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The Gspot
Finding & Stimulating It

The Gspot was first referred as such in the 1950's article found in the International Journal of Sexology. Dr. Ernest Gräfenberg wrote about its sexual sensitivity found along the anterior vaginal wall. Later, it became more widely known through the book, The Gspot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the G-Area or G-Region, which we will explore within this article.

The first documentation of the gspot however, may have been through a Chinese book called the Palace of Yin. The term referenced there means "womb," but it specifically refers to the location in a woman's body where there is an orgasmic secretion called "moon flower medicine".

The gspot has certainly been overlooked for many years in Western medicine's neglect of women's sexuality. There was no further serious research done again until Perry and Whipple's 1978 study which confirmed Dr. Gräfenberg's article.

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"If we agree that it is the Skene's glands. i.e.: Female Prostate (which most would agree upon) that make up the gspot, and because all women have female prostate, then it is only fair to say that all women have a gspot."

While many people call it the gspot, Gräfenberg, never referred to it that way, rather, he just described it as a sensitive, sexual area. In his work, he sited that women have many places on her body that can promote sexual arousal beyond the clitoris. However, the gspot finally got some well deserved attention. After all, it is similar to the male prostate, which we know induces pleasure and secretes a similar fluid. This is known as the Skene's gland (A.K.A. paraurethral gland), found in ALL females.

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What Is The Gspot?

The gspot is an area that is between the size of a quarter and a silver dollar. It is located about 2.5 - 3 inches on the inside, top side of the vaginal wall. Sometimes it cannot be detected unless a woman is aroused as it fills with fluid and becomes more prominent. It is a source of rich, deep sexual pleasure when it is felt. However, you can imagine that some women have difficulty getting fully aroused in a situation where there is clinical research going on; even medical exams... so it can make it that much more difficult to locate.

  • While some women enjoy gspot stimulation from direct pressure up into it, others enjoy wide penetration that stretches the vaginal walls, while providing a deep rubbing sensation against it.

  • It is important to note that some women are not as sensitive to sensation in their gspot area as others and may prefer more clitoral stimulation as a means to achieve sexual stimulation.

  • Like the prostate in males, the gspot can ejaculate during an orgasm and may squirt or gush out. This is called female ejaculation.

Do Only Some Women Have A Gspot?

While ALL women have a Gspot, it was often overlooked by physicians as a woman must be sexually aroused for it to become engorged (and made puffy) and most often women are not sexually aroused when visiting their doctors nor do their doctors stimulate it. But when gynecologists do palpate it they have found that all women indeed have one. Some have thinner tissue there, while others have thicker tissue. Those that have thicker tissue report greater pleasure when it is stimulated and are more easily able to have a gspot orgasm. Think of it this way, some people have more sensitive nipples than others, and some are larger and others smaller.... but they all have nipples.

Study Says Only Some Women Have A Gspot

Imagine a doctor saying that only some men have a prostate. That would be ridiculous right? Well, that about sums up this study. Emmanuele Jannini of the University of L'Aquila in Italy has said that the female vaginal orgasm exists only in some women.

Location of the gspot

Urethra and Skenes Glands AKA Gspot

In his study, Jannini determined that on the front vaginal wall the tissue was thicker in the women who had disclosed that they achieve vaginal orgasms. This could be an indicator that women who have more prominent gspots climax from stimulation to it more easily.

According to the study, the thicker tissue demonstrates the presence of a Gspot. However, one has to examine if that is what we are really referring to when we are identifying the gspot

Are we saying that it is tissue or are we saying that it is the female prostate under the tissue? If we agree that it is the female prostate (which most would agree upon) that make up the gspot, and because all women have female prostate, then it is only fair to say that all women have a gspot.

However, some women have thicker tissue in front of the female prostate which means that it makes it's presence more pronounced and easier to find. It also allows for more pressure to be placed on it when a penis, finger or sex toy is pressing against it. Therefore, it would logically make sense that those women that have more tissue in front of the female prostate would be more prone to vaginal orgasm than those with not as much tissue.

