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Growing Up On The South Side
Erotic Story By Bobjj123

I was raised in the working class neighborhood of the south side of a major city. Like all the other families in that neighborhood, I lived in a three story masonry apartment building with a single front entrance set above about eight steps up top the foyer level.

The door, normally locked, was opened to welcome visitors by an electric buzzer which could be activated by a button in each of the apartments. Visitors announced their arrival by activating a call button and speaking into a microphone located on the exterior wall, near the six mailboxes.

Inside the foyer was a simple tile floor and a stairwell and stairs leading to the second and third floor. The foyer usually smelled of stale cabbage or burnt grease; cooking odors from the various apartments. Doors, to the left and right of the foyer, on each floor led to the various apartments.

Our apartment was not uncomfortable and there were four bedrooms, each ample for our needs. In those days, the fourth room was rented to a young man who worked with my father as his weekly payment helped offset the costs of rent.

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I had a room of my own as did my younger brothers and parents. In addition we had a large kitchen, dining room and living room. A central heating system kept the hot water radiators warm from morning until night. At nights the central heating did not function and we relied on bed covers alone to keep us warm.

It was a neighborhood of working class people and serious crime was virtually unknown to us, while a few blocks away gangsters plied their trade with impunity and crime was rampant.

It was a place where kids remained on the streets until bedtime. For a kid, it was generally a happy place, an ethnic mixture of Jews, Catholics, Germans, Poles, Irish and others with prejudices running deep. Of course, to me, as a boy of ten years old, those prejudices were simply something our parents seemed to place great store in.

My best friend, Charlie, lived in the building across the street and his parents were Jewish. I was discouraged by my parents, from playing with him and he was likewise discouraged by his parents. This of course fostered our close friendship. Charlie was overweight and an excellent student. I was lean and only as much a student as necessary to get by.

A few doors away lived Shirley. She was just my age, beautiful with long black hair and ivory complexion, one that I'm aspired to, well, I knew I wanted to aspire to something about her but had only the barest idea what! She was Irish Catholic and as such, not of my caste. Still, I yearned for something about her.

Then, there was Joe, a year older than me, confident, powerful and perhaps ten years more mature, also a Catholic and also interested in Shirley. He was, of course was much more interesting to a girl than me.

Next door, in our building, John was slightly younger than me and also an Irish Catholic. His parents and my parents seldom spoke. He was forbidden to associate with me. John was rather a worm anyway, considering himself a cut above the neighborhood socially because his father wore a suit to work.

In my class at school, a girl by the name of Patricia occupied a seat next to me for several years, a tall, lithesome girl that would have been beautiful except she had a harelip. At first, I tolerated her; then, after several years of association, I came to accept her harelip although I steadfastly refused to accept her as a friend. Today that harelip would have been surgically remedied and the stigma of her disfigured upper lip would have been permanently erased.

A few blocks away, toward the high school, Nina lived with her parents. They were also Jewish. Together all the names, from all the diverse backgrounds, met in the same classroom at school. They worked and studied in perfect harmony, no prejudice here. Or so it would seem anyway.

Of my closer acquaintances, only Patricia seemed to be of my Polish/American/ Protestant working class caste though I longed for it to be different. Irish Catholics looked down on the Polish and Shirley kept her distance. Still, Shirley had a lot of what I was looking for... whatever that was!

We graduated from the eighth grade and moved on to high school where Charlie excelled and I stumbled with my studies. My life slipped to a low ebb, Joe was definitely making time with Shirley and I wasn’t even in the running. Patricia was in classes distant from mine and I seldom saw her.

It was when I was walking to school, with Charlie, that we ran into Nina and walked together towards the school. Nina immediately shunned Charlie for me, of another class entirely, and we bonded as we walked.

The next day, I purposefully walked to school alone and stopped at Nina’s apartment to ask her to walk with me. She readily agreed and as we walked, and as we talked, I found that she considered Charlie too fat! Her parents felt otherwise.

As we easily talked, I noticed that Nina was quite comely with black hair, blue eyes, an olive complexion and a trim body. She seemed to be what I was looking for, although I was still unsure what it was!

