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Female Ejaculation
A Look At Why It Is Important For Women

Female ejaculation is an important sexual experience for women as it allows them to experience a sense of release that is quite liberating. It defies the taboos of sex that have long held women a prisoner; the fear of her own sexuality and what it means to fully express that part of herself.

Female ejaculation became a topic that I have been passionate about since I first began researching it back in 2001. I then went on to write a book and produce a video called The Art of Female Ejaculation.

Lisa Lawless
By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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While I cannot tell you exactly how many women and couples over the years have contacted me and have thanked me for helping them to achieve it, I know that there are thousands. Every email and conversation that I have received and had with their expressed appreciation has moved and humbled me. You would be surprised to hear of some of the ways that female ejaculation affects women. Some of those who could do it but did not know what it was are a few of my favorite stories.

One in particular was quite touching and I thought that I would take a moment to share it with you as it shows on many levels how important understanding women's sexuality is and why we must continue to press for public education about this.

One of the readers of my book, a women in her twenties, contacted me to say that my it had changed her life; only neither of us really knew how much until a year later. She started reading it and had suddenly realized that she had not been urinating on her partner, rather she was experiencing female ejaculation. She understood for the first time since she had been doing it in her teens that it was a normal sexual response.

Her partner at the time had been quite abusive to her and had made her feel ashamed for doing it. He told her that she was disgusting for urinating on him. He used to beat her and yet she felt that she would not get a partner. After all, in her mind she wondered who would put up with someone that urinated on them during sex?

After reading my book she called me to tell me that she was leaving her abusive relationship because she realized that what she was doing was not only normal but beautiful. I take no credit for her finding her own courage. That was always hers and the way I see it, sometimes we just need a reminder of who we really are inside to remember that we are worthy of love and respect. My book was simply her reminder.

She kept in touch for over a year and every time she spoke with me something wonderful and new was happening for her. She relocated to a larger city and got a wonderful job with Victoria's Secret in their corporate office. She began dating again and found a wonderful man who treated her like the amazing woman she had always been all along.

What always amazes me is how little people think their sexuality affects other aspects of their life and vice versa. This is why I named our company Holistic Wisdom and not something sexual. After all, everything is interconnected when it comes to our sexual health. Our emotions, our thoughts, our bodies and even our sense of spirituality. When understanding your sexuality fully, you have to integrate them all.

I have gotten many an email from a man with erectile dysfunction that thanks us for our help and feels that we have not just helped him but enhanced his marriage. Every day I know that the sexual health information that we share helps people and it gives me great joy to know that you too may benefit from it. Take some time on our site, read about female ejaculation and other areas of sexuality and know that you are in the hands of people who sincerely care about you.

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