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Erotic Electrostimulation
Everything You Need To Know

Erotic electrostimulation uses electrical currents to sexually stimulate and is fast becoming a popular way to enjoy sexual pleasure. Learn what it is all about, common myths, consumer alerts and warnings, research and studies regarding health benefits, tips for using estim devices as well as safety concerns and more.

Safety Precautions are listed at the bottom of this page.

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By Lisa S. Lawless, Ph.D.
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Erotic electrostimulation uses a low-voltage electrical current for sexual stimulation and is the next level in sexual stimulation. It is also known as electro sex, estim, electro stim, electrical stimulation and EES. Erotic electrostimulation is when electrodes are placed on the desired sexual areas, thus, creating a circuit of electrical impulses which travels along nerve fibers. This provides both pleasure and releases endorphins. Experts agree that using such devices are safe, but only if proper equipment is used and instructions followed in order to ensure that the device is being used properly as such devices can cause harm if directions are not followed.

While many people think of this as simply using a sensation of electrical shocks to stimulating one sexually, it is actually much different than one who has not experienced it may imagine. Electrostimulation has long been used for improving the health of muscles, pain reduction, cosmetic skin improvements and nerve regeneration.

The basic way to describe using an electrostimulation device is that there is typically a power box connected to wires (leads) that connect to electrodes. These electrodes may be pads but may also include dildos, clitoral electrodes, labia and gspot stimulators, butt plugs, prostate probes, testicle rings, penis rings, CBT boards, urethral probes (sounds) and other penile stimulators.

Below you will find our erotic electrostimulation guide to help you determine if this is something that is right for you and/or your lover. If you have questions that are not answered in this article, feel free to contact us as we are always happy to help provide you with additional information.

What Does Erotic Electrostimulation Feel Like?

What the sensations feel like depend on what power level you are using as well as the types of electrodes you use, but it can feel as gentle as a light tingling sensation to a heavy throbbing with muscle contractions using higher intensities. While nothing can compare to sex with a real lover, the use of erotic electrostimulation has been compared with some of the most sexually stimulating sensations available.

For men that use it on their penis, they typically describe it as someone stroking their penis from both the inside and outside. When combined with testicle stimulation it begins to become even more intense and pleasurable from a tingling to a deep throbbing stroking. The same applies to women when using a vaginal probe or stimulating the clitoris. In addition, because of the muscle contractions that the estim device provides, many women find that it acts as a Kegel exerciser and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles to help create a tighter vaginal canal and provide stronger orgasms.

In addition to doctors, physical therapists and chiropractors, acupuncturists also use electrostimulation. There is a key sexual stimulation point called spleen 6 (located approximately 3 inches above the inner ankle) which has shown to be a good point to stimulate for sexual arousal. Research done in women found that simply stimulating this point by using electrostimulation was able to bring women to orgasm.

What Are Self-contained Estim Sex Toys?

With the advancement in sex toys there are now vibrating sex toys that also have electrostimulation features built into them, thus creating complete erotic electrostimulation sex toys in one product. They are self contained with no wires and do not require an additional electro-stimulating device.

Examples of Estim Sex Toys That Do Not Require an electro-stimulating device.

Mystim Tickling Truman
Mystim Sizzling Simon
Mystim Electric Eric

Homemade Erotic Electrostimulation Devices

We urge those considering making a homemade electrostimulation device to consider the serious risks of using something that has not been independently tested for safety. Areas of concern are that the homemade electrostimulation device may supply too much power or not provide enough insulation and in some cases cause the electrode to become live. Deaths have been reported from such attempts and in one situation a man who decided he was going to make his own device put an electrode of his own making up his urethra (as an electric sound) and ended up burning the inside of it so badly it seared the tissue shut causing the need for urgent corrective surgery. This is an example of why we do not recommend homemade devices even if you have found instructions on the internet. Using kits that are tested for safety is something we strongly recommend.

Erotic Electrostimulation Health Benefits

E-stim can be felt within the electrodes and can stimulate one to experience a hands-free orgasm with little effort. These machines are designed to increase erotic pleasure and can also be used to relax muscles and reduce stress. Furthermore, they may be helpful for medical inhibitors which prevent normal sexual functioning and may be useful in cases of infertility, erectile dysfunction (ED), female sexual dysfunction and even for those who have disabilities that prevent them from having sex such as paralysis. It is always best to consult with your physician before using such a device when you have health concerns and important to understand that erotic electrostimulation will not "cure" any of these or other health conditions; rather they may be able to address symptoms with improvements to performance. Again, it is best to review these matters first with your physician should you have concerns.

