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Winter Storm
Erotic Story By Anonymous

“Miss Winter, may I escort you further?" his voice was commanding but she had become used to hearing the softer tone he used when speaking her name.

“Lord Northing, I couldn’t possibly trouble you" she blushed.

“It would be an honour. There’s a storm blowing across the valley, I feel it my duty to make sure you arrive safely to your destination." He spoke as he dismounted and took her delicate gloved hand in his own, leading the ebony stallion with his other hand.

They had an agreement to meet on this deserted path each Wednesday, they had never met anyone else during their walks and were sure that their intimacy would not be discovered. Charlotte Winter was beautiful, golden ringlets framed a sweet face with keen, treacle coloured eyes and her figure was thought to be among the finest in the village. Though his handsome profile and raven hair came from his mother’s side, Lord William Northing was tall, broad shouldered like his long departed father.

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They made a very attractive couple, but if this was remarked upon by their neighbours it was always followed with the certainty that there could be not match between them. Her father had gambled away the family fortune and had no dowry left to offer the Lord of Northing Manor.

They had been meeting along this path all summer, but as autumn deepened they feared their time may come to an end. He was 28, she 19, both tired of the pleading of their mothers to marry well and knowing they couldn’t put it off much longer, they clung to these times together as their last chance for love before duty beckoned. William took his duty to his estate seriously and considered finding a wife in much the same way as he had acquired his stallion, but Charlotte had stirred a feeling in him that no prospective wife or the women he had known had inspired before. Charlotte had heard her mother and aunts talk about good wives and loose women and wondered if they ever felt way she did about William.

They had walked in silence, close enough for the strong dark fabric of his riding habit to brush against the fine dove grey fabric of her gown. He let go of her hand and held her round the waist. He could feel the warmth of her body against his, she was shocked, they had never been this close before, but she didn’t want him to let her go.

The wind stirred and leaves where shaken from the trees, mixing with light rain as the fell down on the couple. This was part of William’s estate and he knew every inch of it, including the empty cottage just beyond the pine grove he was leading them to for shelter. They made it to the grove and the rain grew heavier, the horse was let free as William removed his coat and covered Charlotte with it before lifting her into his arms and rushing across the clearing into the cottage. She was shivering from his touch as much as the wind and rain and grateful for his attention to the fireplace in the small room. In just moments the cold dark place was transformed as the fire grew in the grate bathing them in its light and warmth.

“You’ll catch your death if you stay in those wet things Charlotte" William spoke quietly as he gathered a dust sheet from the table by the shuttered window and offered it to her.

“And you must be cold, you must dry your coat by the fire" she nervously handed him his coat and took the sheet from him. He turned so she could remove her soaking dress, waiting for her permission to look upon her again though he caught a glimpse of her in the mirror as she unlaced her dress and struggled out of the wet layers leaving only the thin almost transparent fabric of her undergarment before wrapping the sheet around her.

“Thank you William" she whispered.

He turned to face her, catching his breath at the vision before him. Her ringlets, heavy and dark now with water, her skin glowing in the firelight and her figure a shadow through the sheet wrapped around her, the curve of her breast straining against the fabric, falling past her small waist and skimming her thighs.

She had never been looked at by a man like this before, she felt as if he could see through the sheet and through her skin to her very soul and she longed for him to take her in his arms to feel his warm body against hers, shaking now from anticipation and feelings she her she did not understand. Her mother and her friend Emma, married for almost a year now, had spoken to her of the duty of the marriage bed but she was not prepared for the longing she felt now.

William thought he should leave right now, gallop to the Manor and send one of his mothers servants to Charlotte, but there was no way he could explain the situation without ruining her reputation. He didn’t want to leave but he wasn’t sure he could control himself if he stayed, his desire for her was growing by the second.

A gust of wind sent a branch crashing against the shutter behind the window, she squealed in fright and lept into his arms for protection. They were frozen there, looking deep into each other’s eyes seeing their own desire mirrored there. She did not protest as he pressed his lips to hers, he felt her melt in his embrace as he parted her lips with his tongue and she opened her mouth to let him into her before pulling away slightly. William cursed himself for betraying her honour and was about to speak to try to apologise but was stopped by her returning his kiss, this time not waiting for his advance.

