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Penis Pumps
Understanding How They Work

The Purpose of a Penis Pump

A penis pump is typically made from plastic and has a manual or motorized pump to provide suction to the penis. It in turn creates a vacuum effect and engorges the penis with blood.

They can also be used in conjunction with a cockring if using to treat Erectile Dysfunction, to ensure that the blood that is being pumped into the penis does not return to the body after use in order to perform a sexual act with a nice firm erection.

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Penis pumps are often used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED is also called impotence and is the inability to get an erection or maintain one) as well as Peyronie’s Disease (where the penis is severely bent). Men who have this may experience pain when using a penis pump and should consult a physician before use.

Some men also use penis pumps to increase the size of their penis; however, most size increases are minor and any large gains are only temporary. Diseases such as diabetes or prostate cancer, physical injury, and the side effects of drugs can cause ED by reducing or preventing blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis. Penis pumps have been found to be extremely effective with with sickle cell anemia, leukemia or blood clotting problems. Almost all ED can be treated. Most treatments involve improving blood flow to the penis. Among them is the vacuum erection device.

How to Use a Penis Pump

We highly recommend discussing using a pump with your physician BEFORE using one and please understand that when using a penis pump you need to be fully educated about how to use one, which type is best for you and understand that you do so at your own risk. Before you use your penis pump, the most important thing you need to find out is how the release valve works. You need to know how to release the suction as the last thing you want to do is wait until you are in a situation where it is urgent that you get it off and then try and figure it out.

The rest is usually pretty self evident. You put your penis in the pump, create an airtight seal at the base of your penis and use the pump to create suction. Typically using a penis pump for 5-10 minutes is a good enough amount of time to achieve desired results. Using a penis pump should generate an erection that lasts for up to 30 minutes aided by a penis ring.

Do Penis Pumps Work?

Absolutely, they can be quite effective at treating Erectile Dysfunction to give a nice firm erection for sexual activity or to treat Peyronie’s Disease and adding a slight increase in size. However, if a man is looking to gain a few inches in size he will most certainly be disappointed.

Why Do Most Penis Pumps Come with No Instructions?

Penis pumps manufactured by sex toy companies are sold as novelties to avoid all the red tape and costs of having it classified as a medical device. They often do not put instructions in with their products for legal reasons. Most penis pumps have a bulb or hand held trigger that you manually use to create suction after your soft penis is put in the pump cylinder and then once you have pumped it up to a comfortable setting you can push the quick release valve when you are ready to release the vacuum pressure.

Penis Pump Safety & Warnings

It is important to use common sense when using a penis pump. Spending too long using a penis pump on can damage the capillaries and bruise the penis, leaving you sore for a few days. In the worse case scenario, it could permanently affect the tissue. We think it's wise, especially if you are first experimenting with penis pump, to ruse it for only 5 to 10 minutes to let your blood flow normally.

  • If there is any pain you should not continue pumping. Pain is simply your body trying to get your attention in order to tell you that something is wrong. Listen to it.

  • Talking with your doctor about this is a good idea so that they can assist you in figuring out the best way to proceed.

  • Red spots may appear on the surface of the penis when suction is applied too rapidly so go slowly. Bruising may occur if pressure is held for too long.

  • You should also note that if you have an erection for more than four hours and cannot get it to go down; you will need to seek medical attention immediately.

  • Put them on and take them off slowly.

  • If you find swelling, pain or if the genitals feel cold, take the penis pump off immediately.

  • Do not use them for more than 30 minutes at a time.

  • Do not use penis pumps if you have the following health conditions: a blood clotting disorder, peripheral vascular disease or a nerve disease.

  • In the case of bruising, pain, bleeding, loss of sensation, check with a physician.

  • If you have specific questions about a specific penis pump that is not on our site, you can always contact the manufacturer.

  • If the penis pump you purchase has something different on the box stated from the manufacturer, always use the manufacturer's suggestion as they are the one's most knowledgeable about their specific product.

Penis Traction

There is one product that can be used as an alternative to pumps that uses what is referred to as penis traction. Penis traction works by steadily stretching the shaft of the penis causing the cells to divide and multiply (cytokinesis) which promotes new and permanent tissue growth throughout the penis in a matter of weeks to enlarge the penis as well as assist with erectile dysfunction as well as Peyronie's Disease. Learn more about how penis traction works.

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Do Not Use Vacuums

For the frugal or creative guy, it may occur to simply use a vacuum. Please don’t. This is not the same level of suction and it will cause broken blood vessels, bruising and even a trip to the emergency room.

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