Electroejaculation has been used for many years in humans and does address some of the issues related to ED. Electroejaculation is when a electrostimulation probe is inserted into a male's rectum in order to produce ejaculation and is often used in cases of ejaculatory dysfunction for both animals and humans.

While there have been very few studies using erotic electrostimulation for sexual health benefits, there have been several through acupuncture studies which is referred to as electro-acupuncture. This is where an electrical current is used through acupuncture needles and inserted into the skin. Below are a few studies to give you an idea of how well this form of treatment worked in some of the studies-

  • In 2011, a study showed that women who had an electro-acupuncture for infertility treatments had a better chance of giving birth. The study was conducted with a total of 309 women who underwent vitro fertilization (IVF). It was determined that those who had electro-acupuncture at the time that their embryos were implanted were more likely to give birth.

  • Use of electro acupuncture has also been show to treat erectile dysfunction when the perineum and penis were needled. A study done by NIH was done in regard to using such a treatment for erectile dysfunction and it was found that there was a marked improvement of 39% of men who tried it. Specifically, it also improved the quality of erections by over 15% of patients and even more promising was the 31% of men who reported an increase in their sexual activity.

Electro-acupuncture has been used to treat a variety of sexual health issues-

Infertility Menopause: In Women & Men Sexual Aversion Disorder
Premature Ejaculation Decreased Sperm Mobility Prostate Issues
Erectile Dysfunction Vaginismus Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
Female Sexual Dysfunction Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder STD Outbreaks

Research Through Sex Toy Manufacturers

The development of electrostimulation sex toys by several adult novelty retailers have included scientific and medical testing. At one of the largest sex toy manufacturers in the world (California Exotics, LLC) there were two medical professionals who created a unique electrostimulation dildo apparatus to strengthen women's pelvic floor muscles. During the initial testing of this product, something unexpected occurred. A very unassuming woman quietly admitted that she experienced one of the best orgasms of her life. Then another tentative voice echoed the same result. Then another, and another.

Before long, numerous women in the study group reported having intense orgasms when using the device. The medical team was amazed at the unexpected feedback. Certainly not considered a negative side effect, they decided to explore the cause of the orgasms. Scientific research indicated that since the pelvic floor muscles are partly responsible for the involuntary contractions which occur during orgasm, an electrostimulation dildo may also be capable of producing incredible pleasure. This revelation made them look at their invention in a different light.

Other manufacturers have now brought such products to the public also adding vibration in the form of a gspot stimulator on the shaft along with clitoral stimulators that vibrate as well. These sex toys now have the ability to hit virtually every erotic area of a woman's genitals simultaneously. The final result is an adult novelty that strengthens pelvic floor muscles essential to a woman's sexual joy, and increases the intensity of her orgasms.

These electrostimulation sex toys use the very same electrical pulses as much more expensive medical devices (Utah Medical's Liberty) that are used in physical therapy for the rehabilitation of women who suffer from weak pelvic floors (urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction).

Dr. Jessica Browning-Cassaday said of electrostimulation sex toys that "Kegel exercisers help strengthen pelvic floor muscles, which may lead to longer, stronger orgasms. Unfortunately, most women don't achieve optimal performance when performing Kegel exercises. These products automatically target and tone pelvic muscles with greater precision; it does the work for you. More intense orgasms, plus sexual wellness benefits."


Best Erotic Electrostimulation Products

The electrostimulation sex toys and devices that we carry on our site are only from companies that also specialize in making them for medical purposes as we feel strongly that such devices must be safe and of the highest quality for our customers. We highly recommend that you only buy from companies that sell as an authorized dealer of such devices and who understand how these devices work. The last thing you want to do is spend money on something that may not work or worse may cause you harm. Below are a few consumer tips when buying erotic electrostimulation sex toys as well as sex toys in general-

  • Buy Only from Sellers Who Sell New Sex Toys-
    Due to the nature of sexual products make sure you look for a sex toy retailer that only sells new products and does not allow for returns unless a product is defective (and they have you dispose of the defective one or dispose of it themselves). Due to risks of STDs it would be a huge liability to be sending a sex toy that may have been used. No business should ever risk a customer's health and we feel very strongly about this issue because we care about your health.

  • Buy Only from Resellers Who Play By the Rules-
    Look for retailers that abide by the manufacturer's rules and regulations so that they can keep receiving the products directly from the Manufacturers and offer you all of the manufacturer's warranties.