When you look at a woman as a whole than you can see her sexual functioning more clearly. All women have a gspot, however, the sensitivity of that gspot, the mass of tissue in front of it and the size of those glands are all variables. A woman will have to determine if she has high or low sensitivity and work with what she has. Should she not find much pleasure through gspot stimulation, then certainly vaginal stimulation is still an over all pleasurable sensation, especially when enhanced with clitoral stimulation.

Dr. Helen O'Connell, a well-known Australian researcher, feels that the gspot is connected to the vagina, clitoris and urethra to make up a "clitoral complex." It has recently been determined that the clitoris is shaped like a wish bone and extends through the vaginal walls and contracts during sexual arousal. This has led some researchers to think that rather than there being a gspot, it is a continuation of the clitoris even though the clitoris is not located there.

In a Rutgers University study, it was shown through an MRI test, that the cervix, clitoris and vagina stimulated distinct areas of the women's sensory cortex in her brain. What was interesting was that each woman's brain sensed the distinct stimulation of each area, including the area of the vaginal wall where the gspot is located.

On a side note the paraurethral glands (Skene's glands), were officially renamed the female prostate by the Federative International Committee on Anatomical Terminology in 2002.


Female Ejaculation

Stimulating the gspot to achieve female ejaculation is usually necessary in order to experience it, however, a woman can simply be sexually aroused and push it out. The gspot (female prostate) fill up with fluid through sexual stimulation and once filled. It does not require an orgasm in order to experience it. However, having it occur with an orgasm can be quite an amazing sensation.

The medical community continues neglect women's sexuality by not further examining female ejaculation with more research. This is most likely due to the strong association people have to this beautiful female sexual function as pornographic or as a bogus myth that it is urine. One would think we are still living in the dark ages when many scientists, researchers and medical professionals resist being linked to women's sexual functioning for fear of being thought of as supporting what the porn industry has been marketing for years as 'squirting, gushing, and spraying ejaculate.'

The truth is that female ejaculation does exist, however, it can sometimes be mixed with urine through what is termed as retrograde ejaculation, where the ejaculate fluid is expelled by the gspot and travels into the urethra. It then can be mixed with urine in the urethra and come out together. It can also come out by itself and that is why you have many different stories about what it is and what it is not.

For more information on this, you can read "What Is Female Ejaculation?"


Techniques For Locating The Gspot

A woman should lay on her back and bring her knees up to her chest. From this position you can use your fingers to feel for it by pressing up into the area. If you have difficulty reaching it, then you might want to use a gspot style dildo that will help you to reach. One of the easiest is the Hitachi Magic wand with the gspotter attachment. You can also have a partner use their fingers to press upward into the area. There are of course other positions that you can get into such as the doggie position, however, it may be easier for women to turn upside down on the bed and put their feet up against the headboard to hold the position while they search for it and learn to stimulate it.


Gspot Stimulation Through Use of Fingers

The best way to find it is to first use fingers remembering that the gspot responds more so to pressure rather than just a superficial rubbing. Moving your fingers up into the gspot can provide enhanced pleasure and intensity of sexual arousal. Using your finger in a 'come here' motion is the most common way to stimulate the gspot, however, we have a comprehensive article on the subject if you would like more information on how to "finger".

As your fingers may become tired after a while of doing this, we recommend using a finger vibrator, gspot vibrator or dildo in addition to the possibility of penile penetration as a way of providing continued stimulation to her and relief for your fingers. Gspot vibrators also help to stimulate blood flow to the area and make sensations more pleasurable.


Gspot Stimulation Through Intercourse

During intercourse, a woman may or may not be able to achieve orgasm via her gspot alone. It depends on level of arousal, positioning, penis shape & size, vaginal shape & size and how sensitive she is to gspot stimulation. Sexual positions that help put pressure on the gspot are helpful. Liberator Shapes are known for helping couples with these types of positions. Another helpful sexual tool is called the Tiani and We-Vibe and is shown below.


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