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Liberator Cuffs
Liberator Throws

Liberator Lingerie
Liberator Furniture

Blue Liberator

Liberator Wedge
Liberator Ramp
Liberator Cube
Liberator Stage
Liberator Whirl

Purple Liberator

Liberator Wedge
Liberator Ramp
Liberator Scoop
Liberator Stage
Liberator Whirl

Black Liberator

Liberator Wedge
Liberator Ramp
Liberator Cube
Liberator Stage
Liberator Whirl


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Red Liberator Shapes

Liberator ® Shapes (pillows) are the modern day Kama Sutra. They will make everyday positions better and your fantasy sexual positions a reality. With this new comfort comes longer-lasting sex, more intense sex. That's why Liberator ® Bedroom Adventure Gear is for everyone, from familiar long-time sex partners to Tantric chandelier-swingers.

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he Wedge

No flat pillow can lift and tilt you towards her G-spot and beyond. Liberator Wedge is surprisingly comfortable and won't flatten or stain. Offers deeper penetrations, increased access and surprising new sensations. It's a great "booster" for oral sex too! If you can only own one Shape - this is it!

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The Ramp

Our Liberator Ramp can change how you touch, see and feel your lover. With your hands free and with near weightless support, you'll both experiment, orgasm and play like never before. Firm but supportive and sensual, wild but non- threatening, the Ramp enhances every kind of intimacy. Grips magically to our other Shapes for standing and/or straddling fun.

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The Cube

Nothing can compare. The rocking, bouncing Cube introduces new rhythms, new positions, new wow. During standing sex - let her control the movement, pacing and thrusting while she's riding high or straddling over you. Plus it's machine washable - so enjoy the intimacy and novelty of seated sex without worrying about the cleanup. You have to try this, you'll just love getting cubed!

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The Stage

Stackable, straddle-able Stage is hot on its own or paired with other Shapes. It's extra cushiony lift allows your legs some crucial leverage - reducing strain while deepening penetration. Click on 'more positions' to see how the Stage even creates wild off-the-bed possibilities. Stacked with the Wedge or Ramp, the Stage offers all the thrusting power that only standing can offer.

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The Whirl

Drape the object of your affection over the Liberator Whirl and slide inside with gusto. It's a turbo-booster for sex and a bolster pillow all rolled into one.

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Bondage Gear

What you need from wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, blindfold and bed teather system, we have what you need!

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Waterproof Thows

Fascinator Throws are a playful, portable sex surface that shields sheets and furniture from your passionate moments. Velvety-soft fabric on one side, satin on the other and a water barrier in-between. Includes a neat nylon travel bag to take your sex on vacation or into the great outdoors.


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Liberator gear is covered in soft microfiber velvet. It's machine washable and it's built to last! Underneath is another play surface - soft, silky nylon. This slippery water-resistant cover doubles your ways to play. Finally - inside it all is the high density urethane core, engineered to support hundreds of pounds in motion, in comfort.



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