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Forty-five Days at Sea
Erotic Story By Anonymous

Forty-five days is a long time to be at sea, especially when you have a significant other. The weekend prior to me getting underway, I decided it would be a sexy idea to take a picture of my girlfriend in my Navy hoodie and her panties. Granted, she was a little new to exploration, used to the same old assholes doing the same old thing, so it took some convincing, but she eventually agreed. I went to my computer and printed it out. The next night, I found myself lying in my rack, rocking back and forth with the ship, staring at the picture I had taken. Her sexy, tan, smooth legs reflected the flash from the camera, and I could see right where the insides of her thighs met her panties, and it was enough to make me hard. Forty-five days of staring at that and I was ready to come home.

We pulled in on time, and of course I had to work that night, so knowing she was on her way while I was working drove me nuts! I couldn t stop thinking about her, and I couldn t wait to get back to our hotel room that she had reserved for us that weekend. My shift dragged on as I waited anxiously for her arrival. It was 7pm and I didn t get off until 10, enough was enough. I went to find my first class and told him I had an emergency and had to leave early. He talked to a few people and before I knew it, I was flipping the rest of my buddies the finger as I walked off the ship and to my vehicle. I stopped at the store for condoms, beer, and some flowers, knowing I had an amazing night in store for me!

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Thankfully, I arrived at the hotel before she did, so I had time to shower, change and crack open my first beer in forty-five days. I sat on the couch and waited for her arrival. Finally, she was there. After that long, she felt like a stranger to me, but I couldn t hold back my need to run and kiss her. We kissed passionately for a little, and then opened a beer for her and we sat on our private balcony and listened to the ocean waves. We made small talk and decided it was time to go inside. I couldn't hold back anymore, I needed to be inside of her. BAD.

We started passionately kissing like we ve never kissed before. I was never so sexually attracted to anyone ever than I was in that moment. Our tongues bounced around each others mouths for awhile and I started taking off her shirt. Her breasts were so perfect, and my cock instantly sprung to attention. I slid her bra down and popped her flawless breasts out and started running my tongue around her nipples. I could feel them getting hard in my mouth with every pass I made. I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her tight, magnificent ass.

Her panties were soaked, so I ran my tongue up and down to taste her sweet juices for the first time in a very long time. I pulled her panties to the side and finally, I had reached the jackpot. As soon as my tongue hit her soaking wet pussy, her back arched, and she grabbed every bit of blanket that she could with her tightly clenched fists. Her pussy was dripping wet and I ran my tongue around her clit, licking up every drop I could possibly get. I slide two fingers in her pussy, tickling her g spot while her clit and my tongue had a boxing match. As I had mentioned before, she was new to everything, and she grabbed me and asked me to stop, that she felt like she was going to pee. I knew exactly what was happening, so I kept going assuring her everything was fine, and she wasn t going to pee. She exploded, squirting her sweet juices all over my tongue, and down my chin.

She flipped me over and unbuckled my belt and pulled down my shorts. My cock was so hard so as soon as my shorts came down, it sprung out and she wasted no time at all. She wrapped her juicy lips around my cock, sucking my dick like she never has before. As she sucked my dick, she ran her one hand up and down, stroking it faster and faster, and the other hand massaging my balls. I felt like I was going to explode at any second, but I held it because I never wanted it to end. She ran her tongue down my ball sack and back to the head of my cock, then wrapped her mouth around the head and sucked on the tip for a good 30 seconds, pulling off and seeing the spit glisten off my cock was enough.

I never had sex with her without a condom, but I didn't care. I slide my cock in her dripping wet, warm, tight pussy and she left out a moan. I could hear her juices sloshing as my hard dick slid in and out of her pussy. She left out moans and sighs in my ear, kissing my neck at the same time. I got up and flipped her over and fucked her from behind. Her perfect ass and breasts bounced to the rhythm of my thrusting. I couldn t contain myself anymore. As I told her I was going to cum, she said she was as well, and we both came together.

I collapsed, never being so worn out in my life. I was too exhausted to pull my cock out so it sat for a minute. As I pulled it out, cum came pouring out of her tight pussy. We talked for about 5 minutes until we were at it again, this time with her legs wrapped around my waist, fucking her on the executive desk in the hotel. I fucked her so hard, the table bounced off the wall. We still to this day think that maybe the people in the next room heard us, and were either annoyed, or fucked along with us.


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