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Enjoy every wonderful detail of the Fifty Shades books, movies and news. Here you will find the latest news regarding Fifty Shades as well as things such as interviews with E.L. James and her official Fifty Shades sex toy collection.

View the latest Fifty Shades News below and also make sure to check out our wonderful Fifty Shades Resource Center.

Fifty Shades News

Fifty Shades Freed Movie Teaser

Get Ready for Valentine's Day 2018-
Release date: February 9, 2018 (USA)


Fifty Shades Freed is set to be released February 9, 2018 (USA)


Fifty Shades Darker Movie Trailer

Get Ready for Valentine's Day 2017-
Release date: February 10, 2017 (USA)

Fifty Shades Freed is set to be released February 9, 2018 (USA)


Fifty Shades News Updates

Here are some updates for fans of Fifty Shades-

  • Jamie Dornan Going Full Frontal In 'Fifty Shades Darker' While Dakota Johnson Goes Blonde.

  • There is an actual Fifty Shades of Grey baby boom in North Texas now.

  • Rumors that Charlize Theron will play Mrs. Robinson, Ian Somerhalder will play Jack Hyde and Cara Delevingne will play Leila Williams.

  • Fifty Shades is now available on HBO.

Fifty Shades of Grey on DVD & Blu-ray

The Fifty Shades of Grey DVD and Blu-ray released on May 8, 2015 and allows you to watch in the privacy of your own home one of the most talked about movies made. Fifty Shades of Grey, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will also be available through NetFlix and Redbox among others.

Fifty Shades Movie: Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Sequel Dates Announced

For you Fifty Shades of Grey fans, you will be happy to know that the sequels are on their way. They will continue to star Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, however, there will be a new director for the films as Sam Taylor-Johnson will not be returning. “Fifty Shades Darker" and “Fifty Shades Freed" will both be released by Universal Pictures on Valentine’s weekends in 2017 (Feb. 10, 2017) and 2018 (Feb. 9, 2018). The script for “Darker" will be written by author E.L. James' husband, Niall Leonard, who is also a published author.

Latest Fifty Shades Trailer -


Fifty Shades Trailer -

For those fans of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer which stars Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman.


Fifty Shades Sex Toy Line Growing

If you have already seen many of the official Fifty Shades sex toys and think that the line is completed, think again... there are new goodies including a Christian Grey scented massage candle, massage oil and more to enjoy. See all the official Fifty Shades Sexual Products.

Fifty Shades Freed Movie on the Way?

With the Fifty Shades of Grey film by Universal Pictures gearing up to have the trailer shown and the movie about to be released in February, British author, E.L. James is about to gear up to tackle the second Fifty Shades movie with producers now searching for a screenwriter to draft the script. While cast members have not yet signed on to return for the second film, the producers Dana Brunetti and Michael De Luca are already committed.

Film Releasing Valentine's Day 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan will hit theaters on Feb. 13, 2015.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele are here with Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan getting ready to film the movie version of the Fifty Shades book series. Here they appear on the November 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly showing off a sneak peak of what is to come in the months ahead of Fifty Shades mania.

Official Fifty Shades Sex Toy Collection

The Official Fifty Shades sex toy collection is available and approved by E.L. James who helped to create each sex toy to be as described in her trilogy. See them here: Official Fifty Shades Sex Toy Collection.

Also see the interview by E.L. James talking about each Fifty Shades sex toy.

Jamie Dornan Cast as Christian Grey

Thirty-one year old a Northern Irish actor, model, and musician Jamie Dornan has been cast as Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades movies. He is known for playing a role in the BBC drama series "The Fall" as well as the character of Axel von Fersen in the film Marie Antoinette among other roles including his latest as Colin in the movie "Flying Home," which is premiering in 2014.