The following morning, I went to her door and Nina’s father came to inform me that she wouldn’t be walking to school with me any more. I left feeling rejected and had gone only a couple of doors toward school when Nina stepped out from the shadows to walk with me. Again we talked and she told me that her father didn’t approve of her association with gentiles.

"What’s a gentile?" I asked. Nina replied, "I think it’s anyone whose not Jewish." Then the subject was changed and the issue seemed to be resolved.

After that, we met regularly at the same location and walked together. As a cover, Charlie often walked with us. . . . We talked and became more friendly as each of us searched for more from the other.

Oh, we knew the basic’s of baby making but with all the hype in the world around us, we were pretty sure there was more. Each day, as we walked and talked, we sought new inroads into the mystery.

Then, summer came and our sophomore year was over. Nina and I were like best friends, albeit covertly because of the social constraints. We had made little progress in unraveling the great mystery that lay between us. Then, as summer vacation came, we made a new discovery.

In one of the unused basement lockers of an apartment building, not far from Nina’s home, there was a stock of leftover chairs, mattress and springs and old curtains, drapes, etc., perfect for the nature of our clandestine meetings.

When Nina showed it to me, I saw immediately the advantages and we set about immediately to hang the drapes for privacy and comfort and otherwise arrange the contents of the 8' X 8' room. The twin size mattress and springs provided the only comfortable sitting.

After our original meeting, we began regular meetings there. With the privacy that was afforded by the locker, we could become more familiar and experiment away from the prying eyes of the community. After several meetings, we kissed.

It was my first ever kiss by a girl and I had no idea what to expect. For Nina, it was also her first attempt. We experimented and found no particular pleasure at first, then, Nina stuck her tongue in my mouth, something she had seen her parents do. After that we began to get pleasant sensations from our oral activities. We also began to get arousal which was scary for both of us!

We talked and both decided we didn’t to want to get carried away and make a baby. Of course, at that time, we neither of us had any idea what l;ay between our state of arousal and actually planting the seed.

Weeks went by and we became more familiar as we kissed, soul kissed and learned to deal with our arousal, at least Nina did. It was soon an entirely pleasant experience.

Then, on a hot summer day, Nina came to our tryst dressed in shorts and halter top in a manner suited to the weather. In the coolness of the locker, I felt of the bare skin of her belly and back for the first time and was rewarded with an immediate state of arousal.

Nina turned and kissed me, a very familiar and pleasant soul kiss that drove my arousal to a new height. I reached for her breast, over the cloth of her halter top and for the first time I felt a woman’s breasts, at least, that’s what my now advanced state of arousal seemed to indicate.

Nina spoke, "You want to feel them without my clothes?" she asked and I responded rather hungrily, "Oh Yes!"

With that affirmation, she reached behind her neck and released the halter, allowing it to fall to her waist. Still sitting on the edge of the mattress, she reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Then, she simply lay back.

I touched her bare breasts rather gingerly at first; then, as we became more familiar, with light caresses and finally some fondling. With experience, we might have brought each other to some real sexual intercourse.

Then, with several more sessions of fondling, suckling and toying with her breasts we seemed to have reached a point where we didn’t know how to proceed. We talked and after a time, Nina simply said, "I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours." Again we talked as I nervously anticipated showing my manhood for the first time and my mouth went dry while I trembled in anticipation.

Nina moved first and proceeded to drop her shorts and panties at the same time but only to her knees. I saw excitement written all over her as I opened my trousers and we stared nervously in awe of each other. Then, it seemed appropriate to move together and kiss.

We met briefly, trembling with excitement, and kissed but more urgent matters seemed to divert us. Nina moved back and lay on the mattress as I followed her in response to her hand on my manhood. We stayed close as she toyed with my rock-hard penis. She fondled it and caressed it and asked questions, "Does that feel good? Do you like me to hold it like this?" and we experimented. It wasn’t a case of love, rather, it was almost clinical in nature.

