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Sex Toy Materials
What Are They & Are They Safe?

When purchasing a sex toy, you should consider what it is made of... not just for the sensation, but also for your health. Just as you would be cautious about buying food or hygiene products that may have toxic materials in them, you should also be aware that some sex toy makers aren't using materials that are food or medical grade. This in turn may lead to health problems down the road.

Government Classifications For Sex Toys

Concerns come into play because the government has not been willing to work with the adult industry, rather they attack and repress it. Instead of acknowledging sex toys as being for sexual behavior they insist that manufacturers label them as novelties or medical devices (the latter being quite a challenge for sex toy manufacturers to achieve).

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See Our Sex Toy Material Guide

Provides a Breakdown of Specific Materials

Because the U.S. Government is not requiring sex toy regulations, sex toy manufacturers classify their products as "novelties" and avoid having their products regulated as well as you might think. This is also why it is rare to find user manuals on how to actually use the products, as this would define them as something for sex, which affects their product classification. Often, what you end up having are companies that make sex toys and companies that make literature and videos about sex toys rather than having the ability to buy a sex toy with a manual for use. It cheats the consumer from really being able to fully enjoy their sex toy and be fully educated about it.

Perhaps in the future the government will stop pretending that sexuality is not a natural and healthy part of who we are and begin giving consumers assistance in more easily obtaining quality sexual products with legislation that provides respect, acknowledgment, support and freedom for the adult novelty industry and its consumers.

Dangers In Phthalates

Phthalates are used to soften vinyl and are often found in jelly style sex toys. Studies have shown that use of them in sex toys when used for one hour a day have not posed health risks to women who are pregnant or nursing. However, the FDA has banned them in children's toys. The sex toy industry is moving away from them because there is still much debate as to their safety.

Sex Toy Education

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What To Do Until They Are Properly Regulated?

Until then, consumers like you have to rely on a few helpful sites, books and videos that educate you on these issues so that you can make good choices and protect yourself from harm. For more information on sex toys and their safety, make sure to read our article Toxins in Sex Toys as well as check out our Sex Toy Guide.

Learning more about what sex toys are made of is a good step to ensuring that you buy not only a pleasure inducing toy, but also one that helps you to maintain your health. It is why we are so focused on certain sex toy manufacturers that make their toys with high quality parts and ingredients. Each material has benefits and drawbacks, let's take a look at what these are-

Rubber - Latex

See Our Sex Toy Material Guide
Provides a Breakdown of Specific Materials


Toys By Material


Silicone - Voted Most Popular

There are a lot of researchers that praise silicone as a great product, however, you should be aware that this does not apply to ALL silicone. What makes silicone so great in general is that it resists extreme temperatures and oxidation making it durable and easy to clean. Silicone can be made soft enough to mimic human skin and provides a wonderful sensation when used in a sex toy.

When you purchase a silicone sex toy make sure to purchase ones that are 100% food or medical grade silicone. Medical grade silicone is , hygienic, hypoallergenic, bleachable, boilable and dishwasher safe. Also check the packaging to be sure, companies who use high quality silicone tend to announce this fact prominently. Retailers who sell sex toys should provide this information in a straightforward and easy manner as well, so do your research before you buy.

Can You Use Silicone Sex Toys With Silicone Lubricants?

You have to be sure that it is made from 100% silicone, otherwise it may destroy the sex toy and break it down.

Since sex toys are used on intimate parts you will want to make sure any sex toy you use is a high quality product and as chemical free as possible. The high quality sex toy brands that you can trust are Vibratex, Fun Factory, Tantus and LELO to name a few all of which we carry on our site. You can see that most of our products list whether or not something is phthalate free, nontoxic, hypoallergenic, or 100% medical grade silicone. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us and we will clarify any of the questions you may have about it.

As for lubricants, we recommend paraben free, waterbased lubricant because it is closer to your body chemistry and less likely to cause a reaction. A waterbased lubricant that emulates your body's own natural lubrication tends to be less sticky. Because this type of lubricant is waterbased, they dehydrate (dry up), but remember that the slippery ingredients are still there... so a quick dunk of your hand in a glass of water on your bedside table, touch the lubed area, and you're back in business. Also remember when shopping with us that ALL of our lubricants are paraben free.

Do Not Use Silicone Lubricants with Jelly Sex Toys

Jelly toys are not 100% silicone and can melt when used with silicone lubricants. Some are made with phthalates which the FDA has banned in children's toys.

Do Not Use Silicone Lubricants with Cyberskin Sex Toys

Silicone lubricants as with any petroleum based lubricant will destroy CyberSkin and should not be used with them.


Latex - Rubber

While latex is quite a bit firmer than silicone or jelly toys, rubber toys are still soft and somewhat flexible.  Latex rubber is very popular because of its low cost, versatility and resilience.  Latex toys wear out much faster than silicone or jelly toys because they are porous. Since latex is a natural material, toys will vary in how porous they are from manufacturer to manufacturer. Rubber toys can be very hard to clean properly, so no sharing without a condom. For those who have allergies to latex, it can be something that can cause death from anaphylactic shock so avoiding it is very important. There are some synthetic versions of latex but caution should always be used if there have been issues. Latex is often used in condoms and sex toys. It is also used in some fetish clothing. It is not an expensive material and has a shelf life of about one to two years. The best way to clean it is by using a mild soap and water. Do not use other cleaners unless they are specifically for sex toys.



