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Long Distance Relationship Tips
Keeping A Long Distance Relationship Going

Keeping a long distance relationship going in a sexual way can sometimes be challenging when you are not able to be physically intimate with one another. However, there are a variety of things that you can do to keep things going.

One of the keys is creating intimacy whether that is in a sexual manner or not so keep in mind that building your relationship while being a part will need to be just as much a priority as it is when you are together if you really want it to work. Below are long distance relationship tips that will help you to grow, protect and make your connection hot for a long time.

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Establish a Goal & Guidelines

Making sure that you are on the same page about expectations is a good place to start. You will want to understand what the goal of the relationship is and if it is exclusive and what is acceptable to both of you with regard to interaction with others even though you are apart.

Share In Similar Activities

Despite being apart you can still do things like go to the same movie, eat at similar restaurants with others and share your mutual experiences. You can also read the same books, watch the same TV shows, listen to the same music, etc.

Communicate Regularly

Simple things like a text or call in the morning to start your day off knowing you are thinking of one another as well as a call or text to say goodnight is a wonderful way to stay feeling connected to one another.

Know Each Other's Schedules

Keep tabs on one another's schedules to help you to know when it will not be a good time to talk or communicate and vice versa.

Do Activities Together

Taking a walk together on the phone, or even watching a show together allows for you to feel like you have shared the experience despite the distance between you.

Send Personal Items

Send something like a shirt of yours that has your perfume or cologne on it as it allows your long-distance lover to feel a physical connection to you. Some couples even get wilder with sharing worn panties and other sexually charged items.

A very popular sexual item for long distance relationships are the Make Your Own Dildo and Vagina kits which allows you to make an exact replica of your genitals and send it to your partner so that they can sexually use it on themselves.

Use Snail Mail

In addition to sending personal items, sending a physical card or gift is something that will surprise and delight one another. Nontoxic sex toys are also a wonderful gift for one another so that you can enjoy pleasuring them from afar.

Make Special Trips

If you can make arrangements to physically see one another that is always a good idea as physical chemistry can be very different and exciting in real life rather than a virtual relationship.

Avoid Excessive Communication

Each couple is different so for some contacting one another multiple times a day is complete bliss while for others it may be too much. Communicate about your amount of communication and establish a norm with one another about what feels right. Don't be afraid to ask if something is too little or too much to establish what your partner prefers.

Avoid Jealousy

If you are going to do something that may make your lover jealous such as go out to drink with friends, make sure that you tell your partner ahead of time, avoid social situations that would lead you to be unfaithful if you have an exclusive relationship and even call your partner when you return to let them know you missed them to reassure them that they are your priority.

Talk Dirty

Write sexy stories for one another; talk on the phone and even video one another sexually. Share erotic stories based on scenarios of things you want to happen as well as let your imaginations run wild with stories that include time travel.

Feel free to check out some of the free erotic stories for ideas after all, desire starts in the mind. Keeping things arousing through verbal expression is a great way to sexually play.


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