Jamie Dornan

Charlie Hunnam No Longer Cast as Christian Grey

Thirty-three year old, British actor Charlie Hunnam had been cast as Christian Grey in the movie 50 Shades Of Grey but has since removed himself from the role. Charlie is well known for his role on the show 'Sons of Anarchy,' and is currently filming a movie with Jessica Chastain called Crimson Peak. He has declined the role saying that the show 'Sons Of Anarchy' had created scheduling conflicts, however, a couple of inside sources have indicated that there are other reasons. Most likely the mass amount of women who publicly demanded his removal from the role.

Charlie Hunnam

Dakota Johnson Cast as Anastasia Steele in 50 Shades Of Grey

Dakota Johnson has been cast as Anastasia Steele in the movie 50 Shades Of Grey which was announced through a tweet that author E L James put out on 9-2-13. Dakota Johnson is a twenty-four year old model and actress who is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Dakota is currently filming a modern-day adaptation of William Shakespeare's Cymbeline with Ethan Hawke and Milla Jovovich.

Dakota Johnson Cast as Anastasia Steele
Dakota Johnson

E.L. James Makes Top Earning Author Lists in Forbes

Using sales data to create the list According to the list, E.L. James is noted at number fifteen on the list as she has earned $95 million between June 2012 and June 2013. The Fifty Shades trilogy has sold over 70 million copies in just the first 8 months and unlike the other authors on the Forbes list, this was her first published work as well as her only novels with others having written more titles. Fans should be excited to learn that E.L. James is currently at working on a new novel that will continue the Fifty Shades adventure.

The Search for Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele Continues

As of August 3rd, 2013, the movie Fifty Shades of Grey does not have the roles of Christian or Ana cast yet as Universal Pictures just posted an open casting call for coveted male and female lead roles. Sources have confirmed the legitimacy of the call and the post was made on a popular site for audition information. Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) was not considered for the part of Christian Grey and Garrett Hedlund (Tron Legacy) turned down the role.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Release Date: 8-1-14

The movie 50 Shades of Grey, which is being produced by Dana Brunetti is being released in theaters on August 1, 2014. Based on the novel trilogy by E.L. James, the movie will be directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (best known for her film Nowhere Boy about John Lennon). Anastasia Steele and her sexual relationship with entrepreneur Christian Grey is a hot topic so stay tuned to our Fifty Shades page as new developments unfold!

Fifty Shades Movie Director
Sam Taylor-Johnson

Fifty Shades Lingerie

Fifty Shades Lingerie

BlueBella has announced the launch of the official Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie collection for the U.K. and Ireland with the Fifty Shades collection launching in time for Christmas 2013. Also available in the UK is the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Sensual Care Collection which is coming to the U.S. quite soon and features the following products-

  • Fifty Shades of Grey Ready for Anything Aqua Lubricant
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Silky Caress Lubricant
  • Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Come Alive Pleasure Gel for Her
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Soothe Me After Spanking Cream
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Sensual Touch Massage Oil
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Sensation Sensual Bath Oil

'Fifty Shades Effect' Blamed for Handcuff Incidents

Emergency services in both the UK and the USA have seen a rise in people getting stuck in their handcuffs and being unable to get out of a rather embarrassing situation. Luckily those customers that bought the Official Fifty Shades handcuffs do not have that problem as there are emergency release buttons built in to avoid such a sticky situation. For those using ordinary handcuffs, make sure you know where the key is and can access it before you get down and dirty.

Official Fifty Shades You are Mine Handcuffs
Fifty Shades Handcuffs

Fifty Shades the Musical Debuts in San Francisco

There are a few versions of a Fifty Shades musical going around the country. One of the latest is showing in San Francisco's Marines Memorial Theatre through an 85-minute spoof of E.L. James' blockbuster trilogy. Directed by Al Samuels, there are 11 original songs, including They Get Nasty, I Don't Make Love and There's a Hole Inside of Me. You can see examples of two Fifty Shades musicals through the videos below. The first one shown is based out of Virginia-


Free Vibrators Given Away with Fifty Shades Books

If you have not had the opportunity to read the Fifty Shades books, you can get them here along with a free vibrator: Fifty Shades Books- Free Vibrator

Fifty Shades Album

The soundtrack had already been put together based on the Fifty Shades book trilogy. This album of songs was selected by James and was released on 9-11-12 by EMI Classics titled Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album. When it was released it was number four on the Billboard's charts for classical music albums in October 2012. See what is included here: Fifty Shades Soundtrack.

