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Available in Stainless Steel or 24K Gold Plate

EARL is a top of the line sexual product made by LELO and is primarily for prostate massage. This elegant and luxurious gentleman's prostate tool is elegantly sculpted to provide exquisite tension and profound pleasure. The Earl is crafted in stainless steel or 24K gold plate. The metal weight makes this prostate massager unbelievably effective and the sensual utilization of hot or cold when submerged in different temperatures can make the versatility of sensations amazing. It of course can also be used by a woman for gspot stimulation and is easily cleaned and stored in the included elegant wooden gift box which is accessorized with matching cufflinks, instruction manual, satin pouch for stylish storage and a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


RATING (1-5)
10" x 4" x 2.5"
24k Gold Plate
Stainless Steel
Phthalate free


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LELO 24k Gold & Stainless Steel

LELO 24k Gold & Stainless Steel Earl

LELO 24k Gold Earl

Cleaning & Care

You can use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous. It comes in a tasteful box that is female friendly. As with any stainless steel sex toy you may use any type of lubricant (i.e. silicone, waterbased, oil, etc.). Avoid using abrasive cleaners to avoid dulling or scratching the metal surface.

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24k Gold Plate

Stainless Steel


Customer Review

The Earl by LELO is a luxury sex toy that most people will not be able to afford due to the lavish price tag, however, for those with the means, it is the best non-vibrating prostate massager on the market and one that can also be used by women for vaginal penetration and gspot stimulation. It has quite a hefty weight which makes it feel amazing and the packaging is the crème de la crème with exquisite workmanship for practical storage. If you are not quite ready for something so expensive or weighted, then the LELO Bob is the version you may want to try first as it is much more affordable and made of silicone.

The Earl can be used hands free in that you can insert it and let the pressure take you to new sexual heights. It is also easily stimulating by rocking back and forth while it is inserted. While I have tried the LELO Bob, I found the neck to be flexible in a way that I did not prefer and it is why I went with the LELO Earl. Also, while it is the same size/shape, the weight of the Earl makes a huge difference in performance. I got the gold one and have had it for a year now with no signs of wear despite using it almost daily.

The LELO Earl is easily inserted with barely any lubricant and I love using it during masturbation or wearing it during intercourse. My wife had been using it vaginally for increasing her Kegel strength and has found it quite effective. I can definitely tell that it is making a difference for her as she is much tighter these days. My wife has also worn it anally during sex and enjoyed it, however, I think I find it most pleasurable as it perfectly stimulates my prostate.

The weight of it is what makes this product feel amazing and it is very comfortable yet you never get used to it in that you feel it inside you at all times... in a very pleasurable way. Some people think that the more advanced a user you are the larger you want a product to be, but I have not found that to be the case, especially when you feel the weight of it. It is why most prostate massagers are around the one inch mark and that is why the LELO Earl is perfect for both beginners and more advance users.

The handle is quite comfortable and is fared for safety reasons so that you will never lose the Earl and end up in an embarrassing situation. You can use soap to clean it quite easily and never have to worry about bacteria as it is non porous and very easy to keep clean. The handle is also nice for cleaning as it makes holding it with one hand while you wash it with the other quite user friendly.

There is no drag when you insert the Earl and it is quite smooth and pleasant to insert. It is perfectly curved for both prostate and gspot stimulation so it takes out any guess work in finding them. I have tried a few lubricants with it but my favorite is Sliquid Silver as I find the sensation of it quite stimulating.

I have take good care of my Earl and have no scratches on mine but I can see if you did not care for it that it would be much like your silverware at home so make sure to store it properly and not just toss in with other products that may leave small scratches on it and dull the surface. Also, because it is weighted you will want to take care not to drop it as it may damage tile or other fragile surfaces. There is a polishing cloth included which I found useful and brings the shine out quite nicely after it has been washed and dried.

Hands-free prostate massagers such as the Earl work based one what you put into it meaning your own body movement such as your breathing, relaxing, clenching (muscle contractions), lubrication, the position of your body, rocking, etc. Use your imagination and get creative when using the Earl as you never know what is going to be the most pleasurable sensation for you. Take time with is as I have and you will find the Earl is quite a sex toy.

John - New York City, NY

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