  • Be Wary of too Good to be True-
    Extremely low priced products may be stolen or refurbished (used sex toys) in these situations the old adage of 'too good to be true,' may apply. We suggest you use extreme caution when purchasing products that are well below a manufacturers suggested retail price (MSRP) or Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). There are a few reasons why selling low is done as you must remember that all businesses must make money to stay around, so if the price is too good to be true, it most likely is as you will be paying for it in other ways. Please note that we do not do any of the following as we respect our customers.

    • Selling of Your Information -
      Even with large, mainstream companies this is done.

    • Advertising to You -
      They will bombard you with all kinds of sales pitches by email, phone and mail. Some may be pornographic..

    • Stolen or Used Merchandise-
      Some people and stores will resell used sex toys. There also may be a chance that the merchandise was not purchased wholesale, rather it was stolen.

Erotic Electrostimulation Myths

  • While estim makes having an orgasm easy it cannot be used to force someone to have one without their consent despite a variety of myths to the contrary.

  • Another myth is that x-ray machines at airports will definitely damage estim devices. Typically, this is not true but it may be more subject to inspection and require an explanation.

  • Some people out there that are not only against electrostimulation but sex toys in general are under the illusion that they are addictive and once you use them you will not want normal sex again. This is a ridiculous line of thinking as no sex toy in and of itself is addictive or can come close to the sensation of skin to skin contact with another person.
    Read more in our articles Fear of Sex Toys and Men's Fear of Sex Toys.

  • There are those that indicate that erotic electrostimulation causes nerve damage. However, there are no scientific studies that have indicated this and we have found that such articles are typically written by those advocating you purchase natural herbs instead, which of course they sell. In fact, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) did a study in 2009 that indicated that electrostimulation actually promotes nerve regeneration. However, we encourage you to be an empowered consumer and do further research on the subject if you are concerned.

    What we have found in our own research is that it does not cause nerve damage; rather it helps nerves to heal and work better. We have also found that electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) has been used safely for hundreds of years. Using erotic electrostimulation may promote the well-known effects of voluntary resistance training which basically means it increases the strength of your muscles without you having to do any of the work. It has been used on athletes to improve physical performance as well as to help heal muscles. In addition, it has been used for cosmetic reasons to enhance skin appearance for a firmer more youthful appearance.

  • There are no documented health benefits to electrostimulation is yet another myth. There are many medical conditions that have long been treated using electrostimulation for health conditions that present muscle, joint, or bone problems. Examples of such illnesses are fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, lower back pain, neck pain, tendinitis and bursitis. In addition, electrostimulation has been used to treat conditions that present pain such as child birth and even chronic pain associated with cancer. This does not even include the sexual health studies of electrostimulation that we also mention in this article.

  • Another myth is that you cannot have any metal piercings. You do not necessarily have to take out metal piercing when using an electrostimulation device. You should take out piercings if it is close to where you will be using an electrode as metal does conduct electrical current and if the current comes near the piercing, it may jump to it and make it warm up.

  • Also see our article on Vibrator Myths.


Erotic Electrostimulation Tips

  • Use estim on low settings for at least a few minutes before increasing them helps you to gently familiarize yourself with the sensations.

  • Avoid putting the power settings on too high your first few times so that you can get used to the sensations and see how your body reacts to such stimulation.

  • If you are unsure about using an electrostimulation device you can consult with a physical therapist, acupuncturist, or doctor to help you determine if it is appropriate for you to use one as well as what settings and type to use.

  • Dry skin has a fairly high resistance so that is why lubricating the skin is important. If you do not have enough lubricant the feeling can be sharp and painful.

  • When using a probe vaginally, the best way to test it is to turn it on and place it in the crux of your elbow. If you grab it with your hand it will hurt as the micro-currents of electricity will be stronger as it is bouncing off the tiny bones in your hand. A vagina does not have bones, but rather soft tissue so the feeling will be much different. Vaginal electrostimulation dildos are sex toys that can be used as a Kegel exerciser with long term pleasure benefits. Once Kegel muscles are toned and tightened, a woman may have stronger and longer orgasms as reported by many women who have tried them. It is also advised not to get to the highest level until you work up to it. Women will see a lot of benefit from just being on lower levels.

  • It is recommended to use the electrostimulation dildos or probes for Kegel exercise for the first 30 days, 6 days a week in 5 minute sessions. Again, as a woman is relaxed, by the 6th day she may want to try level 2 and work her way up as the month progresses.

