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Sex Toy Parties
What You Should Know

You may already may be familiar with the trend in Sex Toy Parties. Modeled after Tupperware Parties, many women and even couples are having get-togethers where a host presents sex toys and provides samples for all to try. It is a clever idea and can be fun, however, there are some things to take note of when attending or if you are considering doing one.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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An issue that concerned us about these toy parties is that some of the consultants giving them were uneducated about sexuality and either could not provide information or simply made things up. Some of the consultants are women that just want to work from home and have no experience or study in sexuality. There are a lot of great consultants, just make sure you find someone who takes their job seriously and gives a great party for the products, education and entertainment.

For example, did you know that you should never put a silicone lubricant on a silicone toy unless it is 100% medical grade silicone? Many consultants did not know this either. Their training focuses on marketing of the products, not the safety and health issues regarding them. What happens is the silicone lubricant breaks down the silicone blended toy allowing for it to basically melt inside the body. Because the vaginal and anal walls absorb toxins this could become a health hazard.

There are many other examples of issues to be concerned about as a consumer and it is why we provide so much free sex information on our site as well as have customer service representatives who are trained to answer questions accurately.

Possibly Toxic Products

When you do buy sex toys whether through a party or not, remember to check if they may contain toxins. You can view our sex toy materials guide to check if you are unsure. If you want to learn more about toxins in sex toys we have many articles addressing this. One thing to keep in mind is that we have heard that some sex toy companies tell their consultants that everything is safe when they may not be as they re-label the product so they are not sure who the real manufacturer is. Make sure that the product you buy says what material it is made with so that you can check and be sure.

Being Careful

It is important for a consultant to research the company she or he signs on with as there are over 10,000 of them and that number is growing. There are some that are not well thought out and even those that can take advantage of the consultant as well as the consumer. It is important to do your research before choosing one.


Also, your representative can throw you discounts on products, so make sure that if there is something in particular that you want; know that you can do some price shopping online first. We found that our products are typically 1/2 to 3/4 less expensive compared to the sex toys offered at a sex toy party.

Is Your Representative Educated & Certified?

The National Association for the Advancement of Science & Art in Sexuality (NAASAS) is the trade organization which provides resources to unify and positively impact adult businesses.

NAASAS is offering education and certification to Sex Toy Party Representatives and is a logo to look for when choosing a party representative.

Have A Sex Toy Party or Become A Sex Toy Party Consultant

Want our help putting together your own party? Want to become a sex toy party consultant? Let us know! We can provide you with the resources you need to start your own sex toy party business or to have a sex toy party. Contact us for more information.

If you want to start your own sex toy party company make sure you get the tools you need through SexToyConsulting.com


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