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Oral sex whether it be giving him a blow job or eating her out via Fellatio or Cunnilingus can be quite pleasurable. Add a tongue vibrator and maybe even some flavored lubricants and you can have a party going on just between the two of you. We pride ourselves on only selling safe, nontoxic sex toys, so you can enjoy good sexual health and amazing, sensual experiences.

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Sqweel Go - Oral Sex Toy
Lingo Tongue Vibrator
Helping Head - Sleeve for Improving Oral Sex
Womanizer Premium
The Sqweel Go is a pocket-sized clitoral stimulator with a high powered rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns for intense stimulation. USB rechargeable, waterproof with soft silicone tongues that feel just like a human tongue licking you.
The Lingo is a powerful little vibrator designed to be worn around the tongue and is waterproof. It can also be used as a finger vibrator to provide stimulation to the clitoris, labia or penis. Made from TPR silicone which is very soft and stretchy.
The Aria Hot Tongue is a waterproof oral sex simulating vibrator that features 10 deep rumbly vibrating functions with 5 speed settings and 5 patterns. Designed to fit easily in the hand and conform to the inner labia while the tip simulates movement of a tongue over the clitoris. The removable bullet may be used separately. The Helping Head is a revolutionary 2" mini stroker specifically designed for handheld use to heighten the sensations and pleasure during fellatio. Soft on the outside with stimulating massage beads on the inside, this stretchy stroker is made from realistic skin-like material for a realistic feel.
The Womanizer vibrator is especially designed for the clitoris but can also be used on nipples. The soft silicone head offers light suction with pulsating vibration. It features 12 levels of vibration intensity and surrounds the clitoris for optimal sensation. With the new autopilot function, you experience your orgasm unexpectedly, and in a surprisingly new way. The rhythm changes with every use. Smart Silence senses your desire.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Tongue Joy Turbo Vibrator For Oral Sex
Tongue Teaser- Sex Toy
Rongue Joy Romance Edition
Tongue Dinger
Sqweel 2
It can be worn on tongue, fingers, toes, or elsewhere. Really, wherever your imagination takes you. The Tongue Joy Oral Vibrator is exotic, chrome plated, battery operated, ornamental body jewelry which vibrates.
Oh what fun we can have with the tongue! Tongue Teaser has a super stretch band to ensure snug fit onto any size tongue. Multi-orgasmic pleasure lasts up to forty minutes with this vibrating teaser. Make the Tongue Teaser your next oral pleaser!
The Tongue Joy Romance Edition is a tiny little vibrator operates using two watch batteries in wireless mode and you can attach it to your tongue, finger, penis, toe, favorite sex toy etc. for clitoral, nipple and penis stimulation.
Experience oral pleasure with a new twist! Enjoy up to 40 minutes plus of powerful vibrating pleasure with the Tongue Dinger. Fits snug on to any size tongue for the ultimate in oral sex (vibrating) pleasure.
Sqweel 2 features a wheel with 10 lapping silicone tongues, 3 powerful speeds, 30% more power than the original Sqweel Wheel with faster rotating speeds that can go in reverse or back in forth in flicker mode.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)

LELO Ora - Oral Sex Simulator
Sqweel XT Male Masturbation
Jimmy Jane Form 5
Womanizer Pro40 by Epi24
Womanizer Pro Plus
The LELO Ora is a blend of a vibrator and an oral sex simulator with a rotating probe inside that when placed next to the skin feels like a tongue making seductive swirls and fabulous flicks along with 10 varied stimulation patterns with powerful vibrations all in a rechargeable, waterproof and quiet product.
The Sqweel XT is an oral sex toy for men that simulates licking sensations. It can be used at the base and through the mid-shaft of the penis while a partner gives oral sex at the top of the penis or can be used by itself. Place over the head of the penis or slide it up and down the shaft. 3 speeds and patterns, USB-rechargeable.

The Jimmyjane FORM 5 has two micro-thin, supple wings that provide a high speed fluttering sensation with a powerful motor at the tip for rumbling vibration. It can be used on the clitoris, nipples, labia and penis. It fits in the palm of your hand and features 5 speeds, 4 pulsation patterns and is waterproof.

The Womanizer Pro40 is an air pulse vibrator especially designed for the clitoris but can also be used on nipples. The extra large soft silicone head offers light suction with pulsating vibes and features 8 functions of vibration intensity and surrounds the clitoris for optimal sensation.
The Womanizer Plus is an air pulse vibrator especially designed for the clitoris but can also be used on nipples. The extra large soft silicone head offers light suction with pulsating vibes and features 12 functions of vibration intensity and surrounds the clitoris for optimal sensation.
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
RATING (1-5)
Ultra Bullett
STAFF PICK- The Ultra Bullet is a very powerful bullet and made with high-grade silicone. It is USB rechargeable and is completely waterproof meaning you can submerge it in the bath! It features 20 vibration modes and can be used with an optional rabbit attachment head.
RATING (1-5)

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