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Great vaginal sex consists of many different aspects to make this beautiful act intimate and pleasurable. Whether you are using a penis or dildo for penetration or even some other creative item, there are some basic tips and tools that will allow you and your lover to better enjoy teasing and stimulating the beautiful goddess flower.

Before we review information on vaginal sex, if you are not sure of basic anatomy, we have some helpful guides below that will take you through the basic equipment that all women have and how to best stimulate it.

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Clitoral Stimulation During Sex

It is difficult for most women to have an orgasm unless they have some clitoral stimulation. If you are a man reading this, then it will be very easy for you to understand if you think in terms of having sexual contact with a partner but not having the head of your penis stimulated. It is essentially the same thing when it comes to the clitoris for a woman and why it is so important for you to stimulate it. Either of you can use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris but you can also choose a position for her to grind her clitoris against your pubic bone. Many women find this highly stimulating. Positions where her legs are spread wide allow her to open her labia enough so that she can easily press and massage her clitoris against your pubic bone.

In addition, vibrators can be used for such stimulation in any position and are highly effective. Vibrators offer not only high amounts of pleasure, but actually increase her sex drive and desire for sex as it stimulates additional blood flow to the clitoris and this in turn creates increased awareness of sexual arousal even when you are not having sex.

There are a variety of vibrators to choose from below are a few categories of vibrators that are especially desirable for couples and can be used during intercourse when worn on her, you or your fingers-

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Gspot Stimulation During Sex

Sexual intercourse may be difficult for some women to have an orgasm and again, this is normal. It begins with focus on the clitoris as mentioned above, but there are other factors when it comes to the big O. Gspot stimulation is also important, however, many make the error of thinking that it is rubbing the gspot that provides the most stimulation, but it is more than that. Pressure is key and that is easily adjusted through positioning regardless of the size and shape of one's penis. Thus, the angle of the the finger, penis, or sex toy is important so that it is not just simply grazing the gspot but pushing against it. This can also produce female ejaculate.

For those men out there who are concerned about the size of your penis, you will delight to know that a woman's ability to have a gspot orgasm is not as directly linked to the size of your penis as it is to the way that it is applying pressure. Thus, the angle of sexual intercourse is very important. That is why we carry Liberator Shapes for those of you who want assistance in getting the best positions.

Because all women and men are shaped slightly differently (some women's gspots are higher or more angled than others, while some men's penises are more curved or longer than others) you will have the fun of finding out what the best position is for you only through experimentation. You can also have her work on contraction control through Kegel Exercises, increase the size and firmness of an erection through penis rings and penis pumps or even put on a penis extender or hollow strap-on.


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Lubricants for Vaginal Sex

Lubricants make everything feel so good and even when a woman is able to produce her own lubrication, using a waterbased lubricant can add sensation; especially if it is one that provides a warming or tingling component. There are a few things to keep in mind for vaginal stimulation using lubricants-

  • We recommend using only waterbased lubricants for vaginal sex as oils can clog vaginal ducts and help to harbor bacteria which can lead to a UTI. In addition, oils can break down condoms and some sex toys and therefore, if those are being used it is advised that you specifically find out if the materials in that brand are able to be used with oil lubricants or err on the side of caution and use waterbased lubricants.

  • Silicone lubricants are okay for vaginal use, however, if you are using certain sex toys they too can have a chemical reaction with them so we recommend sticking with waterbased lubricants unless you check first.

  • Finally, we recommend you use only a nontoxic, paraben free waterbased lubricant. Parabens are in many of the lubricants in drug stores and even given out by doctors offices. Parabens have been linked to serious health problems. Commonly used parabens include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben so check your labels before using.


Thrusting During Vaginal Intercourse

Hard thrusting does not necessarily mean more fun. It really depends on several factors. How aroused and lubricated a woman is, the level of the mood, the position, and the fit of a mans penis and woman's vagina are all factors. For example, the wrong time to thrust hard is when the penis is painfully pushing into a woman's cervix, or tearing her inner lips because of tightness or dryness. A great time to thrust is when she is well lubricated and is giving you verbal or bodily signals that she wants you to thrust harder.

Couples may enjoy a variety of motions from simply rocking back and forth or shallow thrusting as it allows for a relaxing stimulation, while other times a more vigorous and deep thrusting is desired. The important thing is communication... males should ask how things feel as far as intensity and women should let their lover know if they want it slower, faster, harder or softer.

Whatever you prefer in the moment, remember that the most sensitive nerve endings in the vagina are near the opening, and therefore constant stimulation of that area can be gratifying. In addition, when performing shallow penetration a man is afforded having the head of his penis (frenulum) stimulated.

No matter how you decide what positions, toys, etc. to have during vaginal intercourse, the most important tip is to of course relax, communicate with one another and enjoy.


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