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Sex Toys As Adult Novelties
Why Are Sex Toys Sold As Novelties?
Novelty Vs. Medical Device

Sex toys are a wonderful way to improve sexual pleasure and in many cases improve your health. Consumers are becoming more and more turned on to the idea of using them for masturbation and to enhance their sex life with their significant other.

With the explosion of their popularity there are a lot of myths that confuse customers, like the one that says you will become addicted to them and regular sex will not be as pleasurable again. Another such myth is that sex toys are not effective because they are only novelties and not intended for sexual stimulation.

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There are many myths about vibrators in particular and we have an article that delves into some of those in more detail- Vibrator Myths.

Why are Sex Toys Considered Novelties?

With the sex toy industry booming with new products you will often see manufacturers listing them as a novelty. Because there are two classifications for a sex toy, that of a medical device or a novelty, it may be confusing to understand that both are intended for sexual pleasure.

In order for a sex toy to classify as a medical device it must pass through rigorous criteria and be demonstrated to provide a medical benefit. Because of this and the laws in most areas, sex toy manufacturers are forced to label them as novelties even when they are fully intended for sexual arousal.

One such example is a law in Texas that requires that sex toy retailers sell them as novelties. According to the state's obscenity code, an obscene device is a simulated sexual organ or item designed to stimulate the genitals. It specifically refers to dildos, vibrators, and vaginal shaped toys. Isn't it amazing that someone would see our own body parts as obscene? Laws such as these are why you will see many adult stores posting signs that say "sold only as novelties." With a variety of states that share similar laws, it appears that the 'novelty' labeling will continue.

The issue here is more about the materials that sex toys are made of and if they are safe to use. With many chemicals being used to create sex toys, it is important to be educated about what is safe and what is not. To read more about this, you can review our articles that address these issues - Sex Toy Education.

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