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True Female Ejaculation
Erotic Story By C.K.

I had noticed over the last few months that Thad, my husband, had been spending time on the web looking up female ejaculation pictures. Normally Thad's interest in adult sites hadn't bothered me, I mean, I look at Matthew McConaughey movies whenever I get a chance! :-) This got to me though, because it was something he seemed to really find erotic and I thought I was unable to do it. I felt really self conscious about the whole thing.

I decided to do a little research of my own, and looked it up on the Internet. I found your wonderful eBook after hours of looking at other sites that did not answer my questions! I ordered your eBook right away, and found so much incredible information, that I read it three times! I wanted to be able to do this for Thad, and now I felt that I could.

The following is the story of the first time I ejaculated, not to mention had the best orgasm of my life with Thad. Needless to say, since then we have had many wet and wild times!

The Art of Female Ejaculation eBook

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The house was quiet as the kids were spending the weekend with their friends, and Thad and I had the house to ourselves. It had been a hard week for both of us and this time alone was something we really needed. I was eager to show Thad the wonderful tricks I had learned from the eBook. After a quiet dinner, and a glass of wine, we sat on the couch and cuddled. Something that's hard to do with kids running around and demanding attention.

Thad started kissing me slowly and deeply, I love the way his lips feel against mine. I stood up from the couch and took his hand. I led him into the bedroom, and slowly undressed him. He was getting quite aroused by this and his cock was now standing at attention. We both like the use of toys. I especially have always loved my g-spot vibrator, but my toy was about to help make something very amazing happen for me tonight, something neither Thad or the vibrator had ever done before.

Tonight was going to be very different, VERY EXCITING! I pushed Thad down on the bed and slowly undressed myself. Thad watched with a smile, and I could tell he really enjoyed the sight of my body by the way he was staring at me. When I was fully nude, I reached into the night stand and pulled out my vibrator. Thad had a questioning look on his face, after all this was a little early to be reaching for the big guns! I pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. I moved up to his face and let him take in the scent of my pussy... I was already dripping.

I had spent the last few days while he was at work practicing the female ejaculation techniques, and tonight I was going to give Thad the surprise of his life. The thought of this had me wet since he had come home from work. I asked Thad to go down on me; I loved the feeling of his tongue on my pussy. He slid his tongue back and forth along my wet slit and I shivered with excitement.

I told Thad I wanted to change positions. I lay on the bed with my legs hanging off the side as Thad moved onto the floor and in-between my legs. His warm, strong mouth went right to my cunt, I was in heaven! He was really making me squirm. His mouth sucked on my clit and I shook as sexual electrical surges shot from my clit through the rest of my body.

I instructed him on some of the techniques I had just learned, and felt the tell tale signs as described in the eBook! I was so excited, because I knew what was coming next! I knew this was going to rock my husband's world, and that made me even more excited!

Thad worked me with until I was about to explode. I pushed him back and continued to masturbate in front of him showing him all the new things I had just learned. He was surprised, but soon he was watching me work my pussy with complete sexual surrender.

I worked myself really quickly to the point of no return. Thad was absolutely in awe as I started to cum. I bucked my hips and just started to gush all over the place, it felt like a hot, waterfall rushing out of my cunt. Thad couldn't contain himself as my juice splashed on my thighs, and even splashed his hard cock, now rock hard and in between my legs. He was so aroused that he began to furiously work his cock now wet from being splashed from my squirting. His body glistened in the light, as my cum had soaked him! He came so hard, and said it was the most intense orgasm he had ever had too!

Needless to say my husband does not look at female ejaculation on the Internet anymore, because he has more than he can handle at home thanks to the Art of Female Ejaculation eBook! I cannot begin to tell you how exciting it is to have your husband watch in awe as you have one of these gushing orgasms.

Thank You!

- C.K., Denver, Colorado


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