He struggled out of his riding coat trying to remove it without loosening his grip on her, her hands tugged desperately at his cravat and the buttons of his waist coat. She wanted to feel his skin on hers and was shameless in her desire. Their kisses continued as he undressed and lowered her unto the bed made of disgarded clothing. The fire light danced across the sheet still wrapped around her. He drank in the vision before him as she called his name and pulled his face down to hers, hungry for his kiss. Lying beside her his erection strained against his trousers, he could wait not longer to see her and gently slid the sheet from around her letting it fall away to expose the thin garment below. The darkness of her nipples and the fine hair below her hips showed through the fabric still covering her porcelain skin. She did not try to hide from him as he reached for her and traced a line from her forehead down her cheek to her lips, across her breast and belly, down her hip, thigh and all the way down to her elegant feet before turning and running back along her body this time tugging the damp fabric along, pausing, his look asking if he should continue. She nods her consent; a nervous smile dancing on her lips as her hands untie the cord and release the laces to bare her flesh to him. He slipped the cloth off her finally able to take in her breasts; full and soft, nipples erect , the soft curve of her belly, the rise of her hip and the fall into the valley of soft dark hair between her legs.

Charlotte’s eyes were closed, she was mesmerized by the feeling of his hand flowing up and down her body. When his caress stopped, she opened her eyes to find him gazing at her questioningly. She could feel her heart racing, her body drawn to his like a magnet, she reached out for him and lying on her back pulled him on top of her. She was no longer in control, instinct and desire had taken over.

She held his face close to hers demanding his kisses. Her hands began pulling his shirt free from his coat and waistcoat. She could feel his weight against her and his manhood pressing against her hip made her groan in anticipation. His hand was helping her now, the folds of his shirt brushing lightly against her skin as he removed it. His hands followed, sweeping down her chest she thrust her hips towards him but he stopped again, this time to remove his trousers, drawers and stockings.

The storm raged around them outside, the wind howling and rain lashing the window pane. Matching the fury between the lovers, both naked now and clutching at their naked flesh trying to possess as much of each other as possible. He is experienced and knows she is not, he wants to warn her, to guide her, to pleasure her and she wants to be taken by him.

“I don’t want to hurt you" his voice is gentle as he hand firmly grasps her buttock raising her toward him, leaning above her. Charlotte can’t speak, she doesn’t think anything could hurt more than her longing for him and her fingers press deep into the flesh of his back trying to pull him down to her. He kisses her lips, her eyes, her cheeks, her neck, her breasts, sucking at her nipples and feeling her pleasure ripple through them both as his hand finally finds the heat between her legs. She is wet, she is ready for him and his erection is pulsing hard against her thigh eager to be insider her. He lowers himself gently into her, watchful for any sign of her pain, she gasps once and then relaxes, grabbing his firm buttocks to push him further into her as she groans in undisguised pleasure.

He moves inside her, slowly at first but then faster as she starts to move her hips with his, urging him on, crying his name above the noise from the storm outside. Their mouths find each other again, kissing hard and urgently, his hand fingering her curls as they brush against his face, then her nipples. She is panting now, he knows they will climax soon, rising above her he kneels between her legs and pulls her hips up onto his thighs, she is laid bare before him and he can see himself moving in and out of her. Her look begs him to continue though she doesn’t know what to ask for. She knows there is more to come, he hooks her legs behind him and presses his hands up the length of her thighs before holding her hips tightly and pulling her closer to him, she laughs in surprise and delight then gasps as his fingers flicker over the bud nestled among the hair there. He is ready to cum and throws himself down on her, his full weight thrusts into her one last time as he moans and releases into her.

They lay tangled, complete, depleted, in silences the storm dies out around them and the fire dies beside them. They know they can never repeat this. They know they will never forget this.


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