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Sneaky Sack
Hidden Storage Bags: Discreet Innovations
By Holistic Wisdom, Inc.

The Sneaky Sack™ storage bag is the perfect place for hiding personal items from your kids, housemates, guests, and more. It was designed to be a pleasure chest to fill with sex toys, but you can use it for anything you wish to hide!

RATING (1-5)
SOFlex & Lustra
Machine Washable

Hide Most Anything

Money, Jewelry & Other Valuables
Marital Aids & Other Private Items
Massage Oils & Personal Lubricants
Self Defense Items
Anything You Want To Keep Private
Bet You Can't See It-
Sneaky Sack Demonstration

Can you spot it under the jacket?
Of course not, that is why
they are so brilliant!

Items Disappear from Sight

Our storage bags are also great to keep sensual materials hidden such as adult magazines, DVD's, sex toys, lubricants, massage oils, larger toys with cords, battery packs, or charger bases.
It can also be used to store valuables, weapons and other items that you want to keep hidden!

Sneaky Sack Instructions

Proudly Made In USA

Sneaky Sack Example

Outstanding Quality

This durable, waterproof bag has a soft and silky exterior made with a fabric called Lustra (a Cotton blend) and the Interior is made with SOFlux which is a waterproof breathable, fluidproof, cleanable fabric (commonly used in hospitals) that does not crack like other vinyl fabrics.

Resists Bacteria Growth with Pockets to Keep thing Organized

Our bags are resistant to bacteria growth allowing products to remain clean and germ free. Each Sneaky Sack™ provides internal pockets for separating contents to keep items from accidentally damaging one another and provides better organization.

Did you know that not storing your sex toys separately can cause damage to them? It's true, some toys left to touch one another can have chemical reactions that destroy the toys and make them unsafe to use. This is why we recommend keeping them separated from one another and offer bacteria resistant bags to store them in.

Sneaky Sack Inside

Super Strong & Durable

The Sneaky Sack™ can handle extremely heavy items, however, sometimes flimsy hangers will start to bend, so if you store large or heavy items inside of your Sneaky Sack™, you may want to use a sturdy metal or wooden hanger.

Large & Small Items Fit Easily

We made the Sneaky Sack™ perfect for hiding even large items. If you have something particular in mind, review the dimensions below to ensure a perfect fit-

  • Washable & Durable- easy clean up.

  • 3 Separate Storage Pockets- keeps products organized & from damaging each other.

  • Can Be Used With A Small Lock - to act as a deterrent. (Not included)

  • Hides Multiple Large Items- the perfect size for most items.

  • Does Not Make Noise When Clothes Are Moved - Our soft material won't damage clothes or crinkle and make noise.

  • Perfect Under An Old Sweatshirt- Look Right At It & Not See It

  • Double Layered- Very Strong For Heavy Items & Will Not Rip Bag


What happens if something spills inside? No problem! The Sneaky Sack™ is waterproof and washable. Just machine wash in cold water and hang dry.


Exterior of Sneaky Sack- 17.5" Height x 13.5" Width
Main Compartment- 17.25" Height x 12.5" Width
Back Pocket- 13" Height x 12.25" Width
Front Pocket- 12" Height x 12" Width
Straps- 4" Length x 1.5" Width


How To Hide The Sneaky Sack™

The ideal manner to store the
Sneaky Sack™ is to hang it by the straps on a hanger and store it discreetly under clothing. The Sneaky Sack™ is specifically designed to hang below necklines and completely disappear from sight when clothing is placed over it. We recommend a dark coat, sweater or sweatshirt for the most discreet placement.

Customer Reviews

Brilliant! The fabric is so strong and holds even my Hitachi Magic Wand; it does not make noise when moved around and the waterproof material makes it ideal for personal lubes. I have two as I use one for travel to hide my valuables. I also give them as gifts.

Jenni- New York, NY

Fantastic! Love the design, love how you cannot see it at all, love all it holds. Thanks for such a great product!

Andrea - Newmarket, NH

Sneaky Sack

On Sale: Now Only-

I got your Sneaky Sack for myself and loved it so much I got them as gifts for all my friends. Great way to hide things and a great gift!

Bella- Calgary, Alberta, Canada

You know your Sneaky Sack is genius right? I cannot believe the quality of it, the Soflux materials is so strong yet soft and you can just tell how well made it is just by seeing it. I have a couple of them. I keep one for sex toys, one for my handgun and one for jewelry. The one that holds my hand gun is so heavy with the ammo, speedloader, etc. and the Sneaky Sack can totally handle the weight. Amazing!

Victoria- Paris, IL

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