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Official Buck Angel® Stroker - Sex Toy Especially for Transmen
By Perfect Fit Brand

The Buck-off™ is the first sex toy designed for transgendered men (Female to Male - FTM) as well as for men with a micropenis. However, it may also be used by everyone and below we will explain in detail how it works and how it may be used. To begin, the Buck-Off is a masturbation sleeve used for suction and stroking and may be used solo or with a partner. It provides amazing suction and stimulation with special ribbing inside within a very soft and stretchy cupped sleeve.

This amazing product was designed by Buck Angel (trans activist) who is on a mission to help transmen become comfortable with their bodies. The Buck-off is an exceptional product for achieving this by helping to reduce gender dysphoria by reducing the need to touch the vagina in a traditional manner with an increased focus on stroking the clitoris / penis (dick).

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Perfect Fit Brand - Buck Off Transgender Sex Toy

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Cleaning & Care

You should use sex toy cleaner as this product is porous. You may also wish to use a condom with the product if you share it as it is porous. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions. This must be stored away from other toys or it can chemically interact with them. As it does not come with a storage bag, we recommend getting a Sugar Sak or other sex toy storage container to store it in to also keep it dust and lint free in-between uses.

Safety Features Size
Phthalate free
Green Sex Toy
Sex Toy Materials
Transmale Focused
Micropenis Focused

2.75" Length
1.9" Base Width
0.75" Opening Unstretched Diameter
5" Max Stretched Opening Diameter
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How To Use The Buck Off Sex Toy?

Many people look at the cupped sleeve and wonder - how does the Buck-Off sex toy work exactly? Below we will review specifically how the Buck-Off may be used in different ways by different gender identities. The name of the product is obviously a play on the word jerk-off for male masturbation as that is the sensation that transmen often desire in order to identify more correctly with the sex they are rather than the incorrect biological sex they had at birth.

For Transmen (Female to Male - FTM)

To understand how it works for transmen (Female to Male - FTM) one must understand that this masturbation sleeve (stroker) was specifically designed for transmen who have not had bottom surgery (for vagina to penis construction) but who are taking hormone therapy via testosterone which naturally enlarges the clitoris to 1 - 3 inches in length. When the clitoris is enlarged this allows it to be stroked much in the same a penis can as well as making it more sensitive to stimulation. Because transmen wish to enjoy themselves sexually as a man it makes sense for them to have a sex toy which allows them to masturbate as a male. This stroker sleeve slides over the enlarged clitoris (dick) and allows a transman to stroke himself the same way a cisgendered male (one who is assigned the gender identity of male at birth) does. It not just provides stroking sensations but also because of the way the ribs are placed it creates a sucking sensation and has been described by transmen as feeling like receiving a blowjob. Because the Buck-off sleeve is stretchy the base opening can allow not just the clitoris (dick) to be inserted but also the labia should one choose. In addition, the Buck-Off reduces the need to touch the vagina in a traditional manner during masturbation with an increased focus on suction and the stroking the clitoris / penis (dick).

For Cisgendered Men (Biologically Born Male)

The Buck-Off may be used as a masturbation sleeve for the head of the penis allowing for the shaft to be exposed and accessed with one's hand or lover's hand or mouth. In addition, it is an ideal sex toy for men who have a micropenis as it will provide a good fit for men who are 3.5 inches or less.

For Women (Biologically Born Female) & Transwomen (Male to Female - MTF)

While masturbation sleeves are traditionally not used by women the Buck-Off may be used as a suction device to pull on the labia and clitoris for increased blood flow and stimulation. A transwoman may also ideally use it on the head of the penis pre-surgery and to provide suction post-surgery.

To Lube or Not To Lube

This masturbation sleeve is most often best used with a waterbased lubricant for added sensation and to reduce friction that may become too intense or in some cases irritating. However, this will depend on whether or not one prefers lighter to deep rubbing as well as whether or not they are already lubricated from their own natural lubrication. In most cases the preference has been to use lubrication but as sex toy preference is a subjective experience you can determine what works best for you.


Customer Reviews

As a transman I was so pleased to see that there was a sex toy that finally was specifically made for us. We have been such an underserved community and it is high time our sexuality be celebrated as well. I love that Holistic Wisdom took the time to explain the product as many of my other trans friends were not exactly sure how this was supposed to work and they made it very clear. I have used the Buck Off a few times now and here are my thoughts- It is very squishy and malleable with a skin like feel to it so it feels really good on your skin. I preferred using it with some lubricant and found it made the feel of it sliding up and down me more pronounced and intense. It has a suction cup kind of feel if you allow it to fully press against you which is heavenly and you can feel yourself through it and really work yourself into an intense orgasm quickly or slowly depending on how you want things to go. I personally like building up to an orgasm so I used it to rub against myself first and then used it as intended with the opening base around my dick (which with testosterone treatments and using a pump is about two inches now). I would highly recommend this product for any transman wanting to feel more like they are jerking off as that is the motion you make using it and psychologically that is very fulfilling in addition to the physical sensations it provides. Bravo!

Robert - Los Angeles, CA

When I first heard about the Buck-off I was truly ecstatic... finally! After using it, I can tell you that it is exactly as described. I orgasmed within minutes of using it and love the way it feels to use it and on me. Yes, yes and yes!

Steven - Toronto, ON, Canada


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