The Art of Female Ejaculation
Instructional Female Ejaculation Ebook

Explore female ejaculation- learn what it is, how it works as well as easy step-by-step techniques to for all women to achieve it. Please note that the DVD and video clips are no longer available for sale, but the ebook is and it provides excellent information, pictures and step-by-step instruction.

Playboy's Female Ejaculation Expert

Lisa has been featured on Playboy™ radio and television providing education about how to achieve female ejaculation. In fact, some of the Playboy Bunnies demonstrated her techniques on the shows. It was a great success and very educational as well as entertaining.

Learning how to female ejaculate is very easy by using the techniques that Dr. Lawless has developed. The Art of Female Ejaculation DVD has been discontinued however, the Ebook is where you can still find all the information plus more new and updated information about Female Ejaculation.

The Art of Female Ejaculation Video

The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook

  • Understanding what female ejaculation is, where it comes from and how much can come out at a time. Delve into why there is still controversy around this type of sexual experience and understand what is true and what is not.

  • Receive education on why many women are not aware that they are able to female ejaculate and how to approach it as a sexual celebration that all women can achieve.

  • See why Dr. Lawless has been endorsed by OBGYNs, Dr. Laura Berman and many other Sexuality Experts.

  • Watch erotic and educational demonstrations of female ejaculation.

  • Explore what things can keep a woman from ejaculating and how to problem solve them.

  • Review sexual products such as sex toys that can make experiencing female ejaculation easier.

  • Learn why Kegel exercises are NOT necessary to achieve female ejaculation but can assist in stopping it from occurring when desired.

  • Receive education on the female gspot and understand that all women have one. Explore why there are myths as to the contrary.

  • Learn how female ejaculation can be experienced through clitoral, gspot and other types of orgasms. Even without an orgasm at all.

Purchase The Art of Female Ejaculation without offending your significant other-

Get it for her because you care about her and want to have the most sexual pleasure she can experience while being informed about her sexual health.

Female Ejaculation Controversy

We know that there is a great deal of controversy regarding female ejaculation and that many people assume that it is urine. It is actually an understandable thing to think as women can urinate and ejaculate at the same time. Questions of where the fluid comes from and how it could possibly be so much if it is not urine are things that must be addressed. We cover this in detail in The Art of Female Ejaculation as there are some very logical reasons for people to question it, but let us give you a glimpse into why female ejaculation is a normal and healthy sexual experience-

As you know we all start off as female in the womb with an X chromosome. Once a Y chromosome is added, a male develops, otherwise, a woman continues to develop. So what happens to the genitals? The clitoris becomes the head of the penis and instead of the shaft going inward it comes out to create the shaft of the penis. It then continues to grow larger, whereas the clitoris remains small. In addition, the gspot becomes the prostate. Let's pause right there... if we know that the gspot is the equivalent of the male prostate and we know that female ejaculation comes from the Skenes glands that make up the gspot then that is something that should not be ignored.

Considering that we now know that draining the prostate in males reduces the risk of prostate cancer, would it not in turn be advantageous for a woman to also drain her gspot? This is just one example of the many issues that female ejaculation brings up when exploring the health benefits of doing it.

Join us as we delve into where the ejaculate comes from, where it goes, what retrograde ejaculation is, the relationship between the ducts in the urethra and the connection to the bladder and much more. You will be amazed at what the female body is capable of and how complex her sexual functioning is when compared to what was once thought. After all, until recently studies focused on female reproduction not sexual functioning, which left many in the dark when it came to such things.

Of course beyond it being a healthy sexual release, it is also very pleasurable. It enhances orgasms and provides a sense of sexual fulfillment that many women find to be quite empowering.

See the 150 Page Art of Female Ejaculation eBook

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