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We provide customers with honest feedback about products. We believe strongly in treating others as we would want to be treated, which means providing truthful information as well as superior items. The star ratings are 1 out of 5 stars: 1 star being the worst rating and 5 stars being the best.

You will notice that many of our reviews have high star ratings. This is because we have a very tough review process before we will allow a product to be placed on our web site for sale. Many of our competitors have a wider selection of products because their standards are lower. Some of their products are cheap, poor quality and possibly toxic. All new products with our company have to be nontoxic, high quality and possess features that provide pleasure and convenience.

How We Provide Customer Reviews

Before we add any products to this website, we use customer reviews through our other sex toy sites such as our sister site We do this so that our site will only have the best, nontoxic products rather than a large selection of poorly made sex toys, we feature only the best here.

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Products that have received the best customer and staff reviews are posted on our main Sex Toy Reviews page.

Once a product is considered, we review it and then have it reviewed by at least one customer before we add it to our website. As you look through our products you will see that review listed as "Voted Most Helpful Review". Once we receive more reviews on a product we will list them on the product page under "Most Helpful Positive Reviews" and "Most Helpful Critical Reviews".

If we are unsure as to whether we want to add a product to this site and the first customer review is negative then we will not add the product to our site and that is why you will not see many initial bad reviews on this site. After that, we continue to post reviews that are sent to us on each of the product pages. If a product receives three negative customer reviews we will pull the product as we do not wish to waste our customer's time or money with products that are not well received.

Once we receive customer reviews we adjust the star rating based on their feedback from both verbal phone call reviews and written email reviews. Therefore, even if we do not have a written review, we may have received verbal phone reviews which allows us to provide a star ranking from 1-5 which is then averaged with the other reviews we have received on the product.

Allowing for phone reviews in addition to written reviews allows a more complete view point of the products overall 'likeability' and is convenient for customers as it can save time. However, we really appreciate when consumers take the time to write reviews because a lower star rating, may having nothing to do with the quality of construction, but rather, how easy and effective it was to use and other variables. That is why we encourage you to write your reviews so that other consumers can see what you have said about it. Please note that while we would never alter a review, we may spell and grammar check it so that it is more easily read by website visitors.

Why Helpful Sex Toy Reviews Are Challenging to Find

Customers are often hesitant to submit a review on a sex toy for fear that they may have their information made public. Because it is the type of product that most people are a bit shy about claiming to own we have found that many customers choose not to follow up with reviews. However, please note that we can always provide your review anonymously and do not have to disclose your name or location with your review. Learn more on how to submit your review anonymously or publicly.

Why Our Reviews Are Manually Added

Many websites allow reviews to be posted without being moderated or verified that they are from real customers who have actually purchased the product they are reviewing. This allows for scammers and spammers to influence product reviews providing inaccurate information while attempting to promote their inferior products.

Examples of how you are getting scammed with fake reviews on many other sites-

One example is when a person who is paid by a company writes positive or negative reviews about products to either promote their own products or bad mouth their competitors. Another growing example are that there are third party companies that retailers and manufacturers hire to do nothing but provide fake reviews for their products. This is done through both small online websites as well as many well-known, major retail sites to help increase sales. We know this because we sell on a variety of sites and we have been approached by these companies to pay for such reviews for our own products and join in this popular business scam. We have and will continue to refuse to participate or do business with such seedy companies as we care too much about our customers than to mislead or scam them.

How we prevent fake reviews-

We manually add and verify our customer reviews because we find the business tactics outlined above unethical and a serious issue that has unfortunately become a rampant problem in online shopping thus making it difficult for customers to really trust and know which reviews are real and which ones are fake. That is why we carefully check the reviews before allowing them on our site.

So how do we check and verify reviews?

When we receive a review we verify that the product was ordered through our site to ensure it is a legitimate review and if it is then we post the review exactly as the customer wrote it. However, if a product is being reviewed by someone who did not order the product from us we will not post the review in order to avoid scammers, spammers or trolls who would not provide helpful information or mislead our customers as we pride ourselves on providing realistic and helpful education.

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How We Handle Negative Reviews

You may wonder how we handle negative reviews on a product. We of course replace defective products for our customers with the same product or a comparable product, but what happens if a product is known for breaking prematurely or if consumers are reporting they don't like how the product feels or find it difficult to use? That leads us to the next topic...

Our Three Strikes Rule

We have a three strikes rule, which means; if a product receives three complaints that are legitimate concerns (and are not just about personal preference for something superficial like color or size), then we will pull it from our web site.
We still leave the web page up and the negative reviews, because we want consumers to be educated about the product and to avoid it elsewhere. However, we will not sell products that we feel are not worth your time or money and that is why we have this policy.

Our Evaluation Process

Once a product is introduced to us and we consider it for our company, we obtain a sample and have a team meeting to discuss it. We review the materials that it is constructed of, how quiet it is, how strong and durable it is as well as assess what ways it could be used among other distinguishing aspects. We then provide an initial star ranking based on our staff's assessment of the product.

How Can You Submit A Review & Benefits

We want your feedback when it comes to our products and to reward you we will email you a coupon code for 10% off.

FTC Review Compliance

All of our reviews are provided by customers and reviewers that have provided truthful information about the products we sell. To learn more about how Holistic Wisdom, Inc. complies with the FTC review requirements in order to provide honest and forthright reviews of our products, please see our FTC & Review Rules.

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We value our customers health and satisfaction with our services and products and we do everything we can to provide you with the best as we feel you deserve it. Learn More About Holistic Wisdom, Inc.


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