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Many of us have gotten that 'what if' thought when it comes to masturbation. Perhaps that creative thought leads us to the handle of a hair brush, a vibrating toothbrush, a vegetable or piece of fruit to use as a substitute sex toy. These creative wheels spinning can make for a fun way to try something new in attempts to pleasure ourselves and also can make for a great story should we ever be so bold as to share it.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert
CEO & Founder of
Holistic Wisdom, Inc. & NAASAS

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Why Do People Make A Homemade Sex Toy?

Beyond one's creative imagination, there are certainly financial considerations and lack of access to sex toys for some. Others may be embarrassed to purchase something of a sexual nature in a store. (Although discreet Internet based companies like us ensure discreet delivery).

However, there is always the off chance that one may be found... if a nosy visitor finds a hairbrush on your nightstand they may not give it a second thought, but as for a vibrating, rotating sex toy... they will know for sure you have been enjoying your sexuality. There is also the idea that one is being naughty using something ordinary in a sexual manner. Adding feelings of being deviant to masturbation can certainly be a turn on.

Considerations Before Using A Homemade Sex Toy

Before you grab that cucumber or vibrating toothbrush you may want to consider some of the hazards. It is better to be safe than sorry and thinking this through may save you an embarrassing discussion with the emergency room doctor.

Clean & Allergy Free

Make sure that whatever you use is clean and made of a non-irritating material. Also, think through what material the object is that you are intending to use. Allergies to latex, rubber, fruit, vegetable oils and other things may want to be considered and even researched before you use them. This is especially true for insertion into the vagina and anus. The tissue of the vagina and especially the rectum can absorb substances quickly, so using food that may have bacteria or toxic properties like laminates (wood stain, etc.) are not a good idea.

Food As Sex Toys May Cause Infections Or Be Toxic

Getting pleasure from a cucumber up you vaginally or anally may be short-lived when hives break out and you are wondering if you have any way of better explaining how you got them to your doctor.

The skin of non-organic fruits and vegetables contain pesticides and may cause allergic reactions and if you are thinking of using a sausage... nitrites and other nasty preservatives would be a big reason to avoid them. Also, people who have allergies to ragweed will definitely want to stay away from cucumbers, melons, bananas, and a few others.

Using a condom over items is a good way to protect yourself, but make sure to wash your hands and consider that the condom may roll off. If you use plastic wrap, just make sure you are not allergic to it.

Anyone who has had a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) will tell you it is rather painful, so making sure not to introduce anything that could irritate the urethra (pee hole) like bacteria is very important. Also, staying away from sugar in the vaginal opening is a good idea... (candy, popsicles, etc.) can lead to a nasty yeast infection.

Make Sure You Can Easily Remove It

Working in hospitals, I have heard many insane Emergency Room stories of patients putting things inside them that made any sane person scratch their head in disbelief. Like the woman who got splinters from her broom handle, the man who couldn't relocate his vibrating pager in a plastic baggy...

Common sense says not to get a lit candle too close to your pubic hair or not to use electrical items that are not meant for contact with moist or wet areas for sex play but I can assure you people have tried. Please, just think it through and use common sense should you have a creative moment about what "cool idea" you could try.

Your Genital & Anal Skin Are Delicate

Make sure to keep in mind that anything like a vibrating toothbrush or base of an electric razor may feel good at first, however material that is course may rub your delicate skin raw if applied for too long or hard. Also, make sure that what you are using does not have a crevice that can grab some of your skin and pinch because your intended erotic experience may have the kind of screaming that comes from pain not pleasure.

Homemade Sex Toys

You may be wondering what people have tried that has been successful, and there are certainly many. Using things that are made of medical grade silicone, food grade elastomers or even protected by using a condom over it can be a safe way to play.

The problem is most people are not really sure what it is they are sticking up or rubbing against the most vulnerable parts of their body and so I again remind you to think through what you are doing as a few moments of intended pleasure can turn into serious trauma if you are not careful.



You can get your average condom at any drug store, but we have put together some of our special ones, also read our tips on how to best use them.

That is part of why we review our sex toys... because even some sex toy manufacturers out to make a quick buck can use toxic materials or make a harmful product. If you want the best, make sure to see the following articles on the safest, healthy and best that is out there, because you deserve it!


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