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Male Masturbation Techniques
Creative Ways to Love the One Eyed Snake

There are many ways for men to pleasure themselves. We have put together a few tips for you below. If you would like to share your favorite or most creative method, let us know so we can share your suggestions (anonymously) with our web site visitors.

Fisting It

This is a very common technique in that you simply wrap your fingers around the shaft of your penis like a baseball bat and rub it up and down. It provides lots of contact between your hand and penis – and more contact means more pleasure. You can reverse grip it from this technique as well for a different sensation.

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Fingering It

You can use all of your fingers to only two for this technique. With fingers on top of the shaft at a diagonal and your thumb below. Simply running your fingers along the shaft like this can provide a soft and mesmerizing effect.

The Blow Job

In order to simulate the feeling of lips sliding over your penis, lube up your erection and hold the shaft in one hand while you put your dominant hand's index and middle fingers together horizontally, palm toward your face, in front of the penis head. Push the head into the gap between the fingers. The fingers should be relaxed, not tense. Now pull back and do this over and over the top third of your penis. Feel how the fingers conform to the penis's contour as they slide over the head and back. As you do this, position your other hand behind the "lips" your fingers are making and grip and squeeze the head as you push the penis in.

Mattress Love

Get a plastic sandwich baggie, saran wrap or bubble wrap and put some lubricant in it. Then put your penis in and move it around to make sure your penis is fully lubricated. Once that is done, kneel in front of a bed. Lift the up mattress and put your penis, with the baggie, bubble wrap, etc. still inside it, between the mattress and the box-spring. Start thrusting in and out as if you were having sex. Bonus is the easy clean up- when you're done, all you have to do is throw away the baggie and wipe yourself off. If you are in to recycling... which we hope you are, you can rinse out and recycle!

Sock & Condom

Get a condom that's a little too big for your penis, fill the tip with water and waterbased lube. Now get your penis wet and slippery and slide on the condom, getting rid of any air bubbles. Unroll it all the way so it has some excess at the end. It should feel super-smooth and should slide without much friction. Get a soft and elastic sock, and turn the open part inside out over the toe part. Carefully pull it over your penis while making sure there's still some slack at the end of the condom. Lie down on your couch, hold the cushions apart with one hand, pull the sock down in with the other, and settle into a lying-down position. If the lubrication is right, the slightest movement will make your penis slip one way or the other.


Simply peel a banana, slip the peel over your penis, and masturbate with it. The banana slime is a cool natural lubricant. You can warm up the peel in the microwave for added sensations. Just be careful not to overheat to avoid burning yourself! Also, you might have better results if you peel the banana by making just one cut in the peel and removing the fruit through the single cut; you can then cut off the end of the banana peel and insert your penis through that end.

Dress You Up In My Love

Using a soft piece of fabric or clothing (silk is the best- such as silk boxers, but you can also use velvet, satin, etc.) Lie down, and place the cloth over your penis. Then, with both hands rub the fabric to the left and the right, with the silk touching the sensitive underside of your penis. But don't rub too fast or you will get the equivalent of carpet burn from the friction. You can enhance the feeling by draping some of the fabric over your scrotum so it gets stimulated, too.

Veggie Melt

Select an eggplant, cucumber, zucchini that is sufficiently larger than your erect penis. Cut a hole in the peel that's the exact size of the base of your erect penis. Then make a hole in the pulp smaller than your erection (using a broom handle works well). Then put the eggplant in the microwave for about a minute, just so it gets warm inside and starts to get a little soft, but don't really cook it. Then, after you make sure with your finger that the inside is cool enough, put in some lube (try coconut oil), put the eggplant between a couple of pillows thrust away. You can lie on your back and just move the veggie back and forth on your erect penis. In addition, cantaloupe, watermelon are fruits that work well.

Pasta Masta

Cook some noodles in boiling water, pour off the excess water, and let the noodles cool off. Then make a penis-size hole in the pasta, which should be fairly stuck together at this stage. Then away you go. The wet pasta should be enough for a lube. Caution: Don't be too eager with this one – to avoid burning yourself, the pasta must have cooled enough so you could hold a finger inside it without any problem. You can also use lasagna noodles to wrap around and slide up an down your shaft and head. Add oil or lubricant for a smooth glide.


Set a timer, alarm clock, or digital watch to go off in 20 minutes and don't let yourself ejaculate until the timer goes off. You can increase the time if you desire. Waiting will increase the anticipation because the alarm could ring at any second. Try to hover right on the edge so you can orgasm immediately when the alarm rings. It may seem like an eternity! It's especially good if the alarm has a fairly long ringing cycle. If it continues to ring as you begin ejaculating, it will heighten the sense of urgency and tension relief.


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