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Sex Toys During Pregnancy
Safety and What Works Best & Why

Studies have shown that sex is typically considered safe for pregnant women as are using most sex toys. The most important thing to keep in mind is to use nontoxic sexual products, avoid anything that is painful or that can cause infections.

Healthy pregnant woman that have orgasms may not just enjoy a good tension reliever, they mind find that orgasms are easier to achieve because of the increased blood flow to the perineum. There is a slight chance that an orgasm can induce premature labor for woman with a history of them, early cervical changes and/or frequent uterine contractions, so reviewing any concerns with your doctor is always a good idea as every pregnancy is unique.

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Sex Toy Benefits During Pregnancy -

Expecting Mother Gifts
Couples Sex Toys
Kegel Exercisers
Vibrators help to provide increased blood flow and relax the pelvic area. They can also help in achieving orgasms more easily, which provide soothing sensations to both mother and baby. Treating your mother-to-be to a romantic and sensual gift from a relaxing massage to something just for her can send a loving message that she is still sexy even as she becomes a mom. Couples toys enhance love making and provide added stimulation to help her achieve orgasms more quickly and without as much physical effort. Kegel exercisers provide toning and strengthening to the PC muscles which in turn can help aid in an easier delivery, quicker healing and recovery of the vaginal walls.
Nipple Sex Toys & Vibrators
Tongue Vibrators for Oral Sex
Cock Rings & Penis Sleeves
Finger Vibrators
Nipple toys are a way to stimulate not just the nipples themselves but also the clitoris. They can enhance orgasms and help desensitize nipples making them more receptive to breast feeding. Providing oral sex can help a mom-to-be relax and for her to be able to lay back and enjoy sexual stimulation without having to exert herself. The vibrators here can be put into the mouth to prevent facial fatigue and help to enhance oral sex sensations. Cockrings are very popular as they slide down to the base of a man's penis making him feel larger and firmer. They also come with optional vibrators to provide clitoral stimulation which helps to enhance orgasms, increase blood flow and relax the vaginal area. Finger toys are perfect for pinpoint stimulation of the nipples, clitoris and other sensitive areas. They can also be used to enhance oral sex and can be worn on fingers for internal and external stimulation to increase blood flow and enhance orgasms.
Dilators & Speculums
Bedroom Gear
Waterproof Vibrators
Fascinator Throws- Waterproof Throws
Dilators are for women that have a small vaginal opening and wish to gently increase the elasticity of the vaginal walls making child birth easier with less vaginal tearing are a great tool for pregnant women. Sex pillows, straps and sex chairs can make having sex during pregnancy much easier with less strain for both partners. They can also be used by non-expectant couples making them perfect for before and after pregnancy. Using waterproof vibrators during water births can help relax the mother through orgasmic release and make the birthing process easier and more enjoyable. Waterproof throws are great for keeping your sheets clean and fresh. They are also perfect for expectant mothers who are concerned about their water breaking and can be put on beds, couches and even in the car.
Sex Toy Cleaners
Hide Sex Toys
Sensual Massage
Personal Lubricants
Making sure you keep your sexual products clean and free of bacteria is especially important during pregnancy so make sure to clean them properly, let them air dry and store them in a clean location. With little ones soon to be in your household, pregnant women often wonder what to do with sex toys that they do not want their children to find. Make sure to check out some of these very clever ways to hide and store sex toys. Massage is a wonderful way to give a mommy-to-be to a relaxing treat. From special organic, paraben free massage oils to wonderful massage tools, make sure to find some of the fun and creative ways to enjoy massage. Using paraben free lubricants is especially important during pregnancy as those toxins are absorbed directly into the blood stream. Make sure to use the most pure lubricants and make sure the one you are using is paraben free.


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