Keeping Things Clean & Shaved

When using erotic electrostimulation sex toys it may be beneficial to have freshly washed skin that is hair free. By having smooth and clean skin you will ensure that you are getting full contact with the electrodes and avoiding hot spots and electrical arcing. If you opt to use an anal electrode, you may wish to consider using an enema beforehand to wash away fecal matter before any electrostimulation.

If you have a an estim probe and wish to clean it, use a good sex toy cleaner to keep from transferring harmful bacteria anywhere else on the body. Even if it is silicone, do not boil it or put it in the dishwasher to sterilize as it has electronic components.

Using The Right Lubricant

While you can use olive oil or any waterbased lubricant for erotic electrostimulation, you will find much better results when you use an estim gel as they are designed to promote electrical conductivity and contain ingredients such as salt to assist in maximizing results. You will want to avoid any silicone or silicone hybrid lubricants as they act as an insulator and reduces conductivity.

Electrostim Gels- Paraben Free

Estim Terminology

  • Generating Source
    This term refers to the power source for the erotic electro stimulation device which can also be referred to as a power box. It controls the frequency of the electrical impulses that are delivered through either the electrodes or other attachments used for erotic electrostimulation sex play.

  • EMS
    This term stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) and it is the stimulation that draws forth muscle contraction using electric impulses. It is sometimes also referred to as electromyostimulation or Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES/NES).

  • TENS
    This term stands for Transcutaneous Electrical nerve Stimulation (TENS) and is reference to the electrical current that is produced by an attachment to stimulate.

  • Leads
    This term simply refers to the wires that connect electrodes to your generator source / power source.

  • Configurations
    This refers to the type of combination of electrodes that are used in order to provide the desired results by placing them on the body for maximum efficacy.

  • Full Contact
    To be successful in estim, it is important to have full contact which means that there are no gaps or space between the electrode and the skin. If there is space, the electricity may arc and create an electrical 'zapping' sensation that can be uncomfortable. This is typically used for BDSM play as it somewhat painful. For users who do not wish to experience such pain, it is important to make sure there is no space between the electrode and the skin.

  • Hot Spots
    These can occur when there is not enough lubricant used, contact with metal jewelry, unshaved pubic hair and other things that would keep an electrode from having full contact with the skin.

  • Electrodes
    This is the attachment that is used to deliver the electrostimulation. They are most often made from both conductive and nonconductive materials and can come in different shapes and sizes. Please note that you cannot connect more than one output to the same electrode unless it is allowed through a special model of an electrostimulation device. It is important to read the instructions carefully and unless otherwise directed, you should assume that you cannot connect the leads together from different channels or devices. Electrodes can be made of a variety of materials. Typical metals include gold, silver, aluminum, and stainless steel. They can also be made out of conductive silicone or rubber.

    They can also come in single, double, triple, or quadruple pole versions.

    Single Pole
    A single pole (uni-pole) refers to an electrode with one connection point and continuous conductive surface. When using a single pole electrode, you must use another electrode for it to complete the circuit and work. It will not work unless at least one other electrode is used.

    Double Pole
    This type of electrode (a.k.a. bi-pole, bipolar) has two connection points with two separate conductive surfaces and can be used by itself as it is able to complete the circuit. It may also be used as a single pole when only one of the connection points on it is used.

    Triple Pole
    Also known as a tri-pole, this type of electrode has three connection points with three separate conductive surfaces and can be used by itself as it is able to complete the circuit. It may also be used as a single or double pole when one or two of the connection points on it is used.

    Quadruple Pole
    Also known as a quad-pole (a.k.a. quadra-pole), this type of electrode has four connection points with four separate conductive surfaces and can be used by itself as it is able to complete the circuit. It may also be used as a single, double or triple pole when one, two or three of the connection points on it is used.


Erotic Electrostimulation Safety

Most devices on the market today are safe to use as long as you follow the instructions carefully. Below you will find some safety tips for using erotic electrostimulation devices.

  • Make sure your estim product is fully inserted before activating if product is insertable.

  • Ensure product is turned off before removing.

  • Always empty your bladder prior to using this product.

  • Do not use on irritated, infected, or broken skin.

  • Do not use if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator.

  • Do not use if you have undiagnosed pain.

  • Do not use if you have poor sensation in the pelvic area.

  • Do not use this product orally or anally.

  • Do not use if you have diminished mental capacity or physical competence.

  • Do not use if pregnant, or if you suspect you may be pregnant.

  • Do not use if you have an active vaginal and/or urinary infection.

  • Do not use if you have had recent pelvic surgery.

  • Do not use if you are not at least 6 weeks post-partum.

  • Ensure product is turned off before washing.

