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Creative Sex Tips
Fun Ideas to Spice Things Up

Finding new ways to bring a little more sensual heat into your relationship through sexual variation and change can be a great way to establish a sense of creativity, fun and intimacy for couples. The most important thing you can do to keep things hot is to connect with one another emotionally. Too often we prioritize the mundane tasks of life over taking time to nurture our relationships. We can easily lose sight of how important our partner is to us and it is important to do small loving gestures each day to establish intimacy outside the bedroom so that when it comes time to enjoy sex the emotional connection is already strong.

Simple things like taking a walk with your partner, leaving them love notes and even holding their hand can bring a sense of intimacy that will later lead to amazing lovemaking.

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Vary Up Your Routine

Spice up your sex life by doing it in the kitchen or somewhere new. The novelty of a new location can be an intense aphrodisiac. Unusual settings with different sensations, smells and sounds will make sex feel new and up the excitement.

One technique that many of our customers have reported enjoying is using the LELO Lyla to stimulate their partner while in public. The vibrator is silent yet powerful and no one around is any wiser as to what is going on. This has made many couples have amazing foreplay in public which often leads to amazing sex as the level of excitement is heightened.

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Deeper Penetration

It is easy to get into the same old routine with sexual positions, however, there are some that will help couples achieve deeper penetration. Many couples avoid some positions due to comfort issues, however, there are sex slings, chairs and pillows that can eliminate fatigue and discomfort.

To see such devices see our bedroom gear section.

Liberator Shapes
Sexual Position Pillows

One example of a sexual position for deeper penetration is to have the female lace her legs over his shoulders while having sex in the missionary position. Doing this shortens her vaginal canal so he'll get deeper.

Another sexual position that provides intensified stimulation is when a woman is on top of a male partner and instead of moving up and down, she does a figure eight swivel with her hips. It really makes for a fun and arousing new twist.

Yet another great position for her to try is to sit on top of him with her feet tucked in tight on either side of his behind and then lean back as though she were riding a bucking bronco.

Liberator Shapes are also great for this and here are pictures of more sexual positions that you can try using them as well as other types of pillows.

Cool Things Down & Heat Things Up

Most people know that adding either cooling or warming sensations can make things more interesting when it comes to physical sensations on the skin. In addition, using a blindfold, can make these sensations even more intense by allowing your lover to have more awareness of those special sensations.

To cool the skin you can use breath mints, which can make oral sex even better and more stimulating as they tend to contain peppermint oil; making them stimulating for your mouth and on your most sensitive areas. For a warming effect, cinnamon is a good flavor to use. Just be cautious in using things that are not designed for using them on the skin as both peppermint oil and cinnamon oil in strong doses can irritate and burn the skin. That is why we highly recommend special products that are designed for sexual play such as paraben free flavored lubricants and stimulating lubricants to achieve this effect.

Flavored Lubricants
Stimulating Lubricants
Massage Oils
Massage Lubricants

Masturbate in Front of One Another

Watching your lover stimulate themselves in front of you can evoke a sense of desire for them as well as visually stimulate your senses. You can enjoy taking turns or masturbate simultaneously as you enjoy watching your lover sexually pleasure themselves. Some couples find that having strict rules in place such as not allowing for touching of the other person during certain times actually increases the desire for one another. It can also be a learning experience as you watch how your lover enjoys being stimulated and even more fun and creative when you bring in sex toys to try out.

Watch Sexual Films Together

A poll conducted by The Mirror newspaper found that women are just as aroused by watching erotic films as men. So get cozy on the sofa or bed and put on a video to enjoy together whether it be rated R, NC17 or even XXX. Some couples not only enjoy the visual stimulation of films for entertainment but also those that provide sexual instruction such as Better Sex DVDs. Check out what is available here- Adult DVDs.

Sex Toys

Don't forget that doing things like using a vibrator while being penetrated by fingers or a penis is a great way to add even more stimulation. Often times people do not understand how to integrate sex toys into couples sex so we have listed popular sensual products below and how they are used to spice things up for couples-

Couples Sex Toys
Anal Sex Toys
These are one of the most obvious sex toys to use on nipples, the clitoris and penis. Couples often use them for sensual massage, as well as during foreplay and intercourse. The variations of these are many so make sure to review the different types.
Dildos used by couples offer double penetration options, pegging and stimulation through watching a partner masturbate using one. They are sometimes hollow, have suction cups and can be worn in harnesses so the variation in types is also great.
Couples toys are able to be worn during sex and offer a variety of stimulation options to both partners. The most popular of these toys are penis rings that slide to the base of the male's penis and stimulate her clitoris through a vibrator.
Anal sex toys are used solo or together and can be used on men for prostate massage as well as on women who enjoy anal play. These can be small plugs to larger full sized dildos that vibrate, rotate and are even hands-free.
Nipple Sex Toys & Vibrators
Tongue Vibrators for Oral Sex
Cock Rings & Penis Sleeves
Electrostimulation Neon Wand by Kinklab
Nipple toys can be used on both men and women and worn during sex as well as simply be a foreplay stimulus. There are suction and vibrating models as well as those that provide a pinching sensation.
Oral sex toys are those that can either be worn in the mouth or simulate oral sex on your partner. They can make the task of using your mouth to stimulate easier and less strenuous.
Rings make a penis more firm while penis cages and sleeves make a man's penis thicker by adding girth and in some cases length. They can also provide optional vibration stimulation for even more sensation.
Electrostim sex toys provide sexual stimulation through electricity and offer unique and powerful sensations when used across the body. They are primarily used during foreplay.
Penis Pumps
Masturbation Sleeves
Finger Vibrators
Penis pumps provide a firmer and harder penis before sex. Top it off with a cockring and it will hold the blood in the penis even more effectively.
These can be used by a partner on their lover during foreplay and oral sex. They can also be used to watch a partner use during masturbation with one another.
Strap-ons are used by both men and women and are used both vaginally and anally with the options of vibration, a hollow dildo and even double penetration.
Finger toys can make stimulation to all the sensitive body parts easier and more pin point in arousal. They are also able to be used on other toys and sometimes orally.
Sexy Adult Games
Make Your Own Sex Toy Kits
Bedroom Gear- Sexual Products
Bondage Gear
Sex games are particularly popular for a little extra gift during anniversaries, birthdays and Christmas. They provide a fun and adventurous way for couples to try new positions and sexual techniques.
The Make Your Own Dildo and Clone a Pussy kits make exact replicas of your penis and labia. They are often used for double penetration and even given as gifts. They come in rubber, chocolate, soap, candles and more.
Whether it is through using sex pillows, sex swings, sex straps and sex chairs; there are many products that enhance sexual positions and satisfaction. Couples find they allow for sex to last longer, be more comfortable and fulfilling.
With the Fifty Shades craze most people know the fun games that couples can play using BDSM toys. Take a look at some of the elegant products that can make even the most tame bedroom more adventuresome.



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