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Sex Guide

Have better sex through our unique and informative sex guide filled with articles that review a full spectrum of topics related to holistic health and sexuality.

These articles offer insight and direction on how to improve your health, sexuality and empower you to explore the mysteries of sex, and improve your relationships, health, and sexual performance. Enjoy our guide to better sex!

Lisa Lawless
Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O. Founder

Sexual Techniques & Performance

Sex Toys
Saftey, Toxins, Fears, Types, Uses
Questions, Reviews, Recommendations

Giving Good Head
Techniques, Pictures & More

Male Ejaculation
Orgasms & Sexual Functioning
Increase Ejaculation & Much More

Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual Dysfunction In Men & Women
Decreased Sexual Functioning

Penis Enlargement Information
Truthful Info. On Penis Enlargement
Pills, Pumps, Jelqing, Surgery & More

Hand Jobs
Giving A Good One
Techniques, Products & More

Increase Ejaculate
For Men & Women
How To Get More To Come Out

Prostate Massage
For Men
How To Do It & Why It Is Good For You

Seduction Tips
For Men & Women
From Strip Tease To Romance

Sexual Advice
Ask Lisa
Specific, Personal, Sexual Questions

Sex Drugs
From Viagra To Herbs
What Works, What Doesn't

Quick Sex Tips
Creative Sex Ideas
For Some Quick & Easy Ideas

Water Sex Toys & Sex In Water
In Water, Using Water & Toys For Water
Everything You Need For Water Play!

Senior Sex
Sex Guide For Sexy Seniors After Fifty!
Sex Toys For Seniors!

Premature Ejaculation
Why It Happens
What Can Be Done?

Sexual Health & STDs
For All Your Sexual Health Questions
Sexual Dysfunction, STDs & More

Sex Toy Materials
What Is Safe?
What You Should Know Before You Buy

Wedding Night Sex
Learn Everything You Need To Know Before The Big Night

Romance Scams
Becareful When Looking For Love On The Internet!

Women's Sexual Health
Female Orgasms, Seduction & More
Tips, Toys, Instruction

Men's Sexual Health
Sex Guide For Male Orgasms, Seduction & More Tips, Toys, Instruction

What Is The G-Spot?
The Female Prostate
Where It Is & What It Does

The Art of Female Oral Sex
Techniques, Anatomy & More

Female Ejaculation
Female Orgasms
Education, Pics, Products & More

Sex Toy Reviews
Learn What Customers
Really Think

Sex Toy Parties
What You Should Know Before You
Buy Or Become A Consultant

The Art of Fingering The Vagina
Techniques, Anatomy & More

Anal Sex Tips & Toys
Anal Sex For Men & Women
Techniques, Hygiene, Toys & More

Nipple Play
Nipple Stimulation
Techniques, Toys & More

Holistic Sex
From New Age To Ancient Teachings
Sex Like You Have Never Seen It

Sexual Positions
From Techniques To Gear
Variety, Overweight Partners & More

Overcoming Sexual Obstacles
For Men & Women
Disabilities, Overweight & More

Sex & Spirituality
From Tantra To The Kama Sutra
Ethical, Moral & Spiritual Sex

For Men & Women
Masturbation Tips, Toys & More

Kegel Exercises
For Men & Women
Longer Sex Via Penis & Tighter Vagina

Sexual Techniques & Education
For Men & Women
Kissing, Fisting & More

Top Ten Sex Tips
What Everyone Should Know
Educate To Empower Yourself

Bachelorette Party Ideas
Get Ready For The Most Fun Girls Can Have!

Love & Relationships

When Is Infidelity Okay?

Healthy Vs. Unhealthy Sex

The Holidays
Making Sure You Celebrate One Another

Why Women Fake Orgasms

Losing Sexual Desire For Your Partner

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

Tips For A Strong Marriage

Long Term Romance Tips

Men's Fear of Sex Toys
Will She Like It Better Than Me?

Pamper Yourself & Lover

How To Find A Partner

Threesomes- Couples Considering It

Oprah Reviews Swingers & Infidelity

Open Relationships & Swinging

The Four Year Itch

Adult Vacations

A Story About Becoming A Mother

When Is A Woman Damaged Goods
Sexually Used

Does Your Partner Sexually Please?

For Men- How To Be A Good Lover

Online Dating Services

What Does Love Mean

Internet Sex- Hurting Relationship?

Keep Good Sex When Have Children

Having Sex In Public

What Not To Do In A Relationship

Healing Sexual Abuse

Female Ejaculation Story

Sex & Society

Porn In America

Sexuality Under Attack By Government

Hypocritical Sexual Morality Of Neo Cons

Texas War On Sex Toys

War On Adult Companies

Christianity & Porn

War On Sex Toys

Selling Sex Toys & Education Illegal?

Tell Us About Your Sexual Freedom

What's It Like- A Sex Shop Online?

Homosexual: Lesbian & Gay Marriage

Coming Out At Work

Porn For Women- A Growing Appeal

Stalking & Cyberstalking Resources

Sex Ed. & The New Scarlet Letter

To Those That Oppose Sexual Freedom

Struggling With Our Sexuality

Risks Of Working In Sexual Health

How Kinsey Changed Sexual Research

Internet Sex Hurting Your Relationship?

Good Sex When You Have Children

Online Adult Sites To Remove Pics

Women & Sexual Empowerment
Sex Guide For Superficial Sexual Attraction Vs. The Real Deal

Sexual Empowerment In Society

Memoirs of a Geisha

Victims of Porn Haters

Stripping Away Your Sexual Rights

Legalization of Prostitution & Pimps

Hypocritical Movie Ratings
R For Violence & NC-17 For Sex

Should Men Propose Marriage?

Sexual Repression & Religion

Sexist Stereotypes
Girls Like Cars & Money

Sex Before Marriage
Is It Right Or Wrong?

Women In Porn

Women Are Using More Sex Toys

TV Increase Teen Sexual Behavior?

Abstinence Not Lowered STDs

Abortion: Spiritual Pro-choice Look

Spam- Impacting Family & Love Life

Jeff Gannon/Guckert


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