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Fifty Shades Game
50 Shades of Grey Party Game
By Imagination

Vanilla & Red Room Games: Fifty Shades of Grey Game is perfect for a girl's night in. Have some of your good friends over and get ready to reveal your 'Inner Goddess' in this fun, liberating and revealing party game based around the world's best selling Fifty Shades of Grey book trilogy.

The game comes complete with a set of thought provoking and intriguing vanilla style questions that will put you and your friends under the microscope and reveal the hidden truths about the friends you love best.

Players take turns to read a vanilla style question out loud, before all players must secretly vote on which (of the eight predetermined friends they selected before starting the game) they believe is best matched to the question: questions like, "which of your girlfriends do you think would be most likely to have an affair with their boss?

Game Approved by the Fifty Shades Book Series author E. L. James
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Fifty Shade of Grey Game

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Fifty Shades of Grey Game: Expansion Pack Red Room Edition Review

Name the girlfriend you think is the most romantic?" or "Which girlfriend is most likely to Tweet about a steamy encounter?" When all players have chosen a friend they take turns to reveal their answers for all to see. Once all the giggles, laughter, 'Oohs' and 'Ahhs' have died down, any player that picked the same friend as the reader wins an Inner Goddess token. Bonus tokens can also be won if your answer matches the majority answer amongst the group playing. Player take turns asking the questions, revealing answers and picking up tokens. The first player to collect 20 tokens wins the game and a ride in Charlie Tango, if only.

Spice things up and add the Red Room Expansion Pack
Fifty Shades of Grey Game: Expansion Pack Red Room Edition

Go beyond vanilla and add some extra spice to your Fifty Shades of Grey party game with the risqué expansion pack that promises to raise the stakes in this outrageously fun party game, and will have everyone talking long after the game has finished.

Customer Review

I had read that this was coming out and then read some reviews given by people that had not even played the game. I mean how the heck do you rate something badly when you have not even played it? I saw comments about comparing it to going out to a BDSM club which is a ridiculous comparison if you ask me. I saw another complaining that it was not for kids. Um, hello? So, if you see those reviews, take them for what they are worth, which is nothing. So, here is a review by someone who actually has played the Fifty Shades games (I say that in the plural as I got the Red Room extension pack as well). I had a girl's night in party coming up so I decided to take a chance and I am very glad I did. This is a fun game for a get together (not a couples game). It is perfect for a fun night with the girls and even a couples party. Essentially the game is a type of who knows who best game so it is intended to do among friends and is not a good game for strangers to play. Also, you cannot have the kind of friends who will be offended by this, but for me that was not a problem because my girlfriends are all fun and open to sex talk. With a couple of glasses of wine and some bold answers it was a blast to play the games and it was worth getting as it made the evening fun and set the tone for a good time. There were points where we were in hysterics laughing so hard and no one wanted to go home. Once we were done with the Vanilla we got down to the dirty nitty gritty Red Room Expansion Pack and that was incredibly fun!

Kelli - Tulsa, OK


50 Shades Game Vanilla

Red Room Expansion Pack

50 Shades Game Vanilla &
Red Room Expansion Pack



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