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Sex Toy Battery Advice
Understanding How They Work In Sex Toys

Many sex toys require batteries, so we have put together a few reminders on how to use them in your sex toys most effectively. Many points we make in this article are often not well known and are important to keep your sex toys running well.

It can mean the difference between having a sex toy for a few months versus a few years. We also cover installation issues below as well.

The difference between
having a sex toy for a few
months versus years.

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Sex Toys & Batteries: Keeping Your Sex Toy Running for Years


Store your batteries outside of the toy to extend the battery and toy life. There are a few reasons why this is important-

  • If your sex toys is inadvertently turned on when moved around and not in use, even at a low speed, it can drain the batteries.

  • If you washed your sex toy and some water accidentally got into the battery compartment, it can corrode the battery and the contacts inside the toy. Always make sure to completely dry your toy and leave the batteries out to let in air dry and keep from getting damaged by moisture.

  • Alkaline batteries can leak and corrode everything inside your sex toy, causing it to be permanently ruined.
2) An excellent battery alternative is to buy NiMH rechargeable batteries. They offer a high current much like Alkaline batteries. When either of those types of batteries start to slow down, you should pull them out. The rechargeable batteries can easily be put into the recharger to be brought back up to speed. If you have older rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries, these can suffer from what is considered a "charge memory" that make them impossible to charge fully; whereas the NiMH rechargeable batteries do not have that issue. NiMH rechargeable batteries last for years and are great for sex toys. Just make sure that they are not larger than disposable batteries as rechargeable ones can run slightly larger and become stuck in a product. See our tips below should you have batteries become stuck in your sex toy.
3) A mistake that many people make is to keep batteries in your sex toy when it is running low and let them run out of power. This is not good for your sex toy. This applies to Alkaline, Heavy Duty and rechargeable batteries. The reason for this is because the voltage keeps the motor spinning and when it is at a low pressure caused by low and almost drained batteries, it puts more pressure on your sex toy's components and can cause them to prematurely break. That is why it is better to use fresh batteries and take them out as soon as you notice decreased power. It is also why rechargeable batteries make better sense for financial savings and to help protect the environment.
4) It may be worth investing in Heavy Duty batteries (AKA Zinc Chloride batteries) as they are much less likely to leak (as compared to Alkaline batteries). They tend to be more expensive, but will keep your sex toy in good shape. You should still remove them after using your sex toy as discussed above and stop using them when they run low.
5) Batteries in landfills are not just bad for the environment, they are bad for your health! Even though landfills are lined, rain water carries chemicals in your trash into the water table which in turn contaminates your drinking supply. So next time you are heading to the trash with a batteries, think about that glass of water you just drank and choose to recycle it. A good resource for finding recycle centers in your area is Earth 911.

Tips on how to remove batteries that are stuck in your sex toy-

While it is great to use rechargeable batteries, please be aware that some brands run slightly larger than others and may be larger than standard disposable batteries. Using them is not usually a problem unless the battery compartment of your sex toy is very tight which can cause the batteries to become stuck. If your batteries get stuck, you may want to try the following tips, however, please note that we are not liable for any damage you do to a sex toy due to batteries becoming stuck inside and/or your attempts to remove them. These are suggestions only and are to be done at your own risk-

  • You can attempt to pull the batteries out with some slim pliers.

  • You can also try using a flat head screw driver or butter knife to wiggle the batteries out.

  • You can try putting the battery compartment (not the whole product) wrapped in a plastic bag into the freezer and wait a few hours. If you cannot remove the battery compartment you may try putting the entire product inside. The point in doing this is to reduce any swelling of the batteries and allow for them to loosen up inside.

  • If cold does not work, you may try using a hair dryer to warm the battery holder so that it will flex a bit to remove the batteries.

  • If you are able to remove the batteries do not use these type of batteries in the product again.

  • WARNING- Be warned that if it is an alkaline battery or other type that is stuck and/or has leaked or exploded within the device, do not attempt to remove it. You will need to properly dispose of the product so that you don't incur chemical burns from the damaged battery.

Is Your Product Defective or Could It Be Your Batteries?

Customers who think an adult toy is defective often find that it was just improper positioning of the batteries, so make sure to read the following carefully-

1) Make sure your batteries have not expired.
2) Make sure the battery contacts are clear of paper or residue. This will ensure that the battery will have a clean connection for providing the most power.
3) Make sure that the batteries have been inserted properly.
4) If the toy is not working, try adjusting the batteries to make sure they are making contact. If your batteries are in good condition and installed correctly and the vibrator still doesn't work, check that the base cap is tight. A lot of waterproof vibrators come with a rubber grommet at the base to prevent water from entering the battery compartment. For the contacts to reach the battery, it's often necessary to tighten up the base. It's OK to tighten up the base as long as you're twisting the base, and not the adjustment dial - be careful not to break it! Twist the base until it comes in contact with the batteries.
5) Some vibrators come with a paper or plastic insert inside the battery compartment. Before removing them consider that vibrators often work best when these inserts are left in tact. They cut down unwanted noise by separating the battery from the outer casing and allow the battery to fit snugly in its compartment. If the insert is not installed the battery could rattle against the outside casing causing a lot of noise. The inserts also act as a moisture barrier, helping to prevent unwanted moisture from coming in contact with the battery, and helping to prevent any battery leakage from coming in contact with your vibrator's casing.
6) If you haven't already, check the battery compartment for a battery diagram. If it isn't written on the paper insert, it might be imprinted on the casing inside the battery compartment, on the battery compartment lid, or written on a card included with your vibrator.


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