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Sex Toys as a Surprise?
How to Give the Gift of a Sex Toy

If you have ever thought of giving someone special a sexy gift, but were not sure what to get them for fear that they may not like it, then you are not alone. It can be a difficult choice, weighing in what their reaction may be and especially with so many amazing, new sexual products on the market from which to choose.

This guide will help you to figure out the best choice for your special someone by exploring some of the key factors and suggestions when one purchases something of this nature.

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Ask yourself if the person you are purchasing it for is open to sexual exploration. Are they likely to be receptive to new things in the bedroom? Are they comfortable with receiving pleasure? Would they ever visit an adult site to look at products? If the answer is yes to questions such as these, then you are certainly on the right track in thinking about surprising them with a sex toy.
Sometimes, a little hinting can be a good thing. Yet, how to bring it up can be tricky. One way to do this is to mention something as mainstream such as the Sex in the City episode where Samantha uses a Rabbit Pearl. You can then see what their reaction is to such topics and even ask for their opinion on such things without ruining the surprise that you intend on getting them one.
Sometimes being bold and outright taking them to our web site is a great way to see what they may be interested in and what may turn them on. You can tell them that you heard that our web site is woman owned and recommended by women and that you would like to take a look at it with her to see if there is anything you can do to help you be a better lover to her... including toys. You can purchase a toy or item then, or you can surprise her with one and buy it later. Nevertheless, you have a much better idea of the items she may be more interested in.
If you are going to completely surprise your female partner with a toy, then the best one to start off with is going to be a body vibrator. Vibrators are the best sex toy for any woman as they can stimulate our clitoris to a degree that is HIGHLY effective at achieving an orgasm.

This way, if she does not want to use it for sexual purposes, you have not invested money into something that she will not use, because everyone loves a good massage. The ones that are most popular are the Smart Wand by LELO. The Hitachi Magic Wand is also a popular choice, but it only has 2 speeds, which are both very powerful, so that is why the Mystic and Yooo are nice choices as they have many speeds from which to choose and that way you have gentle and powerful options as well as all the shades of grey in the middle. See all of the vibrating massagers here for more options.

You can also opt to get a gift card and let them choose what they would like. Because we carry bath and body products in addition to sexual products, there is always something for them to choose without it having to be overtly sexual.

You can also check out our most loved sex toys that have the best reviews from both customers and our staff for great suggestions.


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