Holistic Sex Articles
Exploring Alternative Medicine for Sexual Health

The articles in this section focus on holistic health which is an approach to health that goes beyond traditional medicine through the understanding that we are more than just our physical bodies. Holistic medicine focuses on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of health while addressing root causes of illness rather than just the symptoms.

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Sexual Health Resources

Using Juniper Berries for UTIs
Urinary Tract Infections
Division In Politics & Your Sex Life
Impacting More Than You Know
What Are Phthalates
Toxins In Sex Toys
Seaweed: Natural Aphrodisiac
Healthy & Sexually Satisfying
Diet For Better Sex
Spicing Things Up With Food
Eat Kale for Great Sex
The Superfood for Super Sex
Holistic Medicine
Why It Works & How It Does Not
Make Ejaculate Taste Better
Improve the Taste & Smell of Ejaculate

The Best & Worst Green Sex Toys
With Reviews

Enhancing Sex Through Sound
Toning To Experience Sexual Release
Marijuana Lubricant
Cannabis THC Personal Lubricant
Holy Basil for Sexual Health
Tulsi Tea & Holy Basil for Stress & Sex
Color Therapy & Sex
Sex Using Color Therapy
Yeast Infections
Traditional & Alternative Treatments
Green Condoms
Condom Recycling Information
Sex & Spirituality
Enjoying the Gift of Sex
Acupuncture & Sexual Health
Treatment for Sexual Issues
Sex Toy Materials
Learn What They Are
Vaginal Steaming
How it Works
The Hype About Toxic Sex Toys
Heated Debates, Myths & More
Homemade Sex Toys
You Want To Stick What Where?
Astrology Signs & Sex Toys
Sex Toys for Astrological Signs
Green Sex Toys
Making Your Sex Life Healthy
How To Clean Sex Toys
As Well As Where To Hide Them
The Art Of Tantra
Sacred Sexual Techniques
Tantric Tips- Spiritual Sex
Supercharge Spiritual Love
Sex Toys- Buyers Beware
Become An Empowered Consumer
Sex, Relationships & Astrology
Synastry With Your Lover
Sexual Mindfulness & Inhibitors
Overcoming Sexual Blockages
Sex Toys During Pregnancy?
Better Understanding When To Use
Sexual Repression & Religion
One Woman's Story
Tantra & Female Ejaculation
Tantric Gspot Orgasm
Fear of Sex Toys
What Many People Worry About
Christianity & Porn
Is It Right or Wrong
When Is A Woman Damaged Goods
Sexually Used
Sex Toy Materials
What Are They And Are They Safe?
Holistic Adolescent Sex Education
Parenting Communication Tips
Sex Pheromones
Do They Work?
Sex & Astrology
Synastry with Your Lover
Tantric Sex Ceremony
The Heart Ceremony
Green Sex
Environmentally Hot
Sexuality for Women: Goddess
The Splendors Of Tantric Sex
The Joy Of Soy
Health Benefits & Warnings
Spiritual Masturbation
Connecting To Our Sexuality
Alternative Medicine for Herpes
Holistic Approaches to Herpes
Natural Sunscreen
Avoiding Toxins In Sunscreen
Sex Therapy
Separating Fact from Fiction


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