Potential Actors for Fifty Shades

The top choices to play the coveted roles of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are:

Anastasia Steele Christian Grey
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Saoirse Ronan
  • Alexis Bledel
  • Emma Stone
  • Chris Pine
  • Robert Pattinson
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Henry Cavill
  • Tyler Hoechlin

In addition, here are other choices for roles from the Fifty Shades Trilogy:

  • Evan Rachel Wood as Kate Kavanagh / Also Possible: Carey Mulligan, Mia Wasikowska, Blake Lively, Ari Graynor
  • Michael Trevino as Jose Rodriguez / Also Possible: Taylor Lautner, Penn Badgley, Mark Salling
  • Michael Keaton as Ray Steele / Also Possible: Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Mary Steenburgen as Carla / Also Possible: Patricia Clarkson, Marcia Gay Harden, Teri Hatcher
  • Jimmy Smits as Jose Rodriguez Sr. / Also Possible: Danny Trejo, Edward James Olmos
  • Susan Sullivan as Grace Trevelyan-Grey / Also Possible: Susan Sarandon, Joan Allen
  • Stellan Skarsgard as Carrick Grey / Also Possible: Harrison Ford, Victor Garber
  • James Franco as Elliot Grey / Also Possible: James Marsden, Zach Gilford
  • Lucy Hale as Mia Grey / Also Possible: Leighton Meester, Emmy Rossum, Nina Dobrev
  • Christopher Meloni as Taylor / Also Possible: David Morse, Bruce Willis
  • Helen Mirren as Mrs. Jones / Also Possible: Cybill Shepherd, Jane Seymour, Julie Andrews
  • Sharon Stone as Elena / Also Possible: Ellen Barkin, Meg Ryan, Morgan Fairchild
  • Colin Firth as Dr. Flynn / Also Possible: Clive Owen, Ralph Fiennes, Guy Pearce, Robert Downey Jr.


Interesting Facts About the Fifty Shades Trilogy

  • “Fifty Shades of Grey" by E.L. James was originally her take on a fan fiction piece based on the “Twilight" books and was called “Master of the Universe." The story focused on Edward Cullen and Bella Swan’s sex life since many felt there was too little of it in the books.
  • There is already an official soundtrack for “Fifty Shades of Grey" based on music that inspired E.L. James when she was writing the books examples of musical artists that can be found on it are Kings of Leon, Britney Spears and Frank Sinatra.
  • Kelly Marcel is the scriptwriter for the Fifty Shades film and she has worked in the past with Steven Spielberg.
  • A fourth Fifty Shades book is looking like it will be released soon.
  • A Mormon women’s book club assigned “Fifty Shades of Grey" to discuss if an orgasm through nipple stimulation was possible.
  • The Fifty Shades Trilogy is the fastest-selling paperback even beating J.K. Rowling’s “Harry Potter."
  • The biggest fans of the Fifty Shades Trilogy are women over the age of 40 and it is why it has been dubbed as “Mommy Porn".
  • Virgin Atlantic airlines has been streaming the audio book of “Fifty Shades of Grey" for their flights.
  • The Damson Dene Hotel in the UK provides copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey" in place of the Holy Bible in 40 of their guest rooms.
Fifty Shades Baby Boom

Fifty Shades Baby Boom

On Pinterest there were a variety of jokes that were made about there being a future baby boom. Well, there has been, at least that is what the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper is indicating. Doctors have delivered 123 babies in July 2013 and apparently that is a lot of babies for them... in fact, they have not seen such high birth rates in over 25 years.



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