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Top Ten Sex Tips
What Are We Asked About The Most?

Over the years we have certainly noticed what questions we get most often when it comes to sex tips and advice. Below are the top ten most commonly sought after sex tips with links to articles we have written on each. Please note that they are not in any particular order.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
Psychotherapist & Sexuality Expert

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Female Ejaculation
A Look Into Why Woman Do Not Realize They Can
You may have heard of female ejaculation, or you may not even know what it is, as many people do not.
Female ejaculation is not only very real, it is something that ALL women can achieve, and is a very basic female sexual response that has remained a mystery until recently. READ MORE about female ejaculation.

Fellatio- Blow Job Instruction & Tips

The Art of A Great Blow Job, Oral Sex At It's Finest

Giving head, a blow job, fellatio, call it what you like, but there are many wonderful benefits to performing this delicious sex act.
For one, it can provide the one giving it empowerment with infinite possibilities to be creative and provide amazing pleasure. Particularly when performed with enthusiasm it can not only be incredible to the receiver but to the one providing it as well. READ MORE about blowjobs.

The Art of Female Oral Sex

The keys to performing good oral sex as with any sexual experience is to communicate with your partner as well as know anatomy and techniques.
READ MORE about female oral sex.

Anal Sex
Anal Love For Men & Women
Anal sexual activity can be pleasurable, fun and very stimulating solo or for partners. Some of the biggest concerns seem to be about pleasure, pain, hygiene, and STDs. These are all important when examining anal sexual stimulation from penetration, to outer stimulation (also known as rimming).Read about hygiene, toys, techniques and...
READ MORE about anal sex.

Sexual Positions

Kama Sutra & Tantric Inspired Positions For A New Twist
Finding sexual positions that have an edge of creativity are always in demand. From learning about the best sex positions when you are overweight to in general.
READ MORE about sexual positions.

Masturbation Tips

What Man & Women Want To Know

Everyone should masturbate whether they are single or in a relationship. Not just because it is healthy, and fun... but there is truly no better way to embrace the sexual beauty within yourself like masturbating. It allows you to better know yourself, your body, your sexual desires, your sexual preferences and provides you with the opportunity for a rich and fertile imagination through your sexual fantasies. READ MORE about masturbation tips.

Prostate Massage

Through Prostate Stimulation You Can Increase Pleasure & Your Ejaculation
There's more to the male genitalia than the head and shaft of the penis... if you press your fingers against your perineum (area between your testicles and anus) you can feel this root, or bulb of your penis. The root of the penis is sensitive and can be stimulated through the perineum or the rectum and is just one reason that anal penetration feels pleasurable to many men. READ MORE about prostate massage.

Increase Male Ejaculate

Through Prostate Stimulation You Can Increase Pleasure & Your Ejaculation
One of the most commonly asked questions by men are how to make themselves ejaculate more powerfully, and in greater amounts.
READ MORE about increasing ejaculate.


Penis Enlargement Resources
Find Out About Increasing Penis Size Using Techniques, Drugs & Penis Pumps

If you are one of many men interested in penis enlargement here are some resources and products that we have put together to review the realities and truth regarding this topic. READ MORE about increasing penis size.


Sex Toys
From Which One To Choose To The Best Brands

We have reviewed not only our best sellers, what customers and staff have had to say about them but also what the best brands are, how to select one for yourself or as a gift and even provide useful gift basket ideas. READ MORE about sex toys.


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