Then, it was my turn and I felt rather carefully of her pubis and the light covering of black hair. It wasn’t what I had expected as I searched for the hole that was supposed to be there someplace. I continued to search and feel and respond to her voiced instructions.

My hands shook as I continued with my discovery. My mouth was dry and I was excited beyond anything I’d ever experienced before. Still, it was not a love match but rather clinical.

Then, after several minutes, I felt it. My fingers passed over her slit as I felt the warmth and lubrication and Nina placed her hand on mine to position it just right. "Now put your finger in there," she said and I slowly inserted the finger perhaps an inch or two.

The feeling of the soft, warm, smooth surface of her vagina brought me to new heights again. I was sure that I was doing something evil, something that I shouldn’t and the guilt loomed in my mind.

We had played for perhaps an hour, maybe an hour and a half when it became apparent that we would soon be missed at home. It was by mutual consent that we parted.

Next day, I was out and about early, waiting for Nina to appear. By noon I was concerned and I was filled with a new and powerful lust.

I was beginning to understand what it was that a woman offered to a man. By three o’clock, I was nearly frantic and went to our locker room to wait.

It was cool and I really had no other place to go. As I entered, I saw Nina waiting. She seemed upset and angry as she said, "Where have you been? I’ve been waiting here since noon." I uttered a sort of an apology.

In seconds, we were stripped of our clothes and getting more intimate. . . . I fingered her and felt her and followed her instructions until she began to writhe and squirm under my ministrations. "Oh Yes! Oh Yes!," she moaned.

Oh, that feels so good," she encouraged. Only my feelings of guilt kept me restrained. As with the previous day, we stopped our experimentation in time to part before any suspicions were aroused. The next day, Nina had family responsibilities and the following day was a Jewish Holy day. Two days and I contained my lust only with great effort. Then, on the following day, we had made no arrangements on when we would meet.

I worried. Charlie had picked Nina up early for some social obligation and the two were gone until late afternoon. I was at my wits end. I fought my passions as best I could as my attitude grew surly and I suffered.

It was after dinner when Charlie called to me to come on out and there he was with Nina. I went out immediately and we walked swiftly towards our locker. Charlie, being the friend he was, left us as we walked and in a few minutes we were in our locker. My spirits, though risen, were still somewhat depressed and my surly attitude was quite evident.

Sensing what the problem was, Nina pulled me to her and kissed me, a long deep soul kiss that was done so expertly that I was again attuned to the situation at hand. We quickly stripped and this time it was Nina who took the lead and was soon manipulating my cock as I instructed her.

A few minutes later, she had pumped a full load of ejaculation from me. We rested in awe of the blasting of my seed as it had sprung from my cock and caught her full on the face from several feet away.

So, we met regularly, usually late in the evening, experimenting and playing around in the basement locker room as the fall semester of school started. It was a busy time and mid September when I went to the locker expecting to meet Nina, hoping to experiment still further, hoping but not really expecting to, perhaps go "all the way" as it was known as in those days.

On arriving I found the locker closed and a new padlock on the door. Through the screened openings I cold see that the contents had been rearranged. As I pondered this turn of events, Nina arrived and being thwarted in our plans, began making out in the passage way between the lockers.

A minute later, the voice of the building superintendent called from the door, "Whose in there? You kids get out of there!" We were caught. Nina’s parents would surely find out.

We ran past the super and into the night! Next morning, as I passed the spot where Nina usually joined me for the rest of the walk, she wasn’t there. Nor was she at school that day! It was the end of our relationship for Nina and me.

I saw her occasionally at school where she explained that she was forbidden from ever speaking to me again. We would never meet again.

For a time I was disappointed, Nina had been a good friend and what we’d done was an experiment in intimacy more than a sexual thing.

By the end of my Junior year in high school, Nina had become a distant memory and an occasional site around school even though I still have a warm spot in my heart for her. It was for another girl to relieve me of my virginity at a time and place far removed from the Southside.

That summer, between my Junior and Senior year, the nation was preparing for war and I left the South Side to accompany my family to another city where my father had an important job and our family lived in a house with a yard and a lawn. I have never been back.


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