  • Waterproof for cleaning purposes only while product is off.

  • Do not use this product in or around water.

  • If you have a copper IUD, confirm with your physician that it is properly placed before using this product.

  • If you have questions regarding your health, consult your physician before using this adult toy product.
  • Most people don't have any side effects from electro sex play when they follow instructions and the proper equipment is used. In some cases there may be some area of redness from the electrode which may be from the adhesive gel not the current. Also, if the estim device was used for a long time you may experience sore muscles for up to a couple of days much in the same way you would if you did an intense workout. In rare occurrences you may experience temporarily numbness or muscle twitches which typically are gone after only a few days. If you have any concerns beyond these side-effects you should contact your physician.

  • You should typically keep connections below the waist and make sure that if you do use them above the waist you have read the health risks involved by doing so. This is particularly important for those with heart conditions.

  • You should also never run estim products through the heart area or above your shoulders.

  • Current must never flow through the brain, on the eyes, in the mouth, or over the ears, or any other part of your head or face.

  • Current must never flow through the throat (near the laryngeal or pharyngeal area) as muscle spasms in this area can cause asphyxiation.

  • Estim devices do not have AP/APG safety (they are not impact resistant).

  • Do not use around explosive or combustible material.

  • Use only on healthy skin.

  • Keep away from children.

  • Do not use if you have active cancer, or an implanted metallic or electronic device.

  • Do not use if you have a history of rate or conductive disturbance.

  • Do not use one vaginally if you have a copper IUD, an active vaginal infection or open sores, an active urinary tract infection or have had recent pelvic surgery (should be 6 weeks post operative and have doctor's clearance). If you have concerns regarding your health, consult your doctor before using this product.

  • Always make sure to begin using your estim products slowly at low settings to make sure you are connected properly and are not experiencing adverse side-effects.

  • Limit sessions to no more than thirty minutes in order to avoid any lingering tingling sensations that may last as long as 24 hours.

  • Avoid using audio amplifiers to avoid tissue damage.

  • Erotic electrostimulation is not advised for pregnant women or women who might be pregnant (must be 6 weeks postpartum) or anyone with a heart condition, heart disease, epilepsy (including those with a history of strokes or seizures), implanted electronic devices (i.e. defibrillators, pacemakers, drug pumps, etc.) or related medical conditions.

  • You should also not use electrostimulation on vital parts such as carotid sinus nerves, across the brain and for health conditions that may be affected by muscle contractions or on skin irritations and burns.

  • If you desire to use estim devices on the nipples you must use only those devices that are specifically designed for nipple stimulation which have two contacts for each electrode as it is dangerous to use a single electrode on each nipple which in turn runs the electrical current across the chest and heart area.

  • If you need to move your electrodes, you should first turn off your estim device as moving them while it is on can cause it to arc leaving hot spots and electrical burns.

  • Estim devices typically have double isolation from AC power and should always come with UL and CE approved AC adapters.

  • Avoid using estim devices with two or more people unless they are specifically designed to be used in this manner. Devices that have multiple channels may be used by more than one person if each person is wired to their own output. However, do not share a single output channel between more than one person as it may cause unintentional current paths (i.e. through the heart or head) which can cause health risks.

  • When doing research on some sites you may find that they mention that great care must be given to anything using a current greater than 500 mA, as tissue burns may result due to heating of the electrode. The electrostimulation devices that we have on our site are nowhere near that amount and do not go above 80 mA and only go to 40 Volts. It should be noted that anything over 120 Volts are dangerous for adults.

    Also, it is important to keep in mind that there is big difference between alternating current and continuous current, and of course between low voltage (below 500V*) and high voltage (more than 500V*). Our devices work with continuous current in low voltage. This is important to understand because if a nerve tract in your body receives two impulses at the same time it will carry the stronger of the two. The estim devices we carry only apply current at the nerve ends where impulses can only be received, not produced or interpreted.

    As for the different types of current there are Alternating currents (AC) - what comes out of the wall outlets which are a great deal more dangerous than a continuous current (CC). Simply put if you are receiving 50 impulses per second - the body feels 100 impulses for AC, but only 50 impulses for CC which is a big difference.

  • Burns can occur when there is too strong of an intensity based on the current's density. A density of 10 mA / mm can lead to redness, and from 20 mA / mm upwards, marks or blisters are possible. With the products that we sell on this site set to the maximum of 80 mA, when users follow directions both poles must touch more than 8 mm of skin which keeps the density under 10 mA/mm and thus there are typically not the risk of burns when instructions are followed.



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