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Gspot Lollipops
Double Pop
By Gspot Lollipop, LLC

Gspot Lollipops are a completely unique gspot / vaginal and prostate / anal toy. The curious candy shape is intriguing for many at first, however, it is through the powerful orgasms it produces that has many of our customers are sending very positive reviews. The Gspot Lollipop is odorless and hypo allergenic and has a weighted long handle for extremely intense gspot orgasms. Ideal for women when ordinary gspot toys don’t provide enough pressure to the gspot and also to the internal clitoral band. See more about that further down the page.. It can be effortlessly used solo or with a partner on men or women. Additionally, the thinner wand makes this an ideal toy to use during penetration.

  • Available in TWO Sizes with each size having a smaller ball and a larger ball on each end.

  • Very effective for producing extremely intense Gspot / Prostate orgasms

  • Can be used during penetration.

  • Body safe, seamless and nonporous.

  • Large, weighted balls for ample sensual pressure.

  • Beneficial for Female Ejaculation.

Gspot Lollipop

Gspot Lollipop Authorized Dealer

Featured on Playboy's Night Calls Show
with Christy Canyon and Ginger Lynn

RATING (1-5)
Balls: Acrylic
Rod: Stainless Steel
Adhesive: Medical Grade


  • Length: 11.5"

  • Ball Options:

    - Small & Medium: 1.5" / 1.75"

    - Medium & Large: 2" / 1.75"

  • Determining Size

Tips for Use
  • To use, roll in, do not attempt to just insert by pushing straight as it is much easier to roll and rotate it when inserting.

  • Make sure to use plenty of waterbased lubricant. While the Gspot Lollipop is completely nonporous and will not absorb lubricant, you will need it to easily insert and remove it.

  • Once inserted the Gspot Lollipop can be thrusted slowly and then more strongly once used to the amazing pressure it provides to the gspot or prostate. You can also twist and rotate the Gspot Lollipop for different sensations.

Use as a Kegel Exerciser

The Gspot Lollipop is also a Kegel Muscle exerciser.
Here are the types of exercises you can do using it-

  • POWER TURTLE Clench & Release slowly
    (2 - 4 second count for each contraction)

  • RAPID BUTTERFLY Clench & Release
    (1 second count for each contraction)

Cleaning & Care

  • Especially if you use it for anal play, make sure to disinfect by washing it with antibacterial soap or a sex toy cleaner. It is important to clean it in order to keep from transferring harmful bacteria anywhere else on the body, especially the urethra.

  • Do NOT heat or cool your Gspot Lollipop by boiling or freezing.

  • Do NOT attempt to put it in your mouth.
Safety Features Special Features
Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
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Intense Pressure
Unique Design


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Purple Small & Medium Ball

Purple Medium & Large Ball

Pink Medium & Large Ball


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Removing the Gspot Lollipop

Due to the unique design, a woman will need to carefully remove the Gspot Lollipop, especially after having an orgasm as her pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles) will tighten and hold onto the ball. Therefore, pulling the ball out in a straight line is not something that is recommended. The best way to remove the Gspot Lollipop is to rotate the ball by slowly spinning and rotating it. In rare cases, a woman may find that she has orgasmed so hard that her Kegel muscles are holding on too tightly and that she is having a hard time pulling it out. In those cases, a warm bath will help relax the muscles to release it while spinning and rotating it.


Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

I have struggled for years to find my gspot let alone have a gspot orgasm. Then I read your article about gspot stimulation and realized that it was not just the rubbing against it, but the pressure into it that helped women that did not have a sensitive gspot. I also realized I need clitoral stimulation first. I used the Gspot Lollipop and oh my gosh, not only did I have the most powerful orgasm of my life, but I actually experienced female ejaculation for the first time which was AMAZING. The Gspot Lollipop is truly the most pleasurable sex toy I have used next to a vibrator. It goes well beyond any feeling a dildo has given me and I absolutely love it and highly recommend it. I found my Kegel muscles did make it difficult to pull out after such a strong orgasm, but I used the rolling technique and then had no problems.

Chloe - West Babylon, NY

Most Helpful Critical Review

I must say like most women setting off on a journey of finding out the secrets of our own body I had little experience with my gspot and I had started to wonder if I had one as it is not known if all women have one, an upsetting though, anyway I heard about this gspot lollipop, the reviews looked good so I said why not, and boy am I glad I did, I felt the most pleasurable sensations, I am now extremely sure I have a gspot I WOULD ADVISE this to anyone who has trouble finding that sweet spot and of course I would recommend it to those who do as well. You'll have hours of fun with this unique toy ;) Enjoy

Michelle - Enniscorthy, Ireland


How the Gspot Lollipop Stimulates the Clitoris Internally

The Gspot Lollipop is not just able to stimulate the gspot, but also the clitoris which as you can see from the diagram to the right shows how it is shaped like a wishbone internally.

By pushing into the gspot with such amazing pressure created by the Gspot Lollipop or a curved gspot stimulator you can also create incredible, internal clitoral stimulation, which better assists in achieving orgasms as well as squirting through female ejaculation.

It is also no wonder why the gspot (A.K.A.: paraurethral glands). is now also considered part of this complex system of pleasure producing instruments within the female anatomy.

In the picture to the right, you can see that the arrow points to the tip or head of the clitoris and then you can see how it then extends much further into the body (as seen via ultrasound).


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