CyberSkin, Soft Skin & Other Skin- Like Sex Toys
Different Names For A Similar Skin Like Material

Thermal plastic variations make up all kinds of trade marked lines that make skin like material. Sex toys made from this material become warm when in use and are the closest thing to skin-to-skin sensation.  These products work well when used with the included powder and lubricant which has been specially formulated to work with them.  Corn starch and a soft cloth may also be used to bring the toy back to life.  (Do not use Talcum powder as talcum powder has been implicated as a possible cause of ovarian cancer.) These materials are extremely sensitive and should be cleaned with warm water and a mild soap.


CyberSkin is a more durable material than latex and is also used to make a variety of sex toys. Keep in mind that Cyberskin is still a fragile material and can tear easily. Materials that are very porous, such skin-like sex toys are never really able to be completely clean as they are porous. It should be used with either sex toy cleaner or mild soap and eater. A light coating of cyberskin powder can help your sex toy to feel like skin. Without it the product will feel sticky until lubricated and in use.


Do not use oil lubricants of any kind on skin type sex toys as they will destroy it.



Plastic- Hard & Shiny

Plastic is one of the least expensive and most common materials used in vibrators. The are typically smooth and easy to clean with soap and water. They can be used with a variety of lubricants and last a long time. The main cause of them not lasting more than a year or two depends on the quality of components used to make them.



Pyrex Glass

Pyrex has no pores and absorbs nothing so when sanitized it is unable to transmit disease, or smell. It does not stain and is not only a durable toy that will last a life time but is also pretty to look at!

What Is So Special About Pyrex?

Pyrex is the trademark name for any class of hypoallergenic, heat- and chemical-resistant glassware products of varying composition. It's strong, and perfect to make high quality sex toys with!

Are Colored Glass Sex Toys Safe?

A Non-Pyrex brand Color can be added inside the clear Pyrex BUT a thick layer of Pyrex Brand Glass MUST be added to Coat over the color making it SAFE TO USE. In a several step process of Twisting True Colored Glass deep inside the Solid, Clear Pyrex glass then coating it with an additional layers of thick Pyrex glass is the only safe way to have a functional and safe sex toy. This can only be accomplished with the skills and talents of Master Glass Artisans. Anything less could make the glass weak.

Some of you may have seen some sites that look like they SPRAY PAINTED the surface of their glass with color, a process known as glass painting. This is not to be viewed as a safe process to use and can be Very Toxic if used as a sex toy. If they have to spray paint the surface to make it look good and make them quickly, What other things do you think they cover up with the paint? Anyone can bend a piece of glass, spray paint the flaws and call it a dildo. It takes talent, skill and experience to make a clean, safe and functional sex toy for your PERSONAL USE. When it comes to those you care about. SHOP and COMPARE. You will see the difference.

See just a few of the many designs we sell online-

  • A slippery surface allows for easy penetration vaginally, anally or orally.
  • Because it has no pores to absorb lubricant it minimizes the need for it.
  • It's ability to be sterilized between uses and partners makes it unique.
  • It's odor resistant.
  • It's hypoallergenic.
  • Visually stimulating.
  • With many unique designs.


You can use dish soap, rubbing alcohol, bleach, or boiling water. The water should be at room temperature as sudden temperature changes may, on very rare occasions, crack the glass. The easiest is just to put it in the dishwasher although if you have kids or company remember you put it in there or you could have some fast "'splanin' to do!" Rinse well with warm water after any kind of cleaning.

Due to the nonporous, chemical and odor resistant properties of Pyrex glass, almost any cleaner may be used. Remember to stay away from abrasives so as not to scratch it.

Heating Pyrex-

Since Pyrex glass insulates and holds temperatures, warming your piece may provide additional sensory stimulation. The most safe and proper way to heat your Pyrex glass takes about 30 minutes. Make sure your Pyrex glass is at room temperature to start. Get a large bowl or pan and add very warm tap water directly from the sink to bowl. Completely submerge the Pyrex glass in warm water for about 5 minutes. Carefully pour out 1/2 to 2/3rds of the water from the bowl, leaving the glass partially under water. Fill remainder of bowl with boiling water and allow it to set for 20-25 minutes away from heat. Always test temperature before using Pyrex glass as it can burn skin at high heat. Remember, it holds its heat very well.

Cooling Pyrex-

Freezing Pyrex toys is not a good idea. It may stick to skin or crack if thawed too rapidly. Avoid extreme cooling or freezing methods. Use the same process to safely cool your toy as you use to heat it. Just substitute cool water for the very warm tap water and use ice water with ice cubes instead of boiling water. This Process should also take about a half an hour.

In Closing-

Pyrex is a superior material for sex toys. Each toy is literally a work of art and makes a wonderful gift for yourself or your lover. They are fairly expensive, as they range in price from about $100 to $275 dollars. The key as I mentioned before is that they are Pyrex, you can find others that are at a lower cost, but none will come close to the quality of Pyrex.


Make Your Own Dildo Kits-
Organic Thermoset Polymer

The material that is used in CLONE A WILLY & Make Your Own Dildo Kits is made from a special organic thermoset polymer which is very safe as it is quite stable once it is cured. It does not break down even when used with a silicone lubricant. When it is drying it will off gas (smell) which will fade. This is due to the Animes used to make them which are completely safe.


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