, yes I'm there, yea yea fuck yea." Her back arched as she came, flooding my face with more juice. I let her calm down and then I started to pull away, which she usually wants to do, but this time she pulled my head back to her dripping cunt and ground it into my face again.

"Don't stop, please don't stop." She pleaded. I continued to work on her clit, rolling it around with my tongue and then sucking it into my mouth. I thought I was going to drown in the juice pouring out of her hole. Another orgasm was quickly rising through her body as she rode my face, her hips bucking wildly as she held my head firmly to her steaming pussy, her mouth produced a stream of obscenities.

"Yeah fuck eat it eat it, fuck yeah yeah fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuccckkkk."

She was yelling now as she arched again in orgasm. Her body rigid as her muscles strained through her explosion. Her hips were still bucking against my face as she squeezed her legs around my head. I was helpless. I grabbed her tits through the dress she was too horny to remove and held on until the tremors started to subside. Just as I was thinking I might get my head out of the leg vice I was in she started to move her hips again.

"I'm not done yet," She said. Her legs again starting to squeeze my head. This time the orgasms started small but quickly and each one build on the last as I ate her cunt for another ten minutes. Her hips were bucking harder with each new mini orgasm and her breath was ragged and hot. Pretty soon her hands went back to my head and she was grinding her pussy into my face again. I have never seen her like this before. She was building toward another giant orgasm when she started talking again.

"Yeah that's it, right there, it's coming its coming ooh fuck yeah, lick me lick me yeah yeah oh fuck." And that's when the screaming started. This was all new for us. She has never been this vocal before. I'm sure someone in the next room was thinking about calling the police, that is until Margaret went rigid again arched her back, threw her head back and let out a silent scream. Her hips continued to buck and she held me tight for another minute then all of a sudden completely relaxed and fell forward, panting like she had just run a marathon. Which she kind of had. After a moment to catch her breath, she moved slowly down until we were face to face with her still on top.

"Wow." I said. "I'm going to find some strange guy to rub your thigh every night."

She was still catching her breath when she moved off the bed and pulled her dress over her head and removed her bra letting her beautiful breasts fall free. Her nipples were hard as rocks and there was still moisture running down her legs.

"Get those pants off, now." She ordered.

Margaret grabbed my belt and started frantically undoing it. I tried to undo the buttons of my shirt but my hands wouldn't work. Margaret was doing a better job and hand my pants down around my ankles in no time. My cock bounced free, standing tall and ready. Seeing this Margaret moved quickly up my body again and when her pussy reached my cock she sank down onto it and took the full length of my cock in her sopping cunt on the first thrust.

She continued to fuck me like she was on fire. driving back onto my cock and grinding her hips into me to make sure she got my whole cock inside her flaming sex. I have never been fucked like this before. Margaret was absolutely wild, talking dirty, pushing her tits into my face so I could suck her nipples and riding my cock like she would never get another. Needless to say the evening's events had me ready to come very quickly and Margaret sensed this as I started to buck back harder.

"Wait for me" She pleaded. "I'm trying." I panted. But I could not hold out. I started spewing a load of come into Margaret's pussy as she tried to grind her clit against me to reach her orgasm but finally flopped against my chest panting.

"Fuck, I needed that last one." She complained. " I should make you lick me and make me come again." Where all these ideas were coming from I don't know because it was all new to our sex life, but I wasn't complaining. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and crawled next to my wife on the bed. I was reaching for her pussy to finish her off when she grabbed my hand and moved it away.

"I'll do it." She said, reaching to her neatly trimmed pussy. She started to rub her clit and slid her fingers into her sloppy tunnel.

"Suck my tits." I moved my hand to her tits and began to slowly massage them while I flicked my tongue over her nipples.

"And you wonder why it doesn't bother me that a strange man was rubbing your legs in a bar?" I asked.

"I wish he had rubbed your clit and slid his fingers into your flaming hot pussy." When Margaret heard this she moaned, slid two fingers into her wet cunt and used her other hand to rub her clit. "I wish he had too. I wanted him to finger fuck me on that bar stool and make me cum."

Margaret's hips were thrusting now like she was fucking some imaginary cock, while her fingers worked their magic inside her. She was moaning and panting and as her orgasm hit she lifted her hips off the bed and went rigid again as she stroked her clit. She held herself in that position until her orgasm started to subside and then flopped back onto the bed, her breath ragged as she slowly returned to normal. I had stopped licking her tits and just watched the show while she came. As her breathing slowed she turned to me and smiled.

"Fuck that was good."

"You're telling me." I replied.

"I am going to put that guy on retainer if this is what happens."

"Next time you better be ready because I am going to expect you to do a better job of taking care of my needs. I am going to want to be fucked long and hard. And likely more than once. Got it."

"Got it."

She turned away, suddenly sleepy and wiggled back into me as she fell asleep. Next time I thought? I can't wait. Turns out I didn't have to wait long. I didn't think it could get better but it did.


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