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Remote Controlled Gspot & Clitoral Vibrator & Kegel Exerciser
By Je Joue

The Dua by Je Joue is a brilliant sexual product as it provides both gspot and clitoral stimulation simultaneously but it also acts as a Kegel exerciser. It is remote controlled which allows you to use it hands free for solo or couples play in private or in public. The remote control looks like a pen for discreet use (comes with your Dua and is Bluetooth controlled up to 49 feet away), however, it also has an iOS compatible downloadable mobile app. allowing you to control it through your smart phone. The Dua has two independent motors that provide 12 vibration modes and 7 different patterns with 5 vibration speeds. It is waterproof, silicone and rechargeable with a magnetic plug that features 2 hours of charging for 2 hours of play.

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Je Joue Dua Vibrating Gspot Dildo Kegel Exerciser

Safety Powered By Features Size
Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
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USB Rechargeable (Dua)
1 AAA Battery (Pen Remote)
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8.25" Length
5" Insertable
1.5" Diameter
4.7" Circumference
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Cleaning & Care

You may use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous. It comes in a tasteful box that is female friendly. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the silicone texture.
App is compatible with iOS devices only. Pen remote is included and the Dua is controlled by either your iOS device or the pen remote. The vibrator has no buttons for manual control.

Synching the Dua with the Bluetooth Pen Remote: It is very important that you follow the synching steps in the correct order, otherwise the vibrator and remote won’t sync.

  • Step 1: Ensure the Dua and the remote control are both switched off (press and hold both buttons).

  • Step 2: Turn the Dua on (Press the button until the light on the Dua flashes).

  • Step 3: Press the button on the remote control pen (The light on the pen should begin flashing).

  • Step 4: Wait a few seconds, until the light on the pen stops flashing and stays on continuously.

  • Step 5: The remote should now be synched with the Dua.

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Synching the Dua to the smart phone app:

  • Step 1: Download the “Je Joue" app from the app store.

  • Step 2: Ensure that the Dua is switched off.

  • Step 3: Open the app and click on the “Play Now" button.

  • Step 4: A message will pop up asking you to turn on your device. Turn on the Dua now.

  • Step 5: The app should now attempt auto-detect the Dua. After a few seconds the Dua should emit a short pulse. This indicates that the app and the Dua are now synched.

ustomer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

The Dua is certainly a testament to how far sex toys have come with so many cool features and outstanding technology. I was excited to use it with my husband in private and perhaps even in public. The Dua has a thick shaft so it is not really designed like the We-Vibe so that you can penetrate while it is inserted so it is not a couple's toy in that regard, but it is in that your partner can control it and my husband and I particularly enjoyed using it one me while I gave him head. The Dua sits comfortably inside you and does not come out unless you pull on it so you can walk around confidently with it inside of you. You can also sit down comfortably with it inside of you as well. Just note that if you sit on a hard chair it may vibrate against that making the sound level rise. This makes it completely hands free so whether you use it with your partner or alone it is a great sex toy with minimal effort. Certainly for users who are overweight, have arthritis or mobility challenges this is a wonderful sex toy as it so easy to use and you do not have to sit there thrusting it or get into weird positions to use it. I really liked the dual motors which makes it very strong. One thing to note is that each provides a slightly different type of vibration. The clitoral vibrator provides a high speed super fine vibration while the gspot vibrator provides a rumbly, thumping vibration. I kinda wished they both had the rumbly vibration as that is my personal preference, but they both certainly provide power just in different ways. The neck of the Dua is flexible so you can slightly change the shape to adapt to your body. I was able to achieve orgasm within just minutes of using it so it is certainly effective. The vibration sound level is such that if you were in a quiet atmosphere then you would most likely hear it but if you go to a concert, movie or club then you will be able to get away with using it without anyone hearing it. One thing I ended up doing was turning the Dua around and used it in a variety of ways which I found thrilling and thought to share. The first thing I did was use the gspot stimulating on my clit and the clitoral stimulator on my gspot which I enjoyed for different sensations but one of my favorite ways to wear it is to put the small clitoral arm in-between my butt cheeks and then use the gspot stimulator on my clitoris so that it is not actually inside of me and for some reason this makes me climax faster than any other way of using it. You can see that just these types of changes makes this product quite versatile and I imagine that a man could also use this as well for anal stimulation where he inserted the gspot end for prostate stimulation and the clitoral vibrator around the perineum. The range of vibrations is another reason why I love the Dua as it gives you a lot of options to play with using all the different speeds, vibration settings, etc.

Riley - Pioneer, OH

Most Helpful Critical Review

The Dua comes in a very tasteful box where it can also be stored. It takes a bit to figure out how to sync it to the pen remote and the phone but once you have that down it is remarkable. I found the Dua easy to insert with a little waterbased lubricant and found the stimulation quite amazing. I actually climaxed within about 60 seconds of using it! Granted I was excited before I put it in, but once I did holy cow! I enjoy using it in the shower and when the water is running you really cannot hear it outside the bathroom easily. I prefer the app on my smart phone and found the pen remote less responsive, but it does work. This certainly is a sex toy I would recommend to other women and enjoy immensely.

Gina - Harahan, LA


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