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Tongue Joy: Romance Edition
Tongue Vibrator
By JJK Industries, L.P.

The Tongue Joy Romance Edition is a tiny little vibrator operates using two watch batteries in wireless mode and you can attach it to your tongue, finger, penis, toe, favorite sex toy etc. for clitoral, nipple and penis stimulation. This beautifully presented gift pack comes with four silicone sleeves, a turbo booster pack, three silicone hoops, a special fixture for pierced tongues and a booklet with amusing Tongue Joy anecdotes along with an ostrich feather for tickling, love dice, two condoms and a satin pouch for discreet storage.

Tongue Joy Romance Edition

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Cleaning & Care

You can use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous. It comes in a tasteful box that is female friendly. As with any metal sex toy you may use any type of lubricant (i.e. silicone, waterbased, oil, etc.). Avoid using abrasive cleaners to avoid dulling or scratching the metal surface. Keep the vibrator away from your teeth or other dental appliances like retainers or dentures so as to avoid any damage or chipping to your teeth or dental appliance. 6 Month Manufacturers Warranty.

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To install the two #393 watch batteries unscrew the battery housing end caps from both ends of the battery housing. Place the two batteries into each end of the battery housing and make sure the batteries are placed into the housing with the negative (-) side inward. The negative end is the smaller button end of the battery. The positive (+) end is the larger end. The positive, larger end faces outward. Screw the two battery end caps back onto the battery housing and fully tighten snugly both end caps onto the batteries. The battery end caps must make contact to the batteries.

Customer Review

The Tongue Joy (romance edition) was an overall good purchase for us. The silicone bands stay on pretty well (we had issues with other ones slipping off too easily). If they do slip you have to be careful not to let the vibrator rattle on your teeth of course. The vibrator is moderate in power but pretty good considering the size. It was not as easy to make her climax using this as some of her more powerful vibrators but it did make her orgasm and I would highly recommend it for foreplay. She likes it when I put it on my finger and use it on her clit or internally on her gspot as well. I think people often have unrealistic expectations about tongue vibrators and think they are going to be these very powerful vibrators and I can assure you none of them are nor should they be. For one, if they were really powerful you could easily damage your teeth and secondly these have to be small enough to comfortably fit in your both and not have a battery pack hanging out so they need watch batteries which are going to only give mild to moderate vibration so as long as you are realistic about a tongue vibrator and what they are designed to do then I think you will really enjoy it as much as my wife and I did.

Nic - Webb City, MO

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