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Womanizer Pro Plus
Air Pulse Sex Toy: Clitoral & Nipple Stimulation
By Epi24 USA LLC

The Womanizer Pro Plus in White & Gold is not a standard vibrator or suction device, rather, it is an air pulse device which is a new patented sexual product that is especially designed for the clitoris but can also be used on nipples. The soft silicone head offers light vibrating suction with pulsating stimulation. It features 12 functions of vibration intensity and surrounds the clitoris for optimal sensation. Because of the light suction and pulsing the Womanizer enhances blood flow to the clitoris which helps to promote good sexual health in addition to sexual pleasure. It is different than the standard Womanizer and Womanizer Pro as it has a larger head to accommodate women with a larger clitoris. This may also be helpful for trans men who are taking hormone therapy (testosterone) and need a larger clitoral suction base.

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Use of lubricant around the rim helps create enhanced sensation. Removable attachment with an extra one included. The Womanizer Plus comes with a storage case, full instruction booklet and a USB charging cable. Charging: 4 hour charge giving you up to 90 minutes of play. The noise level of this product decreases once in place.

How To Use The Womanizer Plus Gold

Spread the labia apart to expose clitoris. Place the Womanizer over the clitoris after you have placed a small amount of water based lubricant around the opening and rim of the Womanizer. Make sure to place the Womanizer down so that there is a seal and the clitoris is completely inside. Lay back and enjoy the pulsating sensations of the Womanizer as it works to stimulate the clitoris and increase blood flow which can increase the intensity of orgasms.

Womanizer Vibrator Womanizer Plus by Epi24

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8" Length
2" Diameter
7.8" Circumference
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Cleaning & Care

You may use sex toy cleaner or even soap and water as this product is nonporous. It comes in a tasteful box that is female friendly. As with any sex toy, we recommend only using waterbased lubricants to avoid any chemical reactions with the silicone texture. Do not use lubricants or oils with perfume or alcohol as it may damage to the device. To clean remove the silicone head and wash with water and antibacterial soap. Dry thoroughly before putting back on device. Clean the surface of the device with a clean moist cloth. Do not submerge in water, this is not a waterproof product. Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty.


To turn on, press the jeweled button and hold for 2 seconds. The Womanizer will start on the lowest setting. When you have it on the strongest setting you will not feel the vibration / pulsing of the product until you create a suction with the product. For example, you can put your finger inside and seal the suction cup to feel the pulsing sensation. Place the suction cup over the clitoris so that there is a seal around the suction cup. Moving it away and allowing a break in the seal will stop the sensation. Once you have the Womanizer in place hold it still to provide optimal simulation. To increase the speeds press the (+) button and to decrease it select the (-) button. To turn off you must press the jeweled button and hold for 2 seconds. When charging the device will flash a green light. When it shows as a constant green it is charged. When it turns red it can still be used it is just letting you know that it is not fully charged.

ustomer Review

When I first got the Womanizer Plus I was impressed with the elegant look and packaging. However, learning to use it took some time, but once I did I have to say this sex toy is incredible! When I first turned it on it felt like it was not even doing anything. I put my pinkie in the cup and felt it working but was still skeptical. I pressed it against my clitoris and really was not impressed so I called Holistic Wisdom to ask if I was doing something wrong or if it was defective. I was doing it wrong and turns out you really have to get the cup over the clitoris and create a seal so that it creates a kind of suction. Once you do that then you will be blown away. I came within less than 60 seconds of using it and then came again and again within 10 minutes. When a toy can make you orgasm three times in 10 minutes, this thing should get an award and thanks to Holistic Wisdom for shipping it discreetly, ensuring it was factory sealed and helping me figure out how to properly use this amazing, amazing product!

Nicole - Ashland, OR

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