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Weight Loss
How I Got My Body Primed To Do It

Healthy weight loss is not merely starving your body of calories as that only causes other parts of your body to become stressed, including putting your metabolism on alert that you are starving, thus slowing it down.

The key to healthy weight loss is providing your body with the optimum nutrients it need to lose weight. Kind of like taking your car in for servicing to make sure that it is going to run at it's optimum levels. When your body is running at it's optimum levels, it can then flush the excess weight out of your system more easily while still allowing you to feel energized.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Being someone who has lost a lot of excess weight (over 50 lbs) after having my son, I can tell you that it took me a long time to figure out how to do it and keep it off. I get asked a lot how I did it and kept it off and so I decided to write this for anyone who was interested. I had tried many diets and lost weight only to gain it back again. I spent a great deal of time studying nutrition to understand what the body actually needs to lose weight, and keep it off while not causing it harm such as overdosing on caffeine, Ephedra (Ma Huang) and other types of stimulants that may cause more harm than good.

Being someone who generally dislikes exercise and has a very full schedule I needed to find things that were quick and easy and not a part of some fad diet that would deplete my energy levels during the day. Because of my busy life, I needed all the energy I could get and when trying diets I found I was easily fatigued and actually felt weak. I also found that they were hard to do since I don't like cooking very much and I don't like having to think about a bunch of details about fat, vitamins, points, carbs, etc. Diets that made me write stuff down and spend a lot of time calculating or cooking were not going to work for me because I knew I would not be able to keep it up long term.

Isn't that what we are really are talking about here... long term, because anyone who had lost weight and kept it off knows that it is a lifestyle change not a diet that will be the winning ticket. So, I struggled for a few years until I found something that I could do everyday with little effort. The main thing that I determined was if I just stayed within a caloric range and ate healthy then I would so just fine.

You really cannot get away from counting calories because ultimately you have to know what you are consuming. However, I made it pretty easy for myself by just sitting down and planning a daily routine so that it became a no brainer and I ended up automatically knowing how many calories I had without having to count them. It was only on special occasions when I would go out to eat or make a special recipe that I had to recalculate my caloric intake for the day.

I got into having a Metagenics UltraMeal health shake every morning with water in the morning so that no matter what I made sure to have something (important for not allowing your metabolism to slow down) not to mention that I was able to get in some really good nutrients with it. I found the shakes on Vitacost.com is the best place to get it for the least amount of money and I really loved the vanilla, peach, strawberry and banana flavors... but beware of the raspberry as that was terrible. By doing the shake in the morning, I always started my day off right and then I fell into the habit of having a healthy, high protein meal for lunch, a veggie snack, then a high protein meal for dinner and then a healthy snack.

I greatly reduced by sugar intake but I did allow myself to have some of my favorite health bars from time to time which are a lot like candy bars but without too much of the bad stuff in them. They are the Clif Builder's 20g Protein Bars in Chocolate Peanut Butter. I love them so much I had one instead of a slice of birthday cake.

I will go into more of my weight loss tips in a moment, but let me show you how I determined my caloric intake. Keep in mind that you really need to adhere to this because if you eat too much you will not lose weight and if you do not eat enough your metabolism will slow down and make losing weight very hard. You should average about 10 lbs a month if you eat healthy, stay within your caloric needs and do some exercise at least 3 times per week.

How to Determine Calories for Weight Loss
Tally one applicable qualifier from each category for your total-

  • Female- Add 100 Calories Per day
  • Male- Add 400 Calories Per day
  • Female: Nursing Mom- Add 600 Calories Per day
  • 17-26 Years Old- Add 200 Calories Per day
  • 27-37 Years Old- Add 150 Calories Per day
  • 38-47 Years Old- Add 100 Calories Per day
  • 48-58 Years Old- Add 50 Calories Per day
  • 58+ Years Old- Add 0 Calories Per day
  • What do you weigh? Enter the first two digits of your weight in pounds. For example, if you weigh 175, enter 17. If you weigh less than 100 pounds, enter the first digit of your weight in pounds and then multiply by 50.
  • Under 5'1"- Add 0 Calories Per day
  • 5'1"- 5'10"- Add 50 Calories Per day
  • Over 5'10"- Add 100 Calories Per day
  • Do you spend most of your day:
  • Sitting down- 50 Calories
  • Occasionally sitting, but mainly standing- 100 Calories
  • Walking most of the time- 200 Calories
  • Doing physically hard work most of the time- 300 Calories
  • Tally your total calories from each category and that is how many calories you can eat per day to lose weight. For example a female (100 calories) who is 31 (150 calories) and weighs 198 (950 calories) and is 5'4" (50 calories) and works at a computer all day (50 calories) would have a total of 1300 calories per day. Keep in mind that every time you go into a new 10 lb loss (i.e.: 180 lbs to 170 lbs) you will have to deduct 50 calories to keep losing weight. You should never go below 1,100 calories per day once you have lost everything you desire.

Here are some additional things that I have integrated into my life which have drastically improved my health-

Apple Cider Vinegar Dehydrating Veggies Fermented Vegetables
I drink this daily as it is a natural appetite suppressant and has amazing health benefits. It is important to drink one particular brand - Braggs as it contains what is called "The Mother" which is the most nutritious part. You can mix it with water or get one of their new premixed drinks with Stevia which are so good. My favorite- Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar All Natural Drink Organic Concord Grape and Acai.

One of the oldest methods of preserving food, dehydration removes moisture and unhealthy microorganisms. For me, one of the things that I missed the most in eating healthy were chips. I love eating crunchy, salty snacks and felt that was missing until I started using my dehydrator to make my health, crunch, salty snacks. My favorite is asparagus with salt and one cup is only 27 calories so crunch away!

Fermented vegetables are great resources for nutrients, fiber and digestion-enhancing enzymes. They provide your intestinal tract with a healthy balance of flora by increasing beneficial bacteria. My acupuncturist introduced me to this health movement and I was skeptical that I would like them, however, now if I do not have a plate full daily I feel like my day was not complete. I love the taste and you can buy them at most health food stores and super markets in amazing blends, but also make them quite easily and for very little cost.

Broccoli Sprouts Juicing Vitamin D3 & Turmeric
I am sure you have heard over and over how healthy broccoli is for you, but it is strange that no one talks about how much bang for your buck you get when you eat it while still in the sprout stage. They look like bean sprouts and taste like radishes. They have very high levels of nutrients and enzymes, in fact they have up to 100 times more enzymes than other vegetables when eaten within the first seven days of spouting. These powerful antioxidants fight free radicals that reduce aging and prevent cancer. Juicing allows me to get in vegetables that I know are good for me but I am not as crazy about or just do not want to spend a lot of time eating so many. Yes, it removes the fiber but when it comes to just getting the nutrients, it is a great way to go. I often put in fresh ginger, dandelion greens and other things that I know will give my body extremely healthy nutrients. Just make sure you drink the juice right away before the plant cells die. It is why buying juice at the store is not anywhere close the same level of health drink. These are the two must have supplements I take for health. There are tons of articles on the web that outline the health benefits of these so I just say that you should make sure you get Vitamin D3 as Cholecalciferol as it is absorbed by the body without having to take calcium and the safest as it is not made from fish oil. Turmeric is also healthy but in order to be absorbed by the body properly, you will want to make sure it is Turmeric Extract Curcumin C3 Complex with Bioperine.


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