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How to Have Sex in Public
Making It Fun & Adventurous

If getting naughty in public sounds like a sexy turn on, you are not alone. A very large number of people fantasize about some form of public sex, whether it is seen by others or not sometimes just being out in the open is enough.

From just wanting to be seen as a sexual being to the allure of the forbidden it can be downright hot and sexy. I of course am not advocating that you to break any laws, but finding ways to put adventure into your sex life can be a great way to feel alive and embrace your sensuality.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

CEO & Founder of
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If done right, you and your partner can have a tantalizing time, without harming or offending anyone. Because what most people are looking for is fun, not embarrassment or humiliation. Make sure that you start off slowly and cautiously. The last thing you want is to end up in the news or in jail!

What are the most common reasons for public sex?

No Where Else To Go
Often public sex becomes an option when there is simply nowhere else to go. For example: college students may search for private places on their college campuses because their dorms are so crowded that others would be able to hear sexual activities.

Must Have You NOW!
Under the influence of strong sexual desire, public, or public and secluded places may become perfectly acceptable when the desire is flaming hot!

To Brag
Many people love the idea of looking at a famous landmark or being able to claim that they had sex in a certain place out of the norm.

People often enjoy doing something that breaks the monotony of daily living. Thus, doing something daring such as this makes for a wild change in their routine.

Being Naughty
People often can get aroused if they know there is a chance that other people are listening or watching them have sex. Because many people are told that sex is wrong or dirty, doing this is a way to rebel and feel a sense of freedom regarding it.

What are some of the most common places for public sex?

Roof Top
Beaches Building
Dressing Rooms
Sex Clubs
Hiking Trails
Hot Tubs
Lover's Lanes
Hiking Trails
Parked Cars

Who is having public sex?

According to a recent survey of people from 20 countries, Norwegians are more likely to have sex in public places than any other nationality. The survey was conducted by Cora publishing house (a publisher of romance novels), and questioned about 400 people in each country. The data revealed that 66 percent of Norwegians claim to have had public sexual encounters, in places such as offices, libraries, cars, beaches and parks. Australians came in second with 64 percent claiming sex in public, Greeks were third at 60 percent, Sweden and Argentina were tied for fourth at 55 percent, and Germany was fifth with 47 percent. At the bottom of the list was France, since only 13 percent of the French surveyed said they had had sex in public. This percentage was even below the 15 percent of Canadians and 21 percent of Americans who admitted engaging in public sex.

Games To Play?

Many couples enjoy playing the game of 'picking up' one another. Pretending to be strangers and then approaching one another with assertive sexual flirtation. Some couples go to bars, supermarkets, you name it! Witty, sexy banter, show and tell and other hot approaches are often downright thrilling.

Some couples go so far as to change their appearance, while wearing a wig, hat, or other "disguise" to make it feel even more new and daring. No one in public knows that you know one another, so the way that you act toward one another can seem even more bold!

Another way of mixing things up is to play a sort of adult scavenger hunt. In this scenario you leave little notes and clues in a variety of areas from a restaurant, rest room, store to an outdoor hunt on trees, bushes and landmarks.

Each clue can contain a riddle to the next location which will lead your lover to the next clue. For each clue your lover finds, he or she gets one public display of affection; depending on how difficult the clue was to find. For each clue that your lover gets, they get a physical act or show of skin each even more daring than the last! The ultimate goal is to get your partner and you to the ideal place for a fun romp!

Other couples make it simple by simply taking off undergarments as a teasing gesture. This particularly applies to women who, while wearing a skirt, can take off their underwear and sneak it to their partner. Bras can also work as a teasing flirtation. It also allows for easy access to sexual acts.

Another way to heighten the excitement is to take sexy pictures of one another in public places. There are of course many ways to tease and arouse your partner in public. Just remember to be careful and think through the consequences for your behavior. The last thing you want is to turn something that was supposed to be fun into a nightmare!

New Ways to Have Sex in Public

Modern technology has also allowed couples to stimulate their lover sexually in public without anyone being the wiser. We carry nontoxic sex toys that easily stimulate with no sound at all up to 39 feet away. They are even able to be controlled with a simple hand movement or push of a button. They can stimulate the clitoris, gspot and even anally. See more about such products below-


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