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Vanity Vr1
Vibrating Kegel Balls
By California Exotics

Jopen Vanity Vr1 is one of the most advanced Kegel exercise sex toys available. It is both a vibrator and kegel exerciser. Its helps to strengthen the Kegel pelvic floor muscles but also has a touch activated panel underneath a thin layer of silicone, which allows it to respond to your vaginal contractions with stimulating vibration.

These strong, duotone balls that can be worn internally vaginally. Made with premium silicone that is velvety soft, nonpourous and is very smooth to the touch. Silicone is of course unscented, latex free, phthalate free and hypoallergenic so it is one of the most pure sex toys around.

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The top ball on this lovely sex toys has its own motor which is activated in unison with the larger bulb. It rests behind the pubic bone and provides vibration to the gspot or the sensitive tissues beyond the urethral sponge, depending on the user's anatomy.


It is an ecofriendly sex toy as it is rechargeable and uses a Lithium Ion Battery to carry the charge. The charge is complete in four hours and allows for several uses on one charge.


The stunning fuchsia color is one of the more unique colors we have seen in a sex toy with hints of blue throughout. Pictures and even the video (available below) simply do not do it justice and it is one of those cases where it is much more beautiful in person.

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3.5" Length
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Power & Control

The vibrations are fairly strong but not as strong as other Vanity models as it is primarily designed as a Kegel Exerciser. It is whisper quiet and is barely able to be heard even when on its strongest setting. It is a very comfortable design and feels wonderful. The larger end is intended to help develop the pelvic floor muscles and therefore is touch activated. What this means is that you have to squeeze your vagina walls to get it to change speeds. Comes standard with 110 volt power adapter with decorator charging stand (240 volt power adapter available upon request, must be special ordered.)

Be gentle with the 3" long retrieval cord as it is made from silicone and is not intended for strong pulling, rather it should be pulled gently or it can pull apart from the device.

Cleaning & Care

Make sure to disinfect by washing it with antibacterial soap. A 10% bleach solution or sex toy cleaner to keep from transferring harmful bacteria anywhere else on the body.

This VR1 does attract lint as well, so a simple rinse off before use may be desired. Even though it is silicone, do not boil it or put it in the dishwasher to sterilize as it has electronic components. It comes with a nice roomy storage bag and is packaged in a tasteful white box that is female friendly. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the lovely silicone texture.


While charging, a red light will let you know that it is taking in power and then turns off once it is fully charged. This amazing sex toy has a 1 year warranty from the "date of purchase" against any mechanical failure with an optional 10 Year Replacement Program once you register your product.


Customer Review

This is wouldn’t use this in public unless you’re somewhere with a fair amount of background noise. It vibrates loudly enough to be heard by others even when its inside you. I can imagine some awkward scenarios that could result from public use.

Margie - Hendersonville, NC

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