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Dilator Set
Dr. Laura Berman ® Intimate Basics™
By California Exotics

The perfect product for treating discomfort during intercourse due to inexperience, painful sex, or to increase your pelvic floor strength. Make sure to see our article on painful sex caused by vaginismus and how this product can help. Ideal for women who may benefit from doing vaginal dilation exercises (stretching) due to painful sex, genital pain, are recovering from radiation treatment, gynecological surgery, or male-to-female genital reconstruction surgery.

The base of the first and smallest shaft is where the vibrator is located and while it is waterproof, you must be careful if you submerge it to ensure that no water gets into the battery compartment and that the seal is completely tight.

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Dilator Set - Berman Intimate Basics

  • Choose A Size To Start
  • Work Your Way Up
  • Vibrating Multiple Speeds
  • Extensions Included
  • Dial Base

Sleeve Sizes

  • XS - 3.5" x 0.75"
    (smallest attached to handle)

  • S - 4.5" x 1"

  • M - 5.5" x 1.25"

  • L - 6.5" x 1.5"

  • Textured Sleeve - 4.75" x 1.5"

Power & Control

The vibrations are quite powerful and the sound will become more and more quiet the more you stack the sleeves. If you do not stack them and attempt to use a larger sleeve on the base it will work, but the noise level will be much higher.

The clear universal sleeve will fit on all of the sleeves, however, it is a much tighter fit on the 1, 1.25 and 1.5 inch sleeves and will be more challenging to get it on and off compared to the .5 and the .75 inch sleeves. If using it with the larger sizes, use a lubricant inside it and on the dildo to help get it on and off more easily.

Cleaning & Care

Make sure to disinfect by washing it with antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner to keep it from transferring harmful bacteria anywhere else on the body. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions.

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Dilation exercises are simple and can be quite effective. Simply insert the smallest dilator after applying generous amount of waterbased lubricant and let the dilator stay inserted until you are completely comfortable with that size. Each size may take several days to a couple of weeks of using to become comfortable with them. As you become comfortable with a size move up using progressively larger sizes. It can be helpful to use a clitoral vibrator prior to inserting a dilator to prepare your body for penetration.

Dilation can increase elasticity of the vaginal opening and assist in overcoming any anxiety associated with painful penetration by relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. A woman should always be examined by a physician if she is experiencing genital pain to ensure that any health issues are being addressed. Dilators are often recommended by physicians and we encourage you to ask your doctor about using one for vaginal pain.


Customer Reviews

Most Helpful Positive Review

I have suffered from vaginismus for over six months and I kept thinking that I could just overcome the pain. I spoke with one of your customer service representatives who knew exactly what I was talking about and recommended the Berman Dilator and a speculum. I am only on the 2nd size of the vaginal dilator, but I have seen great improvement and want to thank you for your help. I think more women out there need to understand that this is a medical condition and that while it is easily treated through such stretching exercises such as this, it is not something that one should have to live with and can really impact your life in a negative way if not treated.


Most Helpful Critical Review

I have had vulvadyna which I have been told is an automimmune issue that caused a ring of burning pain and tightening inside my vaginal walls which in turn made sex painful and challenging. I changed my diet after reading the suggested book (Dr. Joel Fuhrman's Super Immunity Diet) you told me about (which is excellent by the way) and it helped to stop the pain. The only problem was that I had tightened up and found that this Dilator was ideal I used it in the shower daily and over a month and a half was able to stretch to the largest size (which is about where my husband is) so I was finally able to have pain-free sex. Thank you for all of your help and excellent products!

Pam - Middleton, WI

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