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Spread the word about our efforts to educate consumers about toxins in sexual products such as personal lubricants and sex toys. After all, we cannot help make the sex toy industry change unless we have your support by letting them know that consumers care enough about their health to insist that sexual products are not only safe for use but actually promote health.

The following are ways that you can help us to make positive changes in the field of sexuality right now-

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Buy Only Safe Products

In the early days of sex toy production the focus was primarily on just being creative rather than for safety. Because nontoxic materials like medical grade silicone cost more, most companies did not use them and opted to use cheap plastics that contained phthalates (a known toxin) as they did not think consumers would be willing to pay for higher quality materials to construct sex toys.

Since our arrival in June of 2000, many sex toy manufacturers doubted us when we told them that people would pay more for products that were safe and nontoxic because they care about their health. However, because of our growth and education efforts they are now listening and more and more companies are starting to see the light.

Support healthy sexual products by purchasing only nontoxic sex toys and lubricants and continue to send the message that your health is important to you and that you are interested in seeing more sex toys made only from only nontoxic materials.

We specialize in only the best sex toys - nontoxic, ecofriendly and phthalate free.

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such as sex toys and personal lubricants.

Ways to Spread The Word

Link To Us

One of the most powerful measures of a good web site in terms of search engines is how many web sites are linking to it. If you have a web site, or even are visiting an online bulletin board or blog, take a minute to share a link to our web site. Whether you link to a certain page in our web site, such as an article you want to share with others, or even just our home page, every link to us helps us come up in our rankings on the search engines and in turn allows more people to see our web site.

Some of our most satisfied web site visitors heard about us on chat rooms, bulletin boards, and on other web sites... so linking to us really helps!

  • For those of you who are not very computer savvy, our home page should be linked to like this-

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For those with web sites, should you desire banners, pictures or other text to promote our site, feel free to contact us at any time and we will be more than happy to provide it. See premade banners here.


Earn a $5 Store Credit For Distributing Our Educational Coupon Cards!

We have a great deal for you! Receive a $5 store credit for every stack of coupon cards you drop off at a local place of business. To learn more please read the following-

We are looking for fans of our company to distribute educational coupon cards to other businesses such as laundromats, grocery stores, health stores, new age shops, gyms, dentist offices, doctor's offices and more. These cards are tasteful and health focused.

We will give you a $5 store credit with us for every 50 cards that you leave in an authorized location!

Please note that you must be allowed to leave any cards with permission from the business or leave in a designated card area. In addition, we prefer you leave them in locations that cater to adults and we ask that you avoid any areas that cater specifically to children. To get started, simply email us your shipping address and how many 50 card stacks you desire so we know how many to ship you.

Once you have our business cards and your assigned store gift certificate account number simply email us a picture of each place you distribute them and we will add $5 to your store account with us for each place you leave 50 cards. There are no limits as to how many locations you may do and you can build your store credits and use them for any purchase you make with us without any restrictions on how or when you may use the store cash.


Event Marketing

We are happy to provide sample products, business cards, catalogs and more to businesses who agree to promote us. If you have a business, trade show booth or even a home party and you would like to help market our products and services, please let us know as we can provide you with free business cards, post cards and more.

You can also request to purchase T-shirts and hats and see them at our Cafe Press store.

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Word of Mouth

Of course the best way to help get the word out is to tell people about our site. If you would like free business cards to hand out to people, simply let us know how many you would like and we will of course send them to you for free. Just make sure you use them only for adults and appropriate situations.

Also, if you think of appropriate places such as a local adult store to hang a flyer we can provide those as well! In addition, if you know of an adult store, a person that does home parties or other adult gathering, retreat, or situation where they could use our promotional materials make sure to put us in touch.

Your Feedback

We are always looking for comments and suggestions for our company. One of the best types of suggestions we get are for toys and videos that our customers want to see us offer. We have access to many companies and can provide most anything you desire. If you think our customers would enjoy a particular product let us know so that we can explore carrying it or at least let people know about it. We really want to help you fulfill your desires.

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Visit Us Again

We hope that if you have any ideas or suggestions you will provide them as we really do want your feedback. Most importantly, make sure to visit our web site for updated articles, products and features as we are always offering fresh content for visitors to enjoy!

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