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The Worst Sex Toys
Bad Reviews for Sex Toys

Your safety and satisfaction are important to us and that is why we have compiled a list of what we find to be the worst sex toys available. These products are either poorly made, contain toxic materials, or have received numerous bad reviews from our customers.

We recommend that you avoid these bad sex toys and stick with that products you know are high-quality and safe.

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Our Three Strikes Rule

Some of the products below were at one time on our site. However, we have a three strikes rule, which means; if a product receives three complaints that are legitimate concerns (and are not just about personal preference for something superficial like color or size), then we will pull it from our web site.
We still leave the web page up with insight into the negative reviews, because we want consumers to be educated about the product and to avoid it elsewhere. We will not sell products that we feel are not worth your time or money and that is why we have this policy. That is why you will find that most of the products we sell have very high star ratings as we only keep the products if they are well liked. We would rather have a smaller selection of healthy, well rated products then offer you a huge amount of poorly made products. Check out the products below that just do not make the grade.

Eden Male Masturbation Sleeve by Dr. Laura Berman
Power Stroker
Enhancer Cage
Purple Delight
Customers reported that this was too tight, uncomfortable, not stretchy and had a painful rigid curve.
Cheaply made, poorly manufactured. Difficult to clean, weak sucking stimulation.
Too small and very tight. Covers head of penis preventing any stimulation during use.
Poor quality, cheaply made. Difficult to use, unable to change out dildo with harness.
Dorcel Adjustable Silicone Cockring
Gplay Silicone Dildos
Heartbreaker Vibrating Silicone Dildo
Mary Mermaid by Fun Factory
Tthe ring did not hold well or provide enough support.
Shae was not comfortable for users and in some cases was painful.
Vibrations throughout the shaft were weak and difficult to feel.
Vibrations were very low throughout shaft and shape was not comfortable to use.
Sta-Hard Cream
Big One
Double Dong
Vibrating Jack Silicone Dildo By Jollies
Contains benzocaine and other inorganic materials dangerous for intimate use.
Made with jelly which can be toxic if used internally. Contains other toxic materials
Poor quality, made with toxic materials. flimsy shaft with little support, difficult to use.
Gspot, clitoral and anal stimulation from this 100% Silicone Vibrating Dildo & harness compatible was no help to it's odd design and poor angle.
Double Delight
Penis Sleeve
Turbo Stroker
Jollet Silicone Dildos By Jollies
Difficult to use, does not stay in place. Made with Jelly and other toxic materials.
Too small and very tight. Covers head of penis preventing any stimulation during use.
Weak sucking motion, little stimulation. Breaks easily, received numerous bad reviews.
A larger silicone dildo that allows for intense gspot or prostate stimulation due to the very uncomfortable large bump.
Red Light Plug
Ultra Sabi by Erotic Embrace
Rotobator Masturbation Sleeve For Men
Rabbit Pearl Deluxe
Shorts out, does not consistently work. Numerous complaints about poor quality.
Customers were not impressed with the quality of these products and therefore, we have pulled them from our site.
This was not well liked as it simply rubbed men raw that used it and was described as quite unpleasurable.
The vibration was very low on this and the detachable clitoral vibrator was weak and not very effective.
Inttimo Shaving Cream By Wet
Bear Storage Cse
8ight Love Ring Cockring
Verticle Turbo Stroker Masturbator
This was banned from our site as the formula contained parabens which are associated with health issues.
The bear is very large, but the storage pocket is the size of a wallet, so you could only store a small item or two in it which defeats the purpose of the product.
Described as uncomfortable, and not effective at all, this product was a cute idea but poorly executed.
This did not provide much suction and was a disappointment to the men who used it.
Body Heat- Self-warming Vibrator With Removeable Cock Ring
Bswish Bsoft Vibrator- Sex Toy
Berman Vibrator- Phoebe
Low vibration levels and no really warmth from the promised heat in this unit. Also the detachable ring was a disappointment as well with low vibration levels.
Poor design which kept the jack opening from fully being closed. Low vibration levels and over all dissatisfaction with the product.
Poor design made the neck of this product snap and break easily.
This was a strange vibrator in that it simply rotated and was not really a vibrator at all. The attachments were firm and did nothing but rub people raw.
Vibra Phone
Flower Dildos
Dream Maker Dual Action Vibrator
Vibration was too low and cell phone looked very dated.
Shape was not comfortable and did not fit antaomy well.
Shape of the flower, while a cute idea was not an effective clitoral stimulator.
This product had mechanical issues and therefore was pulled as it was not a reliable sex toy.

Honey Bear
Mini Dream
Clitoral stimulator with attached remote. Small bullet-like vibrations, variable speeds.
Mini bullet vibrator with attached remote. Dual stimulation on bullet exterior.

Avoid Waterbased Lubricants with Parabens Like These-

Parbens have been shown to alter estrogen levels, heighten allergic reactions, decrease sperm count, cause problems to fetal development for pregnant women and spurs the development of skin cancer.

Wet Lubricant
Astroglide Lubricant
KY Jelly
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
ID Glide Lubricant
Wet Light Lubricant
Pink Water Personal Lubricant
System Jo Waterbased Lubricant
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
System Jo Anal Lubricant
System Jo Agape
Mediterranean Moisture
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens
Banned from Holistic Wisdom:
